How to start writing again?? I mean, how on earth am I supposed to start from where I stopped? And that stop is long erased from memory that I DO NOT know what am supposed to write anymore.

All the people I blogged with, well not all, but most like Artz, Nush, Arun, Esther, Ste have stopped blogging and only Leo, Nimue and Rashi are active. Also, after them came friends like Rashmi, Nabs, Deepti have stopped updating their blogs and are rarely active. The current third generation of bloggers since my time are the only ones active here and believe me when I say this, even they will stop within a year.

Life moves on. People find new hobbies. Blogging becomes least interesting as more vivid ways of communicating and sharing ideas come alive.  Only a few stay back. And only a few like me...cling on to memories and hopes of reviving the lost art of blogging without even having a hope.

Phew! Wow whining is my super power it seems.

Anyway, 2012 is upon us. Judging by the way the last few years have sucked, I can only hope this one is better. I am even ready to embrace armageddon.

Sayonara till later. As usual, am running away.
Its FL signing off

Just a quick update to let you all know that i am still alive and still kicking ass wherever i find any. Also to all the people who haven't bother to give me a call, may you have loose motion for a week :D

My BB is dying. The keypad is in a state of coma and the screen keeps getting blank every few minutes. Not to mention the fact that the silent and vibration profiles do not work as they are supposed to. And the only calls I get are from my girl, my mother and various assholes trying to sell me something. I need to find a way to pataofy dad into getting me another cell. Mom is always the answer but i doubt it will work this time around. 

Enough of mobile talk now. Btw am out of twitter. Yeah, after 35000 tweets, i have decided to give myself a break. Well no, i didn't decide, my mobile did. but what the hell. I spend my days drooling at my book blog or by reading novels. And yeah i decided to get a part time job till i clear my backlogs. Customer Support at Blah!! Thank God, i don't pick up calls!!

Giving cooking a rest too since bro and bhabi are always home these days.  That allows me freedom to play FIFA 12!! yeah baby!!! Okay chalo, ab i am going. 

Catch you later. Until then, its FL signing off

Why is it that after a couple of posts i run out of words? Happens to me all the time. I feel like i have more topics to talk with a stranger than write about. Anyway, Home Alone period is almost over. Bro and Bhabi are coming back tomorrow. And you know what that means?? Free food!! Yes!!! No more spending pocket money on chicken and eggs and bread and milk.

Its not that i have been alone all this while. My ex-roomie keeps visiting and have the dog for company. Doggie is tired of milk, so i tried giving her cold coffee. She licked it up. Caffeine lover. Brownie points to her. If bro comes to know about it, i am DEAD!

Flipkart delivered a book today. Its a romance novel *pukes* But i have to read it as part of the book reading challenge on my blog. Okay what else? Oh yes, my girl is weird. She tells me that none of her colleagues believe that she has a boyfriend aka 'me', but whenever i ring her up during office hours she tries her best not to say 'i love you' before keeping the phone. Is this a sign from God?? hmmm. I gave up figuring out girls long time back. 

Mom and Dad are still not back from their so-called second honeymoon. I just don't want another sibling in 9 months. That would be awkward. Meta! Told Ma not to get anything for me. That means i can ask for funds by the end of the month. bwahahaha. Downloading of tv shows is happening once more. Though i am still waiting for the new season of Chuck and Bones.

I swear to God i will never live alone again. Groceries cost like hell!!! 1 kg rice barely lasts 2 days! And refined oil costs 90 bucks! What the fuck! Also 1L milk for just 2 days! I will go bankrupt within months! Not to mention the bread and eggs that i eat daily. If only father owned KFC. Its been almost 2 months since i tasted a chicken zinger burger! *sob sob* 

Ooh gotta go. Ex-roomie is preparing paanipuri. Yeah home-made. Pretty chizz right. Nom nom time. Catch you later, alligator. #fail

Its FL signing off

Hello sunshine

Laziness has conquered me. This is the third day in a row i haven't showered. or changed my boxers. I think its time. Also, my beard and mustache has grown longest till date. Which reminds me, i don't have shaving foam. DAMNATION! Except these, life's all good. I study intermittently, dividing my time between blogging and reading novels. 

Nimue's been begging me to stop doing fantasy reviews :( So yeah, am giving other genre's a chance. Read a historical fiction a couple of days back. That was ermmm....good. Now reading a medical thriller starring Dr. Temperance Brennan. Ooops, heart did another backflip. Gosh i love her!

And yes, cooking too. Without bro and bhabi in the house, i feel like i am in MasterChef Australia without the judges. Brought veal yesterday thinking it was venison. Yes, major facepalm moment happened.  Roomie google'd it and learned it was baby cow. So its in the freezer now. I love beef, roomie can't handle it. Idiot! Good news is that while he is here, i can take a break from the nitty gritty kitchen work, even though i have started liking it. 

Love life is going great. No fights *touchwood*. Mom and Dad are in Kashmir on their second honeymoon *sigh* Anyway, i told them to get some cool stuff from me. Reminded mom that Kashmiri girls are cute. She just muttered something that sounded like 'men!!!'. Anyway, off i go now. See you all soon.

Its FL signing off

*cough cough*

Am a terrible person, right?? I always promise to be back regularly and then like always i don't. I am the master of all disappearing acts. Something that i am not proud of actually. But what the hell, you have a life, i have a life. This blog needs a breather away from you and me.

Whenever i open blogger, i never scroll down. I just click on new post at 'A LOT OF PAGES', do the necessary typing, hit post and voila, am gone. Today, i decided to stay back a bit and browse. So apparently i have more blogs than any sane person has. I have my own blog, "Abysmally Mine", which is currently in a comatose state. After that, i have THIS on-off personal blog that i seldom see. Am the ADMIN of "The Writers Lounge", which is slowly dying despite my repeated acts of revival. Also am the ADMIN of "Darlings of Venus", which is, as the name suggests an all-girls blog. Why am i even there, i have no idea. Though i presume the owner of that blog likes me as am a goooooooood friend. Also i am the OWNER of a "A Lot Of Pages", which as you know is a book-review blog. I thought that was more than enough but then i created another one, "The Naive Chef". Looks like cooking is my new hobby. Oh blame MasterChef Australia!

Talking of MasterChef Oz, have you seen DANI??? I frigging love her! Yes, i can watch repeat after repeats just for her. And mostly because i have nothing else to do. Bro and Bhabi and her sis are home which means i have the entire house to me. Well, not exactly....i am the babysitter for the puppy who is growing up at an alarming rate. So as you can imagine, my days are pretty void of work. And yes, my internet is back and that means downloading of porn shall resume to fill my lonely nights.

More about that later. How have you lot been? I should really visit your blogs too right? Hmmm about that, will do soon. Am losing touch with my writing and losing concentration as well. Anyway, adios for now.

Its FL signing off

P.S| have you noticed the new font color? Should i keep this or revert back to the classic purple of Freelancer?

Good day and Fuck off
That's a new way to greet. Yeah chizz.

So how many of you watched Messi last night??? Did you lot get your orgasms yet? Bwahahaha. Messi and Co. Huge disappointment.

So what do you do when one of your closest friends breaks up with one of your good friends even though they love each other to bits. Do you let them be or do you bash their heads out making them realize what they are doing even though you fully know that you are in the same shit with your girl. Maddy, me and a huge wall of nothingness in between.

Also, my ex-roomie broke up with his girlfriend of 2 years. Looks like she was double-timing him. So he caught her one day and fatak! One tight slap right in public! BITCH!!! I feel guilty a bit coz i was the one who used to tell him that long distance would work. And apparently it didn't.

Nothing more to say actually. Oh my cousin brought a watch yesterday. I showed him an awesome Titan watch and he went and got himself a silly Fastrack! Major facepalm moment happened. Also, i love the new fastrack hip-hop shades collection. Am getting one of those pakka se.

Until then, its FL signing off

Boing bOing boing bOing

Am still in the Bodyguard mood. "Mujhe ek ehsaan karo ki mujhe kuch ehsaan mat karo". Waah Waaah. No i didn't hate the film. Infact i loved the 2nd half. The only irritating thing was that huge fatso. 

Managed to charm my future sis-in-law. I hope i did. She's so adorable and totally opposite of my almost-ex. Maddy has no intention of being in a relationship with me. This has been clear by the way she is acting these days. Nothing affects her anymore.  I tried. I try to call her up and talk to her. I did my best to make sure her sister never complained about a single thing yesterday. I don't even get a thanks. Well i don't expect it. Atleast i expect her to talk to me. Once. Its been so long.

I am running out of ideas now. If i don't try, there will be another fight. If i try, i don't get anywhere. Girls can't just stop everything and move on. They will store these issues for future fights. All i want to do is switch off the fight mode and reboot life again. Wish it was easier for a girl too.

Anyway, other than that life is as monotonous as before. Getting tired of the heat and constant tick-tock of the clock. All i want to do is run away to Neverland and never come back. Being mortal is boring. Being forever young is the new temptation. Chalo, gotta go now. Have fun

Its FL signing off..

Hello all, Hope you had a nice couple of days. No??? Shucks.... I had awesome ones.

First of all, belated Eid to all. I was too busy hogging on Subways to wish you lot yesterday. But hey, better late than never. September has arrived. Which means -
1. People will be orgasming about Messi in India
2. I will be counting the days till winter
3. Maddy's birthday is around the corner
4. Me flying back to Chennai

Maddy and me are still in a no-talking relationship. Its like when Rachel says, 'we are on a break'. Well we aren't, we just ain't talking to one other. Love has its issues that only time will heal. Moreover I have a date with her sister today. Bwahahaha. Going for Bodyguard. I just hope its a real flop. Then i can tell her sis that Maddy was the one who recommended it. *evil grin*

Coming back to the topic of skinny jeans, nobody told me its a pain in the ass to walk when the weather's so bloody hot. I mean, i can't even scratch myself when the need occurs. Don't go eww eww now, i know all you boys, scratch. Yep. So yeah, skinny jeans has its bloody disadvantages. But i love it!

Had a good day out yesterday. Went to my ex-classmates place with my ex-roomie. God knows where he stays, its almost inaccessible by bus or rickshaws! His mom was cool until she practically ordered us to eat the green vegetables for lunch. Nobody told us that she's a teacher. A strict one at that.

And i will be making a comeback to twitter as soon as i finish reading the novels i have in stock. After 35,000 tweets, its hard to stay away from long. Yay, am almost a celebrity now. Considering Gul Panag follows me :P okay just kidding. But she will, since she's the only actor i follow other than @iamsrk. 

I got the best surprise when i saw i had 3 comments in my last post. Whoa!! 3!!! I hardly expected anyone to read this blog... Am soooo happy *does the hokie pokie dance*. Anyway, i promise to read your blogs as soon as i return from the movie. Keep reading me okay. Seri? 

Until then, its FL signing off

P.S| ex-roomie had a breakup. Long story, sad story. Will tell tomorrow. 

Goodmorningo Bullshito

I just realised that i have lost the art of being funny. Now i am just crappy. Though i still make awesome announcements. Feel like crying when i was once not-so-famous yet famous blogger and now my blogs have been reduced to be read solely by me. This is what happens when a mini break decides not to be mini anymore.


Topic Change. I shopped yesterday. Hell yeah! Also i shopped alone *looks around* See, i don't like company while shopping. I enter, i buy, i come out. End of story. One shop, all purchases. You lot should not let me blabber so much. I forgot what i wanted to say. Yeah, i got myself a sweet black jeans. Wait for it, SKINNY JEANS!! Hell yeah. Maddy and Kang was like WTF DUDE!!! where's your fucking fashion sense. But i was already in cloud nine and making my way towards cloud ten. See, i have a FLAT ASS! yeah, a pretty lil flat ass and skinny goes well with me. Well, it looked good to me when i checked myself at the trial room and none of the chicks at the store laughed. Good sign, right??

Anyway, that's done. Oooh wait, i also got a BATMAN tee...bwahahaha. Gotham City is officially under my control. *confession* i am yet to read my blog list. Have ignored so many blogs just because i didn't feel like writing my own. *sigh*

Hopefully everything will change soon. Miss Maddy. 

Its FL signing off

Life = Bull

Yes. 4 letters. Same meaning.
*grumble* i actually had to browse the older posts of MDR to see how to start a happy post or when was the last time i updated one such happy post. Seems to be this blog has been a diary for the ...whatever!

Good news. I want good news for myself. July and August has been a shitty month for me personally and socially. Cross that. Anyway, after a very very very long time, some of my friends decided to meet me :D yay, we partied. (Just so you know, partying in Guwahati means having cappuccinos or the occasional KFC burger) and that is exactly what we did. Ups managed to click some embarrassing pics of me and uploaded them on FB. I wouldn't have minded, but SHE CHOSE to tag me! 


Tickets to Chennai have been confirmed. No, i couldn't get those buddy tickets from bro's girlfriend. Sad little me :( But i will get them for the Dilli trip. Which will be happening during the Formula One weekend. I was thinking of bring Maddy to feel the madness and experience the thrill of actually watching a F1 car zip by, but realised that we have an almost non-existent relationship.

We have been fighting and pointing fingers at each other. Or maybe, i am refusing to see my faults. Or maybe i know my mistakes and can't do anything about it. Whatever be the reason, this is taking a huge toll on us. On her also, i guess. Though she has surrounds herself with friends these days. AND THERE IS ONE bastard i met on twitter who told her that he was ready to make her forget me. BLOODY SWINE wanted to get into her pants! Nothing is working out. I usually don't sleep at night because i read novels. The last 3 days, i have simply been listening to songs and reading old blog posts and remembering Kodaikanal trips together.

Little does she know how much she means to me. But somehow even i don't have the strength to show it to her. Have left it to faith which is already low. Watched 'Break ke Baad' today. Yeah finally :P No, i don't expect Maddy to do a Padukone. But am no Imran Khan either. Either way, we are both in love and both lost.

P.S| I might not write ever again. Again, i might. This may or may not be goodbye.

Its FL signing off....

6 months gone, 6 more left.

And with that, we have come to the mid-point of the year. Time to reflect back on the events of the last 6 months and my progress one month at a time. Okay done with that. Not that i have done anything to be proud of.

I completed 24 years of my existence. Yes, Happy Birthday to me. The last six months have been a blur. Raced against time to finish the final year projects and managed to score good marks but i still couldn't pass a backlog. Yeah, not your average Engineer i am. Parents celebrated 25th Wedding Anniversary. Hooray to them. *sigh*

Running out of words and this blog is getting on my nerves again. Bye.

7th day of fasting. They gloominess that had once settled is slowly lifting. Though people still remind of the good ol' days, its nice to see my cousins wearing a cheerful smiling face on them all the time. Even though i hear them weep occassionaly at night, there is little i can do to ease their pain.

When one part of your heart dies, when you lose a parent, these things take time to recover. I am more proud of them because they are so strong after losing both their parents. I hope i do not have to face that day soon. But death itself is inevitable and permanent.

Well everything seems to be falling back to normal as of now. The food i am allowed to eat is actually making me healthy. Thank God for Ghee, which is a must. Very soon, i will be again flexing my muscles. My cousins tease me that on the tenth day i have to cut my oh-so-long hair :( yeah!! My preciousness will be lost. But i can manage that. The only bad thing here is the lack of internet i get. No damn network. Also the constant flow of visitors drive me crazy. I go and say hello and then gape like a retard 'coz evidently i have nothing else to talk about and they have nothing else to ask.

Anyway, all's well that ends well. oh wait, nearly gave Dad a cardiac arrest, when flipkart home delivered my novels. Total bill was above 4300. Thank God, he's home and am not near him :P

So, that's about it till now. People are asking me to go shower and i have been managing to postpone till now. Can't anymore. *sigh*

Stay safe. Until next time,
its FL signing off

The morning started bright and then the collapse began. I didn't sleep the last night. Yep, finished off a book by 6am and then went to bed after a quick smoke. I woke up to my Aunt urging me to have food as we had to rush to the hospital. 2 minutes after lunch, mom rang up to say he passed away and that she and dad were on their way to meet us.

I was expecting it, but not so soon, not so sudden. I was the only guy in the family name so it was upto me to pay the last rites. And its scary. Its scary and its so hard to see someone lying lifeless. Someone you adores and loved more than anything.

Anyway, i hope his soul is in peace. I was happy to see him smiling before he departed. Heavy thoughts cloud my mind. I will blog later

Till then,
its FL signing off

Life is fickle. 

What do you to when you see someone slowly dying away in front of you and yet you and the rest of the world cannot do anything about it. How do you look at that fighting face and say , 'give up' coz even the Gods have betrayed us. How do you hold on to the memories and fight back tears as the days close by? And yet, we try to be strong. We laugh it off and we try to be strong. For what??? For a few last dying moments of happiness?? Is it worth the pain that's swelling up in the heart. Is it worth the lie you utter do your loved one who will no longer be a part of your living world soon? Or is it better to love them by letting them know that time and fate is not with us. 

Humans are fickle. And Relatives are the most dangerous humans ever.

I have learnt not to care. Not about anyone. Because in the end, you will realise, the only time people will love you unconditionally, it will be when you are in your death bed. If you are lucky, you might not even face to see the false tears. If we can't even assure ourselves of love from our own blood, be assured that the rest of the world will be after your blood one way or the another.

Stuck in Jorhat. My dad's elder bro is in a critical condition. I say stuck because i want to get out of here. I am tired of hearing people say why wasn't i here before. Am tired of hearing them bitch about my parents and me. And these are the people who are unfortunately my relatives.

Going out to have a beer later. JUDGE ME?? I don't give a rat's ass now.

Thought for the day is - "Hold me close and let the world collapse"

Song dedication. Yes, i want songs now too. "November Rain" by GNR. Yeah, kinda suits the feeling.

See you later

Surprised much? Me too. 

Two days in a row is almost a rarity. But i guess i have to stick to something for atleast two days, right? Yeah, so am majorly pissed. You wanna know why? Ofcourse you don't wanna know! Who the heck even reads my blog these days. Anways, am pissed with my so-called friends. See, they know i am here okay. And they are supossed to meet me na? What's the spelling of supossed again? supposed?? oh anyway, no one bothers to even meet up> Nice friends i have. *sigh* So, i will be going for a movie tommorrow. Alone. Yep.

Well, i was about to do that today itself. The movie thingy i mean, but mom decided to wake me up at around 2pm. Wait, that wasn't mum, it was Maddy! Anyway, so that meant no breakfast and hell no lunch! i dont like heavt heavy stuff in mah tummy as soon as i wake up. Dad came for lunch, gave me a dissapointed look lol and went back to office while i crawled around in the bed. Its hard to please my dad, i swear.

Anyway, checked Flipkart. Yay, 3 books have reached. But i will probably go and get it myself. i dont trust their home delivery guy much. Anyway, i realised i say anyway a lot more than i should. So, had momos in the evening. Technically if it aint pork, i dont call it momo, but since there was no pork i had to settle down with chicken. Staying at home has resulted in less smoking :| yeah, i hate not being able to smoke.

You lot, i have started a new book review blog okay. So be nice and follow me there plicccchhhhhh..

Until the sun sets, its FL signing off

Okay so i have decided to be generous. And also smart. That means from now i will be actually reading blogs daily, instead of reading it in one go and not commenting on any post.

Yes, that's what i have decided. For the time being. Anyway, life at home is pretty mundane. The only thing keeping me sane is the amount of novels i have managed to order from flipkart right under my dad's knows. Around 15 of them, yes you heard it right. And now i do not think that was such a bright idea, because it looks like i might need to buy a new mobile. My BB, my darling BlackBerry is on the throes of death itself.

How, why, do not ask me! So now i am in a dilemna as to what the heck should i do. Today has been exceptionally tedious. Woke up around 2 pm. The only thing i did was to manage finishing an entire novel since morning. Yes people, i finally finished reading the epic 'Sword of Truth' series. Well that's the only thing i do. Yeah took bath too, which i so overtly managed to avoid yesterday. *Sigh* can't fool mom twice

Okay bhai log, that's it for today! woot woot
Catch you later, alligator

Though its safe to say, it isn't My Daily Ramblings anymore, i am having a hard time letting go of it. I have been careless with both my blogs when once upon a time, it was one of the most important things to me. Sorry, two of the most important things. Life moves on and this is visibly reflected by the condition of my blogs.

Everything that is dear once, loses its value over time. We just have to make sure that we don't take everything for granted. Now i am getting emotional. *sob sob* Also i already missed the blog's birthday. Irresponsible father, i have become. *sigh*

Anyways, since its MDR, lets go back to the basics. Am back to Guwahati. Since no one reads this blog anymore, its just a secret between you and me. the rest of the world already know it via twitter. Am loving it here, specially the weather, which is a huge fucking welcome from the kind i endured in Chennai. My friends are here. Well not all, since MJ already left. Asshole went back to Bangalore to be near his wife. Ditched me!!! Anyway, the rest of them are trickling in slowly.

Okay i shall stop here for today. No point writing on and on when its just you and me in this blogging world.

See you,
its FL signing offfff

The sun finally did shine at me. The 14 days breaks changed into 0. And finally, my life started making sense again. Its impossible to think of life without her. More so, in her case, without me. And still she tries, to run away. Man, i am in love with a nutjob.

So after last night's mega booze party at bro's house, we all sat down to watch HP7. Yes, we are that jobless and yes, we didnt have anyother movies. Before the first 30 mins were up, everyone were snoring. A facepalm moment. By the time i slept, some lonely poor soul was in college munching idli's for breakfast.

It was 5pm when i woke up. The sun, thank God was beyond the horizon. Uske baad kya?? facebook pe games and then twitter as usual. Talked to Maddy in between. Everything i garden-garden again :P Lol, she challenged me to a game of online chess. Rofl, my pawn ate her queen up. Bwahaha

That reminds me, i have to update my other blog again. Plus am planning to write a fantasy mini-series with Pulkit in TWL. Hope everything plans out. 

Damn, am rusty. Ciao

A day to forget. Day 1 of life without you. And everything goes wrong. Pure luck, pure fate, i dont give a rat's ass about it anymore.

The hardest thing in the world is to wake up in the morning and remembering the fact that you ain't there. So as i dialled you number and found it busy, last night's events came tumbling back to me. Lets get over with all the bad news first. My toe nail got screwed and then i almost bled half to death. Well not almost, but you get the point. Plus the pain. GOD the pain!! Manchester United got pawned by F.C Barcelona in the finals. This was the biggest game of the year. But i knew deep down, when things aint well between us, nothing goes right for me. 

Anyways chuck it. I dunno how you are or what you have been doing. Its not easy. When you were there, i had little time for you. i know, my fault. But without being able to hear your voice for a day makes me nuts. So all i do, is keep my sorrows to myself and drink like there's no tomorrow. Also, i made a collage of us. Rang up Mom and cried like the coward i am. Bro and Bhabi are oblivious to what's going on. Bro still guesses something but my lips are sealed for the moment.

13 more days. feels like eternity. Days might be decreasing but the distances ever so increasing. I love you. Forever.

What do you do when the world around you come crashing down? What do you do when the reason of your life, your happiness, your future fades away in front of your eyes? What the fuck do you do when the love of your life tells you that they need a break?

Do we let them go? Or do we fight to bring them back even after they promise you to be back soon. How do i know if she really wants me to fight for her??? How do i know that she really needs me to give her some space and let her be for some time?

2 weeks. That's all, she said. 

The night was a vivid contrast to the day. Sometimes i wonder what type of a boyfriend i am. She literally had to beg me for these 2 weeks. I am scared. Yes, i am. I may be the worst example of a guy, but i am scared. She's too practical. she might be able to pull this off. Me?? Fuck! she comes to my dreams every night. i want to be near her all the time, want to wake up next to her, want to watch all the SRK movies with her. But i couldn't  keep her safe or happy. That's my problem. i am the lover as well as the villian in this relationship. She's merely the victim.

i don't know how long i can hold on before i burst. Alcohol stopped me tonight. Will it save me everyday? 

Fuck, am not going to give up on you.  You have to adjust, i don't give a fuck now. Am not ditching you at a time when you are figuring out your life.

I love you

P.S| the rest of the day doesn't fucking matter tonight. its me and alcohol tonight

Yes, i am late again. No excuses whatsoever. Oh wait, i had exams.

Engineering is almost done, but i dont think i would be getting my degree anytime soon. I messed up one paper. Yeah pretty bad, so the degree will have to wait for another 5 months. And ofcourse Maddy is not at all pleased with it. Still she graciously gave me 3 years time to do something in life and then ask her hand for marriage. I know i can do it, but i need to clear this obstacle first. One step at a time.

The last month was a complete mis-match of emotions. After the intial setback of the first exam, i managed to do well enough with the rest. Left my room and started living with my bro and his gal. That meant nice lunch and dinner from bhabi :D nom nom> no more maggi shaggy. Plus the adopted a street pup and i am like her father. yep you heard it right. she tries to jump to my arms and ends up hitting my crotch all the time. Crotching tiger, i say. Anyways, Mom and Dad celebrated their 25th marriage anniversary and i had to fly back home. God bless that lovely couple.

Now i am back to chennai for 2 weeks. No more exams. All i shall do is meet my blog and twitter buddies in Chennai one last time before i head back home. 

Chalo, enough bakchodi for today.Catch you all later dahlings
Hakuna Matata

P.S| if you have a crush on me, sorry sweetheart, am still engaged to Maddy :D

Hehe, feels good to be back after about a month. Blogging is getting boring re. Twitter has taken over my life and my time. And i stare at the blank page when i decide to write anything. So how has everyone been? Well i doubt i should be talking to myself over here, when that's the only thing i do in twitter too.

Exams around the corner. Yes, the backlogs that i so managed to postpone till the last moment. And it is around this time that i always manage to blog. Anything to prevent studying. oh well. The day has been pretty boring as of now. Wake up as late as possible much to the dislike of Maddy. Deempi is not here. Its just me and Bonny and the puppy. Without Deempi and bhabi around, hunting for food becomes a whole lot difficult. That's one reason why i like girls in the house. Thankfully, we have two ladies and sadly none of them are present right now. Mommy! i want food. Am a decent enough cook but i really reaaly hate being in the kitchen cutting this and that. Don't have that much of a patience.

The puppy is growing. Before he used to jump at my crotch, now he can aim at my nipples. Oh well, pedigree does wonders it seems. After two days of eating outside and meeting girls, i am looking forward to bhabi's haath ka khana. In case, you dissaprove of me, lemme tell you, those girls i mentioned are some of my blog buddies and a few i happened to meet on a train :P Maddy doesn't trust me with anyone though. hehe. 

Watching some shitty movie in UTV. Fuck, the hindi dubbing is getting worse by the day. Hmm...what else?  Kajal aka Pink Orchid of TWL fame is finally in twitter :)

Chalo chop chop. am off now. 

Whatte life! Waking up whenever i want, no more alarms to remind me of college, showering if and when i want to...munching on food anytime. aaah bliss!!! Staying at bro's place is heavenly, specially when i get to eat bhabi's homemade food :) Bro's a good cook too, but what's the fun if i praise him on my own blog.

Anyways, life has been pretty relaxing. no more tensions for the time being. Its food, internet, maddy and blackberry now. oh wait, there's beer and playstation too :) In other news, am back to twitter. Yay! my Blackberry is working like a charm again. woot woot. Rang up Maddy early in the morning. She was still sleeping. That crafty little girlfriend of mine managed to come up with a plan to bunk office all week. I know, i spoilt her :(

Btw the puppy in bhabi's house is no more a puppy. 4 months old and she's huge now. nearly ate my nose of. well, she loves me too. Was scared when i saw blood on her feet the first day i reached here. then i realised it was red nail polish. Somebody hang me! 

So, music dedications and quotes are back from today. Today's song goes back to basics. One of the best rock songs of the decade. Purple Haze - by Jimi Hendrix

Today's quote is - Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail......

Chalo, see you later guys

Its over. Finally the sun shines back into my life. The final exams, the final project presentation. Everything aced. College life is over. Dunno if i should be glad or be sad. A bittersweet moment for all us who hated and loved the college. It wasnt until the moment we had to submit our id-cards that it finally sank on us that yes, this was the end.

No matter how many times we were screwed over, i will still miss my professors. i will miss my bench mates, my friends i have come to love and trust, the guys who made classes seem fun. Will miss the amazing college lunch (except the friday menu-bleh its veg!)...but that being said, i will be leavinng chennai soon. and i won't miss this place!

My roomie has already left for home while i shifted back to my bro's place. Atleast abhi ghar ka khana milega. My 32 waist has declined to 26 and now i have another chance to get it back. hehe. Met Maddy for lunch a week back. Apart from the occasssional fights, everthing is alright again. *touchwood*

Cheered INDIA to win at the stadium yesterday. It was an amazing experience. My first stadium match. Wanted to jump and run down the field and click a pic with the god of cricket himself :)
Chalo India won. 3 more games and the world cup's ours. After that its IPL time baby.

Catch you later folks

Hello everyone. Its been ages...yet again. This time blame my college for it. All i have been doing is romancing my college notes and hogging on biryani and biscuits. Ooh and yeah, the evergreen maggi. Plus there's no net at home. Pending bills for two months. Planning to leave this place in 2 weeks, so doesn't make sense reconnecting or even paying the damned bill. hehe.

The penultimate exams, coz i still have to clear a few backlogs. What's an engineer without a few backlogs? Anyways, final semester exams are finally over. Finally! Only the project work left. An engiNEAR............yet so far!

Met Maddy today. Poor gal is spending all her money on me. Feel guilty though as am penniless yet again :( Will pay her back one day. more than in cash. 

So college days are over. One more day and then they will be gone their ways. So there's a party tonight. There's Johnie Walker and there's weed. Deadly combo, awesome combo. woot woot. A fitting end to 4 years of friendhip in the gaand-maaroing college. Bloody college put an exam on Sunday. Scewed us for the last time. Not again. Love you college, but FUCK YOU TOO!!!

Chalo, the night's young tonight and it starts early for me. See you again in 2 weeks. Keeeeeeep reading dudes.....mostly dudettes :P

Its FL signing off.

Hey everyone. Life goes pretty slow when the only thing you do in 24 hours is wake up late, stare at your maths book, text a bit, forage for food, check whether your download is till on and then go sleep again. Wish i earned doing these stuff. *sigh*

The final hurdle is near the corner. I would have been pretty happy if i didn't have those blasted backlogs. Looks like i will miss the graduation day, but hey, atleast i will come out with a first class. I always knew i was not made for engineering but then its too late to change courses. I am destined to suffer so that others who read this blog DO NOT make the same mistakes i made. Oh well!

Bleh! Mridupawan Podder (engineer). Yes, that's my name! We always look at our lives and wonder if we could change it. And when we get the chance, we are too lazy to do anything about it. Its true. Maddy and me. we are still together. But we talk less. This has been a horrible month for both of  us. Chalo, i hope everything is garden-garden soon!

Not feeling like writing anymore. Just had a whole plate biryani and am feeling sleepy. 45 minutes till i text maddy again. That's when her shift gets over. Catch you later folks.

Hakuna Matata

Just when i was giving up on this blog slowly, someone told me to update. Thanks Maithili :) And it was like a wake-up call. hell, this is my baby! My life as an open blog is right here. I just don't want my parents and my future in-laws to stumble into here. Catastrophic thought!

Anyways, after about a month, visited my college again. Being in the final semester has its perks. But this is also the time when all the proffessors gather together to suck the life out of you for all the 4 years of hell i wrought upon them. Mummy! i need my degree. So like a good boy, i cut my long hair, shave, tuck my shirt in and follow the teachers like their snitch. Oh well! It could have been worse.

Today was model review. And i prepared the report without editing it. Sir read it once, then looked at me and told me to read it loud! i knew i was a goner. 
eg. "Bike engine is like a girl. You have to take care of her to reap the benefits". Those and a couple of other sentences in the report was enough to let my sweat flow into some uncomfortable parts. Somehow, with my charm, as usual, i pataofied them. 

Phew! Back home, back to twitter. Oooh am downloading 'Popeye'. yeah!!! 7 more days for the month to end and am stuck with 80 bucks in my wallet. That means i have to cut down on cigarettes!! :O

Chalo, enough for the day. Am still rusty, need to get back into my groove.
Until then, its FL signing off


Two days. And then its St. Valentine's day. All you lovely ladies who wants a family on 11/11/11, make sure you spend the night with your boyfriend/husband. hehe. I would want that with Maddy, but i still do not have a job. Mayybe by 12/12/12. hmmmm

Am back to twitter. Not full time. I still do not have a decent phone. So its tweetdeck for the time being. How is everyone lately?? I hardly get visitors if anyone by any chance of luck happen to read this, lemme know how you are :D

Everyone is busy this week. My mom keeps ringing me up to keep tabs on my sister. She is growing up. Faster than i appreciate. Like bhai, like sis. What else can i do?

Chalo, see you later

Writing about oneself is a boring thing to do. I mean how long can i write about me and keep it amusing at the same time? When i first started MDR, i never thought one day i would give up doing this. But like every good thing, this comes with an expiry date too.

February - the month of the cupid. i can go on and on about love and stuff but i don't feel like. And i don't feel like reading anything that i write. life is a vicious circle, my friend. Lets spread some love this year. This month. No i don't mean get an extra boyfriend/girlfriend. You get the drift right?

My sleeping pattern has changed again. Maddy is trying to find a solution. I try to sleep early for her sake and end up waking up in the middle of the night. I am gonna be lonely when i leave this place which i have come to hate and love. Chennai. yeah, am leaving soon.

Roomie is at home. native. I wanna be there. I wanna be everywhere. Right now, i wanna be near Maddy cuddling up to her. Another 2-3 months. After that, we would be living far apart. She is the Bryan Adams of my life. 

Chalo, till another day, take care...

Hey everyone....So tomorrow is Saraswati Puja and yes this year too, i have pledged not to touch any study material. Oh i love these days. 

Life has been montonous. I get bored easily. Plus point - Maddy. She is the fire in my eye. and no, that's not painful. I hate that she is working. We hardly get time to talk. But atleast one of us is earning for the time being. Met her today again. She had to wait for bout half and hour and ready to spew magma at me.....but i diffused it :D hehe... Gave her a rose bouquet. She's all smiles now :) See, after a long string of girlfriends and crushes and having friendships with loads of girls comes handy sometimes. Experience teaches a great deal.

Model review in a fortnight. Matlab again running after proffessors. I hate this college and study life. Prospectus of different London Universities have started to arrive and i need to choose one soon for my PG. Soon, very soon.

Twitter se bhi door hu :( sob sob. All my blogger friends are gone. Dunno where. Sadness and Darkness all around. This is my boredom speaking. *sigh*
Chalo will see you later. Hopefully..

Till then, rock and roll

Happy Republic Day people.

Now lets come to business. Life has been exciting. Am broke....which is normal at this time of the month. But my best buddy is in chennai...which means i am in pondicherry gulping tequila shots and jack daniels all day long :D life, i tell you, has its moments.

Why do i even write here?? everybody vote for this blog to be dissolved! i mean it.

My life - in installments. Looks pathetic now. Oh and another crappy news, my BlackBerry is chweetu is gone. 

chalo bye. ek formality complete kar lia...i cant let go of this blog yet.
And am definitely gonna kick Gulabo out of this place!


Oh yes. How can i forget this day? 4 years ago, i packed my bags and followed Maddy to the south. Little did i know that i would step into one of the most strict colleges in India. Little did i know, i would screw my own life.

And today, 4 years later, its a bittersweet moment. The memories sometimes are not enough to justify the moments spent. The friendships created are sometimes not just enough to justify the fun together. In a nutshell, some of the wonderful, absolutely fantastic years of my life are nearly over. Yes, its the same college, the same Chennai. But when you stay at a place for long enough and make some truly good friends, you tend to forget the cons and enjoy the pros.

Its back to books for the final semester before graduating as engineers. Yes, we still dunno kya ukhar lenge! Anyways, the last day went as it should have been. Not a single class. The only thing that dissappointed was that there was no biryani at lunch :P lol. Overall, a fine day. Afroze was the star today with his 12mp mobile and what-not. Showoff actually.

and now i do not know what am typing. So before i embarass myself further, its goodnight.

Hakuna Matata


Can't believe it that 3 days already passed. Happy new year to you folks. Hope all you partied hard, slept and shrugged off the tiredness. Its the first week of the new year and we really do not want to waste it. do we?

These last 3 days have been magical. Beaches, Beer, Maddy and gori firangis. What else could i possibly want? We went to Mahabalipuram, around an hour away from Chennai and boy o boy its beautiful. No i dont mean the over crowded beach there. People, if you really want to spend some great time in Mahabalipuram, stay at the foreigner's colony. Amazing food, amazing views and quiet beach.

Didnt want to come back but since more than 8 grand has been wasted on food and beer, we thought it was better to return back while we still had enough money to spare for the bus fare :P
Everything seemed perfect until the last minute when someone stole a mobile that belonged to Maddy's friend. I made a new year resolution to quit smoking and ended up buying two packets of imported cigarettes. Lol. Maybe its a sign from God saying beta, there's still time to do your bullshit.

Hehe...anyways, glad that am blogging again..little by little. chalo am off now. mwaaah


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