No, am not whining! Big boys don't whine. Maybe a little but who cares? I don't wanna go back to that fucking college again! Its sheer torture looking at the bland faces of the professors while they make you stand the whole frigging period for no reason whatsoever! Apparently, they have this notion that if there is a voice anywhere within his hearing has to come from FL! What am i supposed to do?? Tuck my shirt and stand up and look at their grotesque faces!

Results will be out soon. 
That is of no concern to me at all... You know why! 3 more days with my parents and sis! Yes, i am typing crap! Yes, my mood is off! What, only you can have mood swings??? Is mother's love the only unconditional love in this universe??? No, don't answer that> i might kill you! I am turning into a moron day by day. No, unquote that. Quote this, effing minute by minute. 

I am done. Wasted! Love Life's a frigging mess! Don't ask 'bout it. Won't say 'bout it. Bad news happens to be around the corner waiting to bash me in the head! and in the heart! My Uncle is diagnosed with cancer. Pretty serious. Got the news today. His family doesn't know yet. Mom's crying since morning. He is my fav. He is everyone's favorite. And Bloody Frigging God decides to punish people who actually cares for the world. My uncle is doubt! His lungs are damaged...but his heart...hah!! try to damage that!

When tragedy strikes, it has an uncanny irritating habit of striking at the heart! Full on! Everything around me is turning grey!! And on top of that, the weather makes it feel that someone made this place the South Pole! 

44 people follow this blog but somehow only 6 or 7 of them manages to leave a comment. Is the template too tacky for your choice?? Well, here's an idea. Remove it from your blogroll! Rose is back...and she's the co-author. So read her posts too. If its not so unconvinient for you gentle folks.

Yes, i am rude. I am sorry for that. Am hurt, frustrated, sad and angry! If you can pacify me, go ahead.
Till tomorrow brings another dark day,
its FL signing off

Hakuna Matata  (means NO WORRIES) (yea its not helping me at all)

Hehehe...I'm back again..even though I know I'm losing popularity here :P
Firstly, Welcome Rashi...I saw you name under the "Its us" column...we are growing in humber :D

So, this post is about a guy...I met him last year, somewhere here in the blogosphere(if this is what it is called!), he came into my blog, as a random reader, and then he became my just so good friend :D
I guess this is more of a hindi lesson to him :P

One thing that is just so funny about him..his hindi! Ok boy, we don't distinguish between the genders in bengoli, or in assamese as a matter of fact, but it exists in hindi :P

But his hindi is something that I love so much, in addition to his newly self-discovered craziness.

That's about it...for now, yes!

Guess who this guy is :P

When FL asked me to write a post on this blog, I scratched my head and wondered what will I write about. It is difficult for me to write now a days. My blog lays barren most of the time too. But it was an offer I couldn't refuse. There is something about this guy that I absolutely adore. I don't know why or how. He is one of the few virtual friends that I keep in touch in the real life too and one of the few persons that I genuinely like too.

Enough of flattery now, I guess. I am still stuck on what to write. I am a crazy girl who loves reading, writing and music. I love my guitar, my blog and my books. And I love my children. I teach at a MAD class. I believe that education can solve most of the problems that we face today and everyone at Make A Difference believes the same. Oh! I love everyone there... :) They are the part of the week that I look forward to. The ONLY reason I get up early.

Now, Im lost again. I hate talking about myself... (You wouldnt think that if you spoke to me but it is indeed true!)

I re-read some of FL's past posts today. Just to get inspired. Read him rant about how he misses his girl. I so know that feeling. Wanting to hug someone who is so far away. Just hold hands. Watch a movie. Ah that got me on a rant, didnt it? I sometimes hate the damn internet. Gets people who are so far away so close. Then it is time to part once again. But I guess the time spent together makes it worthwhile.

Damn. It is irritating and frustrating to even think about it. Stupid songs remind you of them. And you are here, sitting and having that stupid grin on your face while the rest of your family thinks you have absolutely lost it. Double damn!

The worse and the most irritating part is when you have just met and you are returning back, you start counting days for the next visit. Almost like you are living from one visit to another. Like the person who makes stupid tally marks on the wall of his prison cell. By that records, I got around 53 days. Fuck that is LONG.

Before I say anymore random stupid things, I shall sign off. Happy Blogging to everyone.

Hey people, 
yes its still me! No, am not Angelina Jolie. Not not even Brad Pitt. So suck it up :P

Why am i blogging today?? Coz its as good as any other day! No, am not sleepy! I sleep late at night and till late into the day. Sleep was always my problem. When i was a kid, absolutely adorable i was! Anyways, SRK's sayings remind me of my childhood too! When i was a kid, mom didn't use to pat me to sleep! She beat me to sleep! She says i gave her terrors! Are you kidding meh?? She was the one with that monstrous stick! Anyways, now she is sleeping! Yes! i get to surf porn!!

Oh actually can't. Sis is still awake! Recently read a blog called 'And the Gods Made Love'. Hilarious blog! 17 year olds doing a helluva job over there. One of the best blogs i read in the new year! My friend MJ is going to meet his gal this Sunday! SO?? yea 'so' mean even i wanna meet my gal but am stuck here for another 8 days!!! Bro said its raining in Chennai. WHOA!!!! the Copenhagen climate meet really did wonders i guess!!! Hope my friends over there enjoyed! Rain is RARE!!! Hell rare is also a frequent said word! Its Rarer than Rare. Something like Rarwrwrw.... That makes sense! No one uses words like this!

Just found out that a whole lot of my farmer folks crossed me in Farmville! Oh they are gonna pay!!! No more free cows for you!! Wouldn't it be wonderful if ZYNGA created famine in Farmville too!!! Go goddess famine...struck those who crossed me while i was offline :) :D

And what the heck was that stuff with the females and Facebook and the color of their BRA?! I learnt it was something of breast cancer awareness drive...but it ended with other gals commenting like...'meri bhi black'.....'how can your's be green??' o_O!!!!
I found all the colors except maybe indigo! damn poor rainbow! Some poor guy who had no clue what the gals were updating about....posted his status message 'YELLOW'!

Got my Internet connection today finally!!! Kudos to me!
Oh yes, gotta go! Dad's checking on me! Poor guy, he thinks i haven't grown up yet!
Its FL signing off
(sorry for the fart)


P.S|Gulabo...your exams are over. Get your ass over here...will ye?? :P
P.P.S| Our own Rashi a.k.a Psychedchick of Rocky Road...once again will be the guest author for Saturday Night Fever. Oh yea its back!! 
love you

Hola folks Ssup at your end??? Know what? Recently heard the Punjabi track of ‘Iktara’ and am nuts about it :)  

I need clothes! New ones! Don’t think i can ask dad this time! I still have to pay off my debts. Maybe i’ll save for a change :P Shocking na? Hehe Everything’s fine at my end! Well not everything. Love life’s still a bit rusty. But its comparatively calm after the new year thunder. Oh yea! Dad and me ain’t talking! Family fued! Hmmph!  

Rest everything is laid to rest! Shook off my nonsensical wayward blues and looking forward for the new year! The sun is shining, the chicks are crossing the eyes scans them for a second before coming to rest at the laptop. Good News! My bhabi gave birth to a tiny boy. Oh yea...real tiny! Nusrath, are you listening??? :P Well no, she ain’t the bhabi i always write bout. This one’s different. Nonetheless, one of my favs :) Am yet to see the kiddo. That means another trip to Jorhat for a couple of days. Hmmm...lets see. Kangkana is leaving for Delhi on 6th. Will be all alone once again. She’s the bright sun in my bleak life when am in my hometown. Doc’s appointment around the corner. That means another dose of meds. Bleh! Hogging on chicken and pork daily! I dream about the wild boars i saw at Kaziranga National Park. They come in my dreams these days. Stuck up a rod and roasted. Yummmy!!! Our old dog gave a visit a few days back! 

Brought a bloody bitch along with him! Look at his guts! Dogs these days...i am telling you! My correspondence in Journalism from London School of Journalism starts in about a fortnight J Really looking forward to it. It costs about 22 grand for 15 months. But i will be finally doing something i would really enjoy. Didn’t watch New Moon. Didn’t watch Avatar either! Yes, watched Rocket Singh! o_O I know! Hey, watched 3 Idiots too! Got a MVM get-together tomorrow. Might go! Its 10 a.m in the morning and FL is signing off for today.  

Keep the FAITH. Keep the HOPE coming! Humanity is alive on that. Hakuna Matata  

P.S| Nusrath dear....its time...hehe :P

Its 2010 guys
2 more years till armageddon! not the opening you wanted to see hehe
Still wishing you folks a very HAPPY NEW YEAR

So 2009 finally over. GREAT! I spent the new day of the new year sleeping :)
Mom and Dad were quite surprised and kept asking me if i didn't have any other plans. hehe.
WHAT? Can't i be a family guy for a change? They are all i am left with, you know! its RESOLUTIONS TIME folks :)

haha...does anyone ever bother to keep the promise? I am 22 and till now...i didn't. Time that changed folks. So here it goes-
2) Clear my damn backlogs
3) Give a little LOVE back to the world

now that was easy :) :)
Not many of my friends will believe i can actually do the top two...hehe...
*sigh* time to step up don't you think? i know the coming six months are gonna be hell, my own personal hell for a lot of reasons. A war is coming and i am smack in the middle of it.

It kinda sucks when you don't have your loved one on new year's day! i keep remembering the 1st of Jan when we kissed in a cafe :) How many of you really think that i can mange to crawl out of this god forsaken pit while she's  gone? well we have to find out don't we! Last Year was pretty fabulous for the masses!
* Obama became President (no it doesn't mean anything for INDIA)
* Michael Schumacher promised to be back to Formula 1 (hell that's the best news so far)
* we won Oscars :) :D
* I started playing in FB
* my sister got a boifrnd (o_O what has that got to do with me! nevermind)
* number one in ICC test rankings (oh yea baby!)
* Manchester United won the BPL. oh again!
* i made out :) *shy*
* Blogger saved me from dying slowly :)
blah blah blah blah

i will be back soon! real soon! Surfing porn has become boring nowadays! gimme an alternative folks. Dinner at a family friend's place! Lord, just give me the strength to keep smiling and not mess it up again!

Lonely is the night when i am not with you Maddy



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