Why is it that after a couple of posts i run out of words? Happens to me all the time. I feel like i have more topics to talk with a stranger than write about. Anyway, Home Alone period is almost over. Bro and Bhabi are coming back tomorrow. And you know what that means?? Free food!! Yes!!! No more spending pocket money on chicken and eggs and bread and milk.

Its not that i have been alone all this while. My ex-roomie keeps visiting and have the dog for company. Doggie is tired of milk, so i tried giving her cold coffee. She licked it up. Caffeine lover. Brownie points to her. If bro comes to know about it, i am DEAD!

Flipkart delivered a book today. Its a romance novel *pukes* But i have to read it as part of the book reading challenge on my blog. Okay what else? Oh yes, my girl is weird. She tells me that none of her colleagues believe that she has a boyfriend aka 'me', but whenever i ring her up during office hours she tries her best not to say 'i love you' before keeping the phone. Is this a sign from God?? hmmm. I gave up figuring out girls long time back. 

Mom and Dad are still not back from their so-called second honeymoon. I just don't want another sibling in 9 months. That would be awkward. Meta! Told Ma not to get anything for me. That means i can ask for funds by the end of the month. bwahahaha. Downloading of tv shows is happening once more. Though i am still waiting for the new season of Chuck and Bones.

I swear to God i will never live alone again. Groceries cost like hell!!! 1 kg rice barely lasts 2 days! And refined oil costs 90 bucks! What the fuck! Also 1L milk for just 2 days! I will go bankrupt within months! Not to mention the bread and eggs that i eat daily. If only father owned KFC. Its been almost 2 months since i tasted a chicken zinger burger! *sob sob* 

Ooh gotta go. Ex-roomie is preparing paanipuri. Yeah home-made. Pretty chizz right. Nom nom time. Catch you later, alligator. #fail

Its FL signing off

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Suruchi said...

haha...don't we all wish our father owned the KFC:-)

Red Handed said...

You have a roomate who can cook panipuri! and u crib!!! :x
Well about the sign from God, well find out why the chick said what she said and did not say what you wanted her to say.Sounds confusing? Women are that way :P

nikhimenon said...

//Mom and Dad are still not back from their so-called second honeymoon. I just don't want another sibling in 9 months//


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