And its a wonderful Sunday. And i am awake early morning with the intention of living up this Sunday to the fullest. Well that's what the plan is till now. 

Life is as you know, going good.... better and good intermixing. I have my net at home, have these dozen of tv shows to download, no college for two more months and to top of it, met Maddy two days ago. Life sure is cool.

And i am loving Chennai. hell yeah, its been raining almost daily. Thank you GOD. The first final year project review is over :) and it was pretty good considering i prepared the slides the night before :P 

Now, how are you folks??? seems to me, everyone i know from the blog world is out of touch with Freelancer or vice versa. And IndiBlogger ranking system might have some grudges against my pretty little blog :( Chalo, koi na, once i start updating daily, not only you guys will be pakaofied, mebbe even my ratings will go up :P

I need a beer. yeah, early morning. Its a parents to keep nagging. 
Okay short post for today....will come back later...pakka se

Love you all, 
its FL signing off....
Hakuna Matata


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