The sun finally did shine at me. The 14 days breaks changed into 0. And finally, my life started making sense again. Its impossible to think of life without her. More so, in her case, without me. And still she tries, to run away. Man, i am in love with a nutjob.

So after last night's mega booze party at bro's house, we all sat down to watch HP7. Yes, we are that jobless and yes, we didnt have anyother movies. Before the first 30 mins were up, everyone were snoring. A facepalm moment. By the time i slept, some lonely poor soul was in college munching idli's for breakfast.

It was 5pm when i woke up. The sun, thank God was beyond the horizon. Uske baad kya?? facebook pe games and then twitter as usual. Talked to Maddy in between. Everything i garden-garden again :P Lol, she challenged me to a game of online chess. Rofl, my pawn ate her queen up. Bwahaha

That reminds me, i have to update my other blog again. Plus am planning to write a fantasy mini-series with Pulkit in TWL. Hope everything plans out. 

Damn, am rusty. Ciao

A day to forget. Day 1 of life without you. And everything goes wrong. Pure luck, pure fate, i dont give a rat's ass about it anymore.

The hardest thing in the world is to wake up in the morning and remembering the fact that you ain't there. So as i dialled you number and found it busy, last night's events came tumbling back to me. Lets get over with all the bad news first. My toe nail got screwed and then i almost bled half to death. Well not almost, but you get the point. Plus the pain. GOD the pain!! Manchester United got pawned by F.C Barcelona in the finals. This was the biggest game of the year. But i knew deep down, when things aint well between us, nothing goes right for me. 

Anyways chuck it. I dunno how you are or what you have been doing. Its not easy. When you were there, i had little time for you. i know, my fault. But without being able to hear your voice for a day makes me nuts. So all i do, is keep my sorrows to myself and drink like there's no tomorrow. Also, i made a collage of us. Rang up Mom and cried like the coward i am. Bro and Bhabi are oblivious to what's going on. Bro still guesses something but my lips are sealed for the moment.

13 more days. feels like eternity. Days might be decreasing but the distances ever so increasing. I love you. Forever.

What do you do when the world around you come crashing down? What do you do when the reason of your life, your happiness, your future fades away in front of your eyes? What the fuck do you do when the love of your life tells you that they need a break?

Do we let them go? Or do we fight to bring them back even after they promise you to be back soon. How do i know if she really wants me to fight for her??? How do i know that she really needs me to give her some space and let her be for some time?

2 weeks. That's all, she said. 

The night was a vivid contrast to the day. Sometimes i wonder what type of a boyfriend i am. She literally had to beg me for these 2 weeks. I am scared. Yes, i am. I may be the worst example of a guy, but i am scared. She's too practical. she might be able to pull this off. Me?? Fuck! she comes to my dreams every night. i want to be near her all the time, want to wake up next to her, want to watch all the SRK movies with her. But i couldn't  keep her safe or happy. That's my problem. i am the lover as well as the villian in this relationship. She's merely the victim.

i don't know how long i can hold on before i burst. Alcohol stopped me tonight. Will it save me everyday? 

Fuck, am not going to give up on you.  You have to adjust, i don't give a fuck now. Am not ditching you at a time when you are figuring out your life.

I love you

P.S| the rest of the day doesn't fucking matter tonight. its me and alcohol tonight

Yes, i am late again. No excuses whatsoever. Oh wait, i had exams.

Engineering is almost done, but i dont think i would be getting my degree anytime soon. I messed up one paper. Yeah pretty bad, so the degree will have to wait for another 5 months. And ofcourse Maddy is not at all pleased with it. Still she graciously gave me 3 years time to do something in life and then ask her hand for marriage. I know i can do it, but i need to clear this obstacle first. One step at a time.

The last month was a complete mis-match of emotions. After the intial setback of the first exam, i managed to do well enough with the rest. Left my room and started living with my bro and his gal. That meant nice lunch and dinner from bhabi :D nom nom> no more maggi shaggy. Plus the adopted a street pup and i am like her father. yep you heard it right. she tries to jump to my arms and ends up hitting my crotch all the time. Crotching tiger, i say. Anyways, Mom and Dad celebrated their 25th marriage anniversary and i had to fly back home. God bless that lovely couple.

Now i am back to chennai for 2 weeks. No more exams. All i shall do is meet my blog and twitter buddies in Chennai one last time before i head back home. 

Chalo, enough bakchodi for today.Catch you all later dahlings
Hakuna Matata

P.S| if you have a crush on me, sorry sweetheart, am still engaged to Maddy :D


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