August is also nearly over. Well no, have semesters from Friday. Yea, this Friday. Theory papers :( *sigh* Peace where art thou??

Chennai is awesome this week. The sexy weather makes me wanna curl inside a blanket with Maddy and do naughty things. The sad thing is we are kinda fighting and she is least bit interested in making out. Moreover she is far far far away :( I am stuck with myself, while my roomie has phone sex with his girl :P

Woke up today early morning with the fever refusing to go away....holding on to me like a leech. Yeah, i am studying. Kangkana and Pj rang me up to wish me on Raksha Bandhan. Gawd bless my sisters. I still dunno where my own sister is. She doesn't contact unless she has some work. And i am tired of worrying about her. Let her miss me for once. The darned load-shedding is getting into my nerves. I don't give a shit if its in the day, but at night, those enemy mosquitoes wait for first blood! Studies, Mafia Wars, Twitter and watching 'strike back'. That's how my regular days pass. Doc says i need sleep. Now who will explain to him HOW MUCH i sleep. 

Went to buy chicken from the local butcher and ended up buying from the departmental store. And now that, everything is set, the darned stove won't work. Seriously God, if i happen to find you one day, i am gonna make you pay for making me pay all the time.

Anyways, my writing's a bit rusty. Need some practice. FL quote of the day is -
"Love is like a shoe. You try the different sizes, you drool at the different colours, but in the end, you know it when the right one fits"

Today's song is a peppy hip-hop one. I love this song. SIX DAYS - performed by DJ Shadow Feat. Mos Def...its also the OST of TOKYO DRIFT.

Until tomorrow, keep smiling

I am lost...just lost in boredom and apprehension. College is officially over. Which means only one thing. Bloody sodding semester exams!! So here i am my notes, onlin in twitter, playing mafia wars, munching on maggi. Gym classes are over. Cigarette consumption is at a all-time low. Maddy is fighting with me!!!

Oh life sucks at the moment. But know what, this time i might actually do very well in exams :) i know...surprising right>??? So somebody got married nearby. This marriages in Chennai never seem to end. And the constant chatter and the damned music Give me vuvuzela anyday :) Manchester United lost 2 points. Two frigging precious points. Damn you Nani... ok am ranting now... i will try to write something good tomorrow, something without me crapping. Ok?? Now smile and pleas do read me :P

Hakuna Matata

No matter, what you think or what people say, the world's not gonna end in 2012. How do i know???? FB predicted i would die at the age of 35. I will fall from a building and slam into a car only to roll off the road and fall through the man-hole and die alone with loss of blood!!!
Speaking of FB, its bloody insensitive towards me!!

Anyways, Happy Friendship Folks. The first Sunday happens to be on 1st Aug. I like it, the month may not be gruesome as i always expect every other month to be. i was supposed to meet Aarthi today but then again, my fever got the better of me. Bitch! So here i am munching a dominos pizza and listening to 'alone again, naturally'

i dunno what else to write. i miss college :O i know i hate it but atleast i am surrounded with people there. It sucks to be alone. hope you guys are having a party and making me jealous. Love you friends. am a bit old fashioned. I don't believe in moving on with life leaving everyone behind. I know the world is changing, but if you guys move ahead, drag me along. Peace

Hakuna Matata


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