So finally!!

A post that I know will bring not just a smile, but a grin on my fellow blogger of this blog, FL's face :D

Yes, I'm back...after much of coaxing from this guy, and Aarthi, finally I write :D


Thank you! Thank you!

So when its announced that we are back, it means we are back :D

Hmmm...I just missed so much in the blogosphere in the past few days, but I guess my life is a brutual game nowadays, so may be, its enough to keep me busy, and I actually want to sit queitly in a corner...*peace*

I really don't want to write about the things that has been happening to me ( described as "most difficult phase of my life" by Aayush and FL). Let it happen, I'm sure its gonna get over, it wont bring my life to a halt( though I know it did, but kehne me kya jata hai:D)

So I had so many things happening to me, I mean the good things :D

I went to Chandigarh, and trust me its one of the most beautifull city. So gree, so less crowd, so friendly, so safe, and fun:D
I'm in love with that city, but still I hope I don't have to go there to persue my "professional degree" to become an engineer..I cant leave mom and dad :(
But Chandigarh is pretty expensive, not a shopper's paradise :D:P

Said a goodbye to Aayush, finally he left for his dream institute, in Kanpur...but I miss him like does he. He has actually left eating there, cant adjust himself there, missing his mom a lot...poor guy:(
I hope he adjusts there soon...but it's actually true, dilliwallahs actually cant settle anywhere but Delhi! We are just so used to this city :D

I have sitting idly all the day and night. Infinite sessions of playfish games on FB..Oh I'm in love with Restaurant City, Word Challenge, Pet Society etc etc!!

THere's no exitement in my life nowadays, just a boring life...But then I returned here on the day of the eclipse ( see:P)...Talked to everyone here..FL, Aathi, Ste, Arun, and finally Vinay(Leo), and I'm seriously enjoing all my chats with him :D

Hmmm...whatelse?? I have been reading a lot of Shakespeare my dear friends, Indian and bloggers :P:P

I hope that you guys see a lot from us, here again:)

Take care:)
Till the next time,

P.S. A lot like love will be back soon:)

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freelancer said...

shakespeare??? aaargh!!!

Chandigarh is good....i heard mast kudiya hoti hai waha... :P

welcome back babes
thanku eclipse :P

Rose said...

Me Chandigarh me kudiya dekhne jaungi??!!! act 377 for me :P:P

freelancer said...

dekh lo....kaun mana kar raha hai :P

Aarthi said...

Welcome back!!!! :D

Karen said...

Family love, to me, is the most valuable thing you have in your life. If you didn't have your family, you wouldn't go anywhere. When you were down, they were there for you. When you needed something they tried to make that happen. When you think you don't have a family, you do. All you need to do is just give them a little call and they will be there for you. I got kicked out of the house when I was 18 and I had nowhere to go. I was around a wrong crowd and got into drugs. My addiction to meth was so bad, I nearly died. I realized that my life wasn't going anywhere and I needed help. The first people that I called and the only people that I called was my mom and dad. They were very happy to help me and got me into a drug rehab program. I am currently on the program and I can already tell that things are getting back to normal. I'm getting my life back, and most important I'm getting my family back.

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