Evening folks
Yes i know. I am not at all punctual.....3 days have passed and yet no updates. Punctuality is not in my blood, except for the time when i was in NCC. hehe. So in these couple of days....bro kicked me out :(
Am back to my room where there is no frigging net connection. My laptop is screwed royally. The speakers are gone, ants come out of the keyboard...the control button doesn't work, hence can't maximise the volume in vlc. The left mouse button.....gone gone gone.... battery doesn't work. Whenever there is a powercut, POOF!!! One moment am farming in Facebook, the next moment a blank screen stares back at me! And yea...i sometimes find an occasional ant walking on the screen.....from the inside....

Swine flu threat still on. Chennai weather have turned from hot to wet to downright irritating. Rain Rain go away, come again another day....its not a downpour, neither a drizzle...its IRRITATING!!!! I keep my hair pretty long now....looks kinda sexy :P
Yes! Manchester United won!! Hey ABBY...if you are reading this...what happened to your LIVERfools??? Got creamed??? haha.... Joined NFC Manager and started playing. Hail UNITED!
Got three of my exam results....barely passed in Machining Tools. got 18 outta 40. Well did just 2 questions of 10 marks each....how much do you expect? Managed 27 in Plastics and whateva and scored 30 in D.O.M. I know, nothing earth-shateering, but i was actually surprised i got less....than expected!

Anyways, 18th August
Completed 3 years and 7 months of commitment...hehe...i know its an achievement!! Went to college and there was good news....college announced holidays for all 3rd years from 22nd of August till October 4th!! Now beat that!
1 and a half months!! whoopee! Did i ever mention in my blog how much i love my college....hehe. Well exactly for reasons like this! Sometimes they even surprise themselves. Nobody wanted to study that day. So we just kept chatting and made plans to give Raghav GPL tomorrow. Its his birthday. psssst!

Lunch was awesome!! Chicken!! i love college lunch except on Wednesdays and Fridays.... Now my cell was fried from a couple of days...so went to Wavetel and got a new one. Its damn cheap and damn sexy! The only extra thing was that it came with a radio! Tamil songs! God save me...there ain't a single hindi radio channel in Chennai! Reached home.....bathed...yea its a must these days.... then me and my roomie decided to go to Spencer Plaza. Ate in KFC....as usual, roamed around. Bloody fucker had exams, still he was roaming around...hehe....Reached home late, was still ga-ga over my new cell....burnt a hole in my already holed pocket! Cost me just 1800 bucks....lols...Sony Ericsson rocks....so you can see my pathetic financial condition. Interested friends can please leav a comment if they want to help by donating money to feed a hungry mouth (me). I will give my account number in my next post. :P

Looking forward for the hols....where do i go?? Dilli, Kolkata, Bang??
Erm...we will see
Till then,

P.S Abby, if you are selling that nokia E50 or whatever...the joystick one...lemme know asap. Note: bhai ke liye price kam kar dena :P

Saare Jahan se Achha

Hindustan Hamara......

So true.... India completes its 62 years of independence! It ought to make any Indian proud. Certainly makes me. Listening to A.R Rahman's 'Maa tujhe salam' gives me the goosebumps. It rained a lot on the eve of Independence Day. By the time i woke up, the roads were clear of dirt, the air purified, the sky overcast, the weather romantic....

A fitting day for Independence!

So...woke up early...had plans for the morning...shaved, brushed, showered. Ruffled my Kaminey-style hair...hehe....checked myself a zillion times in the mirror....oh am in LOVE with myself! Weird...i know!!! Today Bhumi celebrated its 3rd birthday. So had to be present there. THose of you who don't know about Bhumi...lemme clarify. Its an NGO. Their theme...'change today, change tomorrow'. And am a part of it. Part of M.A.D, which in turn is a project of Bhumi.
Reached the address by 8.30 and preparations were already under way. Tri-color balloons were everywhere. It was huge, it was awesome, it was simply fantabulous. Played games, sang and dance, clicked zillions of pics, made new friends....it was a day to remember.

And so, Independence Day celebrations went on and on.... By 2p.m it was over...had a good lunch, courtesy of them. By 3 i was back home....bro was awake, which was actually a surprise! Bhabi was at work... Maddy was not talking with me! Mom was ballistic that i went to the movie last night despite the swine flu threat! I gave up...i can't make that woman understand.
Sis was being sis.....wacky and being a jerk! She's got a boifriend! Man, hats off to her guts!

Anyways, enough talking of my sis. Am not promoting her here again :P
Bro was offline playing games...so i just slept!!! And when i woke up it was midnight. There were about 20 miscalls in my cell. 15 of them were Maddy's. MADDY!!! she finally rang me. Yipee. Bhabi was back.....had top ramen for dinner. Talked with Maddy for an hour...everything's fine in loveland. Slept off early again

I know....today was boring...atleast since the evening. Man i need some excitement! Maybe tomorrow something will happen. I need a solar eclipse. Wanna be Peter Petrelli!!!

Signing off now...tada
Love you all....
thanx for being loyal
*sob sob*

Morning fellas,

Yesterday was a frigging good day. Atleast till the night. After that it just spiralled into chaos!
Anyways it was Janmastami. Nothing to celebrate about in Chennai though! This place ain't Mumbai at all. The day started just like it always starts...the sun rose, the moon left.....the bloody dogs started barking and i woke up earlier than usual on a holiday!

Woke up Maddy at 7. She was actually surprised to hear that i was awake just to wake her up! Sensible and thoughtful boifriend, that's what i told her. But i thought i heard a snicker somewhere on the other end! Now since that i already woke up, i started writing MDR. Something which i so inconspiously managed to put off for a long long time! And read all the pending blogs that i missed. Sowie not all...some are still left to catch up with. Talked with Maddy while she was getting ready. Poor dahling forgot the fact that we fought the last night and she frigging banned me from ringing her up for a couple of days. Hehe, early-morning-wake-up syndrome! In short, Ghajni effect!

Spent the whole day till noon playing in Facebook. Ooh i loooove farming! heehee. Me and Bro has this kind of rivalry about who is the better player in facebook. So we play the same games and try as hard as possible to screw the other up! He is basically ahead of me in 2 of the games that we play and that's only because he started playing a couple of days before me! But that doesn't stop that git from showing off...lols

How do you feel when a close friend says they are moving on with their lives, but feels like i am not a part of it anymore. Hurts? You bet it does! I realise i may have not been the best friend anyone can have. I am also human. Imperfect. But in this imperfect human lies a heart which loves and care for you all as perfectly as it would allow.
Anyways chuck it!

Received an email from Vaishnavi 'bout the MAD scheduling. Yays! i will be in T.Nagar! Rang her up and asked her what was i supossed to do now! Poor gal was probably busy, but still she managed to rein in my hyper active energy and explain it to me! Its a good thing she doesn't know i blog...hehe... Also there was an invitation as MAD turns 3 on Aug 15th. Yipee!!!

Had noodles for lunch. Searched for Kaminey tickets via the net. But as usual Sathyam was more than housefull and judging by the looks of it, it was going to be like that for another couple of days. INOX web wasn't working. So i just prayed a silent prayer to God and Goddessess and hoped that the swine flu panic would do its magic! Reached Inox by 6 and went to the counter. Night show full, Evening show fast filling! Fast filling!!!!!!! By the time we reached to the front of the queue just 5 tickets remained! Finally!!! Got the best seats!!! 3rd row from the top with oodles of leg space!!!! Went to Landmark before the movie started and went book hunting! Got a Terry Goodkind hardback novel for just 99 bucks!! Yes!!! I looooVe super sale!

Got popcorn and coke and iced tea! The food in Inox sucks! Bloody looters! Since we sat in the C-row,
bro was like....'atleast we got something in common with the movie'
Bhabi- 'huh? what?'
Bro- 'Shahid's name is Charlie' :|
Bhabi was completely clueless...hell anyone would be at that time!
Bhabi- 'Duh!!! So???'
Bro- 'C-row....C.....Charlie...innit?' :D

lols.....bhabi looked at me and we laughed our asses off! He got pissed...lols...Made a face just like a kid makes when he gets spanked!!! hehe. I told him this was coming in my blog...lol.... he just grrrd.....hehe. Anyways, the movie started. Verdict- Fuperb Movie!!! One of the bestest acting by Priyanka.... She is back in my top actress list!! Fhahid was as ufual fabulous! But Pri...dear lord, i loved her! I loved the song, FATAK tooooo.....
The dialogues cracked me up! 'Fabere fabere, uus kamine ka fakal.....' lols....
classy stuff. One of the best movies this year!

Anyways, movie over.....went to KFC :D
Maddy was completely pissed at me for some reasons.... Rough weather looked imminent ahead in lovelife! Hafta charm her again... will be a helluva job. But then i didn't fall for her years back...just to give up. :D

Reached home...tweeted to Priyanka Chopra asap....hehe....and slept!
Untill the next time.....
its FL figning off...
Fayonara :D

P.S| 1) Kaj.... the hug thingy you mentioned didn't work :(
2) S.N.F and A.L.L.L will be back in full swing from next week :)

This has to be the one of the most irregular blogs :P


I don't know why i am not updating anything. When i started blogging, i used to write every damn single day. Looks like the blogging fever is over. I miss writing here, because i enjoyed writing in this blog. I still don't think its time to send this blog to the depths of Davy Jones's locker. No, i still wanna write. Help!

Its not that i don't have time....i can squarely blame my absense here to the exams that's going on and to the more recent swine flu. But then i would be fooling myself! Hell i have time to come to facebook and play those addictive games, but not for my own blogs!! TWL is also in hibernation mode! Rose...where are ye???

The last few days...or weeks...have been boring, exciting, everything. My mid sems started and yea...i aced them! Gave my birthday treat to Raghav and Swati after trying very hard to postpone it indefinitely...hehe.....
My mobile got screwed. I can't read msgs nor can i send them. The only thing i could do was recieve and dial! In one month, Nokia became the worst brand for me! Got inducted officially in MAD......finally! Yay!!! Swine Flu on the rampage in Chennai and so am on the run.... Anyways i don't have internet connection in my room. Its my fault, didn't pay the bill in time and now it has increased to a mammoth total! But i promise, i will write atleast 4 days a week..... kindly tolerate me as always. hehe.

Okays, completed 3 months in the blogging world on 1st of this month. Yipee! Was looking forward for this month coz Pratsie and Rashi were supposed to come to Chennai!! but then, i counted the chickens too early before they were hatched and *sob sob*, they won't be able to make it! So the only thing good about this month is INDEPENDENCE DAY! Yea yea..am committed....so no independence for me....but still i got holidays!!

13th Aug| today is the birthday of my favorite gal....my closest, my life support, my partner-in-crime, my dil-ka-tukda.....the only gal other than Maddy who has full access to my heart, CAMELIA! No we aren't lovers...we don't need to be also, coz we love each other in such a way that even lovers feel inferior. And Maddy, don't be J please...after all, you know us! :P
Anyways its her birthday, wished her early midnight....talked all rubbish, made plans for her marriage....hehe

Woke up at 6.45 coz i had to wake up Maddy by 7. When she was finally awake and off to coll, i slept again....hehe...Have holidays till Sunday, so am so jobless that the only thing i could do properly was sleep! Anyways, by 11 i decided to go and haunt Bro again. Packed my bag, searched for my Provogue shirt...hehe...searched for my white cargo. I knew Mom packed it somewhere in my suitcase....i didnt even take it out of there for 2 months now! Anyways i looked cool, in black and white with my ruffled long hair.....could see those neighbors burning in jealous rage....lols..

Went to the atm and checked my balance! 400 bucks! I counted the number of days left in this month! Its time to give Mom another anxiety attack! When i reached, bro was asleep!! Had to ring him a up a dozen times before he finally awoke! I slept again. :P
Woke up by 8 in the evening....yea i slept that long!!! Bhabi still wasn't home. I miss her...i adore her so much. She is way better than bro!! hehe... i am just waiting for him to read this. He's gonna kick my balls for sure! Went through the old school and college photos and became nostalgic. I miss you buddies....a lot.

Started downloading Le Femme Nikita (season 1). Watched Mujhe iss Jungle se Bachao....weird show. Nothing compared to the original! i hate Mika! Mom rang me up and started asking about my health. She is worried about Swine Flu cases in Chennai. I told her a man died 5 kms away from my place (which is true) and she completely lost it! hehe....mom's are like this! Bhabi reached by 10, we sat down for dinner. It was complete veg. Don't know how i eat veg when am at her place. Whatever she cooks, you bet it will be awesome! Twitted at night, Priyanka Chopra replied to me! Yays!!!

Don't know where my co-author is! That gal ain't even picking my call for more than a month now!

Anyways signing off now, wrote quite a lot of nonsense...

P.S| 1) Happy birthday Cam!
and yes, keep reading please
2) wrote the last post long time back...but forgot to publish. So read the previous post too if you didn't read it already!

Today was a completely awesome, exhilirating bestest day over...

First of all, its Rakshabandhan. Apart from my regular more-than-necessary yet the-apples-of-my-eyes sisters.....no one else tied me rakhi or wished me. Thank God for sparing me this time.

By the way, my mid sems started today. Didn't study a dot thing. I mean i studid...but it all went over my head. So woke up in time and ran for the bus. I came back to my room. Bro finally kicked me out...hehe....kidding....hehe...not kidding...hehe...kidding seriously! So here at my own old place, i have to get up half an hour earlier!

Anyways back in college, skipped breakfast. Today had something worse than pongal. Ewww!!!
Had ANP paper...that's maths for short! Sat at the last bench so as to maximise the chance of copying from others. Me, Raghav and Afroze are inseparable in college....but during exams we kind sat in a triangle shape formation to copy from one another. As usual, Raghav let the way! He had the darned textbook under the table and just started copying while the clueless invigilator just sat down doing nothin..... I copied from him and Afroze grapped my copy and xeroed it onto his! :P

The Verdict: ought to more than pass :P

I hate DOM classes and that shithead of a proff decided to take 3 periods in a row today! he hates me, i hate him....the feeling was mutual. On the way to his 2nd period i fell asleep...hehe....and that is what he wanted! Kicked me out straightaway. And that was what i wanted..hehe...(wicked mind, you see)...went out, roamed around with some friends who bunked. Life was good. Had fish for lunch...so naturally skipped!

Had to get three tickets for Love Aaj Kal for Saturday show. Raghav accompanied me! We were in Sathyam, got the tickets, and he felt like he had to go to the loo! *sigh* we made our way to the 2nd floor...where santham screen was present along with a restroom nearby. God knows what ideas he gets while he pees that he came out and decided to watch the movie screening in Santham illegaly without tickets. And so we went inside, fearless....only to be caught by interval.
Made a lot of excuses, told them that Afroze was with us and he was sitting somewhere with his gal and he has the tickets and blah blah blah. They told us to take all the time we needed but needed proof. We were about to be fucked royally! Luckily for us, they went to the restroom and Raghav was out in a wink. i never saw somebody run so fast as him. Silly idiot was trembling when they caught us and now he was Tyson Gay! Its true...fear gives us wings!

Went to Spencer after running out of Sathyam. Was still alive, that was more important. Ate in KFC. Yummy! Raghav met a few friends and we all decided to get some weed. Now I didnt have weed for more than a year now. So off we went in search of grass. Silly fellow forgot the route and we had to walk around Saidapet for more than an hour. Finally!!! Mil gaya!!! Taught Raghav how to make a joint and since it was his first time didn't givehim much! Still after three puffs and a full-on blowback, he was flying. Lols. Rang up bro and told him that i have got Marijuana. He told me to come right away. hehe. Anyways spent the night at bro's place, had a joint. Dinner was classy. Yea had beer too!

SLept off before my head started spinning. Will worry about the headache tomorrow.

So...I dont know whether I have been stuck by some "writing thunder bolt" or have been bitten by some "writing bug", but I have been writing like hell (I jus hope my keybpard doesn't give up:P), I have already posted 2 posts within the last 4 days in my blog( a big achievement for someone so lazy like me), I've already written the next 2 posts, and now I'm here...hehehe:D

Firstly, this is the 50th post of this blog!!

*claps claps*

Secondly, this is one of those "better late than never" kind of post.

Belated happy birthday to the dude of this blog!!

I know buddy I'm really late, and I don't know how come I have become so selfish, that I have been whining about my life, when I knew it was a special day for my loving friend...I'm really sorry...really:(

I read your birthday special MDR,..awww...you had a perfect birthday, I mean next to perfect...You were with your girl, but I guess, you must have missed your family as well:)

First things first, I'm trying to make up for my mistake, you know. So here is a simple dedication for you, straight from the heart:

I have known you for quiet some time,
And you know what, I cant get anything to rhyme:P
A special friend, I will probably keep,
If you buy me, a cool jeep:p

It’s your birthday, I forgot,
Searched online,to get some touchy thoughts:P
(Alas! I failed!!)
Hope you don’t turn all bitter,
Since you’ve never been a quitter :P

I nearly quit, writing this verse,
Mind is blank, it’s a curse.
Soon, your next party will be here,
If I wake up, I’ll surely appear.

Hehehe...ya ya...I mean heehaw :P

On a serious note, honestly, I wish the best of all both worlds for you, may you have a blessed life:)

And finally, its high time that we revive the old series that has been started on this blog!! Wake up dude!!


That's all I could manage to write as for now, I hope to return with the MSR series, once I have some exciting thing happening in my life :)

Till the next time,

P.S. I hope I have been forgiven:)
Really sorry buddy:(


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