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What the fuck! i knew it will always rains on my goddamned birthday.
REWIND to exactly 12a.m
And one second later, i am 22 for the first time...and hopefully for the last time. Don't want to be stuck at 22 either. 21 seemed kinda ok, kinda sexy but 22?? Dear lord, it suddenly meant, damn i am growing old faster than a Formula 1 car reaches top speed!

Still the folks present at that moment thought it was a time to celebrate...
i didn't mind as long as i didn't get the bumps. Maddy arrived half an hour prior to midnight with a huge chocolate cake, which i am supposed to cut. And cut i did, only after bhabi reminded me to make a wish first. Should i tell you guys?? supposed to be a wish!

Bikash rang me up half an hour early to wish me! I was like, dude there's still time yet...and he kept babbling on that he was high on weed and how much he loved me an wished for my long life...only if i took weed with him (long life after weed = @#$%@#)...and blah blah blah. Technically PJ was the first to wish me! God bless you sis....though Maddy insists she was the first, coz she was present with me....hehe

Anyways bro cooked chicken! Yes you heard it right! Bro...and not bhabi!! was delumptious! Cake, chicken and pulao, red wine and phone calls flowed. Pratsie....then college mates, then sisters (yea i have this bad habit of making sisters.....god save me on Rakshabandhan). Rashi rang me up.....saw my shameless update on twitter lols.... Maddy was like where are ur guy friends??? lols.... Artz slept off!!! Woke up at 1 to
Did i tell you, i got a shirt from Bhabi and Bro....way sexy!

Anyways when i woke up (yea i slept on my birthday), it was about 8 or something....Pratsie and Artz put some wonderful dedications on the the time it was 10, there were 3 of them there!!! Sometimes it feels so nice to know that you are loved....loved by people who you haven't met yet, but still forge a bond that is stronger than Paris Hilton's and Nicole's. Never before have i been so much loved, neither in real life nor in virtual. Yes, i have a zillion friends...i always had...but if only 10 of them atleast take me back as a friend...then am the most happiest. Thankfully it was more than 10, way way more than 10. :P

Maddy had to return...she promised she would be with me when i turned 22...she did her duty...and now she had to leave early. Birthday without your gal...sucked big time. Anyways we went a novel for myself, had lunch in KFC....yea yea i know...its my birthday an am in KFC! I wil take her out some other day to a fancy restaurant....i promised myself.
Incidently a few of my closest friends forgot about my birthday completely! Nadia, Anubha and dear oh dear, Rose!

Dropped Maddy at CMBT for her bus. She didn't wanna go...but had to. So i stopped whining and pretended to understand! It started raining! No issues...i love the rain! And then the bloody rain won't stop!!! Maddy left..... the rain poured like a toilet flush! I scavenged for a damn auto and returned to bro's place! We were going out for dinner....nothing fancy! Went to Flamingoes nearby....its a complete veggie house! No issues...i kinda had enough of meat at KFC.
Surprisingly the food was good. Rang up Anubha and reminded her that it was my bday and i want her wishes...lols. Just before my birthday was officially about to get over, Nadia rang up! Said though she couldn't be the first one....she wanted to be the last... That made me smile!
The day was finally over! It was a good day to be 22.

Raghav reminded me that the bumps were waiting for me in college the next day

Love you loads,

a LEO turns 22. Rose! where are ye?? missed you!

hmmm......what should i write about??
23rd July was pretty was definitely boring...should i write about that? what else can i write about else? gosh! this is boring.....writing about my daily life can be so boring....only now i realise....sorry followers, for making you read my crap for so long...

nothing to write about today guys...feeling low a bit...maybe i wil update at night...mebbe won't.
oh yea...chatted with THE PINK ORCHID last night....atleast the day ended on a bright note.
Everthing else just sucked. And my mood now is teribbly off....sorry.
I guess this is the shortest MDR

till then buhbye

So finally!!

A post that I know will bring not just a smile, but a grin on my fellow blogger of this blog, FL's face :D

Yes, I'm back...after much of coaxing from this guy, and Aarthi, finally I write :D


Thank you! Thank you!

So when its announced that we are back, it means we are back :D

Hmmm...I just missed so much in the blogosphere in the past few days, but I guess my life is a brutual game nowadays, so may be, its enough to keep me busy, and I actually want to sit queitly in a corner...*peace*

I really don't want to write about the things that has been happening to me ( described as "most difficult phase of my life" by Aayush and FL). Let it happen, I'm sure its gonna get over, it wont bring my life to a halt( though I know it did, but kehne me kya jata hai:D)

So I had so many things happening to me, I mean the good things :D

I went to Chandigarh, and trust me its one of the most beautifull city. So gree, so less crowd, so friendly, so safe, and fun:D
I'm in love with that city, but still I hope I don't have to go there to persue my "professional degree" to become an engineer..I cant leave mom and dad :(
But Chandigarh is pretty expensive, not a shopper's paradise :D:P

Said a goodbye to Aayush, finally he left for his dream institute, in Kanpur...but I miss him like does he. He has actually left eating there, cant adjust himself there, missing his mom a lot...poor guy:(
I hope he adjusts there soon...but it's actually true, dilliwallahs actually cant settle anywhere but Delhi! We are just so used to this city :D

I have sitting idly all the day and night. Infinite sessions of playfish games on FB..Oh I'm in love with Restaurant City, Word Challenge, Pet Society etc etc!!

THere's no exitement in my life nowadays, just a boring life...But then I returned here on the day of the eclipse ( see:P)...Talked to everyone here..FL, Aathi, Ste, Arun, and finally Vinay(Leo), and I'm seriously enjoing all my chats with him :D

Hmmm...whatelse?? I have been reading a lot of Shakespeare my dear friends, Indian and bloggers :P:P

I hope that you guys see a lot from us, here again:)

Take care:)
Till the next time,

P.S. A lot like love will be back soon:)

Today seems to be a good day to write.

The morning began with my alarm screaming at 6 o'clock. Solar eclipse was n the way. As Uday Chopra told later in Twitter, the solar eclipse will herald a new change in our lives. Either bad or good, but there will be change.
As for me, it was time to move on with my life. Maybe the solar eclipse and the hopes of millions of idiots on it was the perfect kick in the ass i needed. By the time i was ready for college, it was 6.45 a.m and the eclipse was more or less over. I dared to risk a couple of glances.
I could see the eclipse was 90 percent over! And those all-knowing megalomaniacs predicted that it would be the longest eclipse ever! Bleh!

The month of July hasn't gone so well as predicted. It was bound to be so since i was the one who predicted it. July was plagued with bad luck, bad news and ill health. Don't blame me! It was way out of my control. I could just fold my arms and watch as it engulfed me in. Gah!
Rose had to stop blogging for indefinite time and it made me all the more lonely. You see, its not my blog. Its OUR blog. My health detoriated, coupled with the fact that my attendance in college will probably the lowest in all its millenia. A close relative of mine passed away. God decided it was time enough and poof! called him back! Oh! he will have to face my wrath when i meet him.
My bank balance threatened to hit an all time low after every alternate day..... speedily plunging into negativity.

Inspite of all these worries and trifles, there were moments of respite and reasons to smile.

The Lounge completed its one year......Pratsie was back! I made some awesome friends.....found a friend and a sister in birthday is aproaching.....and just when i thought that all the good luck had ebbed away....Gulabo returned! The day of the eclipse :P

So talking about 22nd July, reached college by 7.30 and foraged for breakfast. Was going through the daily dose of idly when a BUG decided to taste my food! Now you know am a generous bloke! So there you go...dear bug, its all yours!

It was kinda nice to be back in college....all the professors seemed new again...lols....didn't get kicked out of class.... which was definitely rare. Nobody gives a damn about classes, the teachers included! Skipped lunch! There was this stinking fish! which i so truly hate.....Aaaargh!
But the downside is that, by 3 in the afternoon, you have that hollow feeling in the stomach....
The bane of being a student! Being ME!

Came back, tried to sleep...i guess. Oh i forgot! Bhabi was returning.....after so, so, so many days!
Bro decided to experiment with his culinary skills...wanted to surprise bhabi....but i was more scared of her getting food poisoning! So there came chicken! actually it was a one-legged chicken! Don't ask me what happened to the other leg....a WWII survivor!
So while bro went to rescue his damsel.....i was busy cleaning the house!
Anyways she returned.....and we tasted his cooking. Surprisingly it wasn't bad at all....
I don't like giving him much credit here...because it always gets into his head...rofl

Still atleast my hunger subsided comparatively! Lols...actually it was good! quite good coming from HIM!!! Anyways.....watched Definitely,Maybe at night! Awesome movie....made me crave for romance....

That's it folks...Quite enough for the first day from break! Am my bro's place, bhabi's here...everything's looking bright at the moment
See you around....
Till then, its FL signing off..

*singing Aaahu aaahu aaahu*

Folks....Scribblings is on a break....

I know it has been lying inactive for a week now.....but let it remain like this for a few more days.
Since we, i.e., me and Rose both write here.....its no fun in just one person writing all the time. Rose is currently going through her toughest phases of her life, so forgive her absence from the blogsville. As for me, i am patiently waiting for her to kickstart her life again.

Till then, thanx for reading Scribblings. We will be back.....that's for sure!

Love you loads,
FL and Rose

damn 2nd July went for a toss again! i have to do something about it soon. Not only you guys miss my morbid boring life...i, too miss a day!! its my life i write here...Life @ chennai!!!

One day when i wil be 75...yea i still hope i will reach that age, then i would really love to remember these days...provided MDR stays that long or blogger doesn't crash!

Anyways...finally didn't miss my college bus on Friday! reached a bit late though and had to scamper for breakfast....yea had to run like dogs! Friday is the only day when we get decent breakfast and its all the more important for me because i skip lunch every Friday! No i don't diet on fridays...its just that we have veg in college that day and college veg really sucks! Sucks to the core! ghaas-phoos!

Didn't get kicked out of class for the 2nd day in a row...though came nearly close to it. And yet again was reminded of my hair-cut that was long overdue according to the proffessors! By the time it was 12, i was hungry yet again! Raghav wanted to go shopping and dragged me to Spencer's directly from college. yay! i got myself a locket, a few ear studs, and a belt!!! He brought something for his gal....err..a gal see they haven't actually met! :P

And yes!!! ate in KFC.....kewl right? you bet!! hmmm...yea went to Black and White after that...its a pub in T.Nagar! Had a couple of beers and a chocolate truffle!! i know...weird combination....Bro rang up and said he's gng to INOX with bhabi to watch Kambakkht Ishq! So by 9, after i was a bit tipsy...met them at Citi Center and had dinner.....

Deemps arrived late...she was attending a wedding or something like that! grrr... i wasn't invited!!! Anyways...reached home by 11...wanted to write MDR but thn succumbed to sleep old sleep...hehe

Anyways....signing off now
Till tomorrow...its FL...wishing you goodnight and sexy dreams!!!

Hello everyone!!

Well..myself Aayush.

I suddenly got this SMS from this girl saying : You have to right a post for the scribblings by Friday.

Her wish, my command. So here I'm. I'm not a blogger, I write for myself, whenever I feel like, and sometimes for the girl of my life, my Rose or gulabo(as many of you call her!)

Firstly, Let me take some credits here as it was me who gave her this name :D
Ummm...and the logic behind this name, I'm sure many of you may be wondering about that,
she looks like a rose, and she matches the colour of a rose, all the time :D
I'm totally clueless of what to write. May be I would firstly jump to the relationship we share. Rose is my best friend forever. I have known this girl for sometimes now, she is, what you can refer to as, my girlfriend of two years (though we hate calling each other Gf or Bf...not suitable for us!!)

I'm still discovering this unpredictable girl!
Everyday I get to know about one or other quality of her ( Yes, they are her qualities, my talented friend!).
Two days back I found that she is a fighter and doesn't easily give up against injustice.
She is going through one of the most difficult times of her life due to some nasty Govt. Institution's fault (and this is the reason for her absense from the blos world. A happy girl suddenly faces the most unexpected turn of her life! Honestly, troubles come looking for her, all the time! And damn! They always find her!)

You'll never find a girl who can be showing so frequent mood swings!

I guess enough about her! I hope FL you are not fuming. You are a wonderful writer. Rose makes me read all the posts of her blogs! I like the way this guy puts all the things happening to him in few words! Bravo Dude!!

I'm yet to discover this blogging world. May be some time sooner, you'll find a blog guy!

And finally, about me. (I go by the Sanskrit tradition--they, you and then I :P:P)
I'm a freshly turned 18 yr young guy. A budding engineer. I'll be starting for my dream institution this year, read IIT Kanpur :D ( Cracked the JEE....yipeeee!!)

Oh yes,I guess I'll grab this opportunity to thank some people for my success in life.

My Mom : Without whose support and determination, I know I wouldn't have been here, where I'm today. Thanks a lot Mamma...I love you :)

Rose : Alright, you need an emotional support too...and yes, she is a emotional support vent machine!lol! And yeah, we discussed many questions together, helping both of us I guess!

My college Mates at NSIT : NSIT is the college, whose part I was in my gap year, persuing B.E. in computer Science there. My friends there were very helpfull with all the college work, as I was rarely attending classes due to my preparation, and yes, they helped me with my preparation too!

Brilliant Tutorials : The people there are always ready to help their students. I owe my success to them.

And finally,

The Almighty Power : Without him, I wouldn't have been here, and I wouldn't have been what I'm today. ( I hope I'll be able to make Rose believe into theism one day...hmmm...only if wishes were horses.)

I guess, I have bored you guys enough...forgive this novice:P

I'll sign off now, and I hope to get some more opportunity to write for here:)

God Bless Us All,


P.S. Do pray for Rose, for the li'l girl is going through a lot these days.

aah...July has finally come...its gonna be a great month for me...oh yea! I was kinda in a form of hibernation...hence MDR was silent for a while. Actually i kinda wrote about my daily stuff to post and then got by the time i was became too chucked it. Moreover i brought my other blog back from the dead and yea...was kinda busy there...(am kinda using the word kinda a

So July commences people...and with it the monsoon. I wouldn't bet on it though here in Chennai. Its still unbearably hot....and it wil be all the year round. Hey it rained yesterday!! erm...not rained...but yea...definitely drizzled.

So about the last few days....i am still in bro's house...just wondering...why they haven't kicked me out yet. :P
Watched New York...kickass songs...i loooooove Katrina and as usual Neil was pathetic! Was bankrupt till now but i kinda have a feeling that Dad's gonna put some cash today. YES!!!
And yea...some pathetic losers are after my blood in the blogosphere....if you are reading this guys...(which i don't think they will)....then F U!
WL is pretty silent these days....but i am still i missed this blog. Where are you Gulabo? College is going on full swing....but my attendance ratio is like 1:3. :P
Present = 4 days....absent =12

Time to bring this blog back to full gear....I wanna read MS-R! Hey...Gulabo is taking guitar pretty J...but then i won't give her the satisfaction by ringing her up and telling her directly :P
And now i am ranting nonsense stuff! Kajal's getting married....she DELETED her blog! @#%!@^&

okays...1st july
didn't sleep the previous night and then went to of those rare see. Raghav was there but Afroze bunked! Went for a movie i guess...that stupid git! hey i read the Stephenie Meyer....bloody awesome book! So college was ok...we are going for an Industrial Visit Ooty! yes yes yes! MC proffessor warned me...yet again....for not cutting my already long hair....said he would put kerosene and burn it himself if i fail to do so within this He's probably jealous! Didn't get kick out of class...which was a surprise too...hehe...but Raghav did get kicked out :P

The skies opened up in the evening and the breeze....which i missed so much...finally arrived. Everyone of, bro, bhabi, deemps...went to do some shopping....actually window shopping in Spencer's!! lol....Talked with Anubha after about 4 months......felt like hanging her upside down for staying out of touch for so long! Dinner was at Spencer's too...courtesy of Merrybrown! :P

By 10...we were...back and by 10.15 i was fast asleep....happens when you don't sleep for 30 hours straight! Anyways...tomorrow's Saturday...and our guest writer will be Aayush. To know more about his post and ask Rose as well :P

Missed the damn bus to college today so sitting jobless at home and listening to Kambakkht Ishq....going for some serious shopping today :D.....might iron my hair too and may even get a tattoo done...we'll see.

Its FL signing off now....have a superb day!

P.S| Gulabo....bring MS-R back online :P


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