The sun finally did shine at me. The 14 days breaks changed into 0. And finally, my life started making sense again. Its impossible to think of life without her. More so, in her case, without me. And still she tries, to run away. Man, i am in love with a nutjob.

So after last night's mega booze party at bro's house, we all sat down to watch HP7. Yes, we are that jobless and yes, we didnt have anyother movies. Before the first 30 mins were up, everyone were snoring. A facepalm moment. By the time i slept, some lonely poor soul was in college munching idli's for breakfast.

It was 5pm when i woke up. The sun, thank God was beyond the horizon. Uske baad kya?? facebook pe games and then twitter as usual. Talked to Maddy in between. Everything i garden-garden again :P Lol, she challenged me to a game of online chess. Rofl, my pawn ate her queen up. Bwahaha

That reminds me, i have to update my other blog again. Plus am planning to write a fantasy mini-series with Pulkit in TWL. Hope everything plans out. 

Damn, am rusty. Ciao

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maithili said...

me happy happy for you :)

Eyeshadow said...

oh k now i become a nutjob..people don't have any idea how stupid a person i am in love with..
and yea..d aint far when my pawn is gonna eat ur king m...

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