Hello people :P
Yes , its me, the long lost co-author of this blog.

29th December 2009
I'm sitting in my bed, trying to figure out what to study for my final exam of physics. My phone blinks with a strong vibration:
Freelancer: Gulabo, I want a post for scribblings on 31st, anyhow, ok??!

31st December 2009
Here I'm, thinking and still typing non sense, because I have to write a post! :D

I'm totally afraid of this guy, I dont kow why. Just one sentence of his "Gulabo, tu rehti kaha hai? Mil tu tera gala daba dunga!"

Coming to the post finally...31st December 2009...the year was certainly very long for me. It took ages to pass, but anyways, I'm happy at the end, and all set to start the year with all smiles :D

My 2009, in my words...obviously I'm not going to hire someone to right for me!:D

January: My sis ties a knot, wth her long term boyfriend, whom of all the things I cant call jijaji...sounds absolutely...totally...wierd! Then I learn this art of living alone all the time. But yes, finally no one to share your every li'l thing with!

February: My exams, for which I took a gap year approaches..I dont remember this month very well!

March: My first booze :D

April-May: The most painful months of my life...exams, and nothing else! No wait, their results as well!

June -July: My first trip without family, or friends...out of Delhi. TO Chandigarh. And then I realize, no Delhi is not the heaven on earth! In between somewhere, I turn 19...ummm...a grown up...supposed to be :P

August: Finally I get to see a college. I go to an all girls college, hate it, and then love it. And then all my pains begin. All day light with a li'l phrase "Aj bhi exam hai kya yaar?!"
Aayush also moves to Kanpur, the worst thing that could have happened to me..:(

September- October- November: Nothing but exams! Silly MriduL calls me in between sometime... and gives me all sorts of dhamki so that I return here..all in vein I know :D:P

December: My fairytale comes to an end...very sad end indeed! I never imagined things so perfect can actually end, but then, this is life...have to accept and live on :)
I watch a 3d movie after almost a decade...I loved Avatar :D

And finally, the the year is over...not a very eventful year, but yes, I have learnt a lot of things...entering 2010 with loads of hopes and smiles, to see a new sunshine:)

Till the next time,

P.S. Wish you all a very happy new year :)
And Aayush, I miss you a lot:(

Hellos folks
Aye its me! The year is nearly over! Yep nearly! another 5 hours left.
I look back and think about the last 12 months and all i can remember is @#$%^&^*^%
Yes, i have no clue what that is! 

Yes, i returned from KNP. The trip was good! Saw rhinos, wild boars! Mmm...yummy! Herds of deer, huge wild elephants with really huge scary tusks. The elephant rides were a lot cooler. Man those things eat like hell and their shit smells real bad!!! In contrast the safari was disappointing. No wild cats :( My sis was happy not to be eaten alive.

I left for Jorhat the next day! Its dad's hometown and i have practically everyone living over there. I love my village :) This trip was supposed to lift my spirits up and get me out of the depression but sadly....that didn't work out one bit. I promised pics...i will get them here soon.

Abby came here..so i had to come home soon! Well it was worth it. Meeting old friends and hanging out. Pizza hut, CCD, snooker and beer! that's bout it. Anyways, fifteen more days till i return back to chennai! i don't know even if i am looking forward to it or not. I miss Maddy. Being away from here....during the worst depression ever to have faced really sucks. But....crap!

No plans for tonight as of yet. Just plain old night with family. Tomorrow starts a new year. That means new resolutions. yes i have a few. Watched 3 idiots with 5 idiots. don't know which idiot i am. Ok folks see you tomorrow. 

2010 will be good for me! yes it will be! i will come out of everything (no not my chaddis)

Till then, am happy being MISERABLE

Wishing you a Happy New Year 

P.S| the heading means nothing :) 

Yes, you heard it right! Am going to KNP. :)
To enjoy the wild, to watch those exotic birds, to be chased by the jungle cats and the one-horned rhinos. Yes it does sound awesome! Better than Nat Geo. But lemme get there first. I will post pics, i promise :) Yes this time i will definitely take a real camera with me after the Andaman fiasco :(

Leaving at 3 in the afternoon. So just came here for this hasty little update. Well didn't know my blog was public domain that anyone can come and write on it! AferLife! Yea yea! pathetic name! Anyways, these days have been boring without friends! ABBY, you were about to come! Maddy is in Bangalore! Enjoying like hell! Grrrrrrrr!

I got a new pair of Converse! Oh yea! Absolutely fantastic! Have ummmm...4 pairs of shoes now...lol.....an off white Giordano, a red Converse, a yellow RBK and the latest print-on-white Converse :) Oh yea, I will be off to Jorhat in another couple of days. Miss mah village :) miss romancing the cows and ducks. i know its gonna be quite chilly but noway that's going to stop me from diving into the lake....or pool....whatever you might call it!
Seema is going with me to KNP. yes, she is a gal! o_O and she also happens to be my oldest childhood friend! So dream on! The week's gonna rock. I cut mah hair...did i tell you that??? Yea i look absolutely hot! No. not like Edward Cullen or Jasper Hale. Fuck Jacob Black! I am more hot without make-up :)

Yes, i love myself...what can i do??? Oh yes!!! my pet dog ran away! He was actually a street dog before becoming a house dog! err...whatever.! Now he ran away. Eloped most probably! Good for him, Bad for me! I miss him!

Okays i gotta move now. And yes AfterLife, if you so much like to write in my blog, leave a fake id. I will invite you ofcoz. just stop writing under my name, using my id !

See you around folks, in 'bout a week
Hakuna Matata

Hello world.
No am not FL...not that Fucking Loser :)
nice anagram ain't it? Who am i?? its for him to figure out, ain't it? U folks...call me AfterLife!
Yes, that noob gives his password to everyone. :)

Cmon FL...who am i?? Your gal?? your bestest friend??? your SIS?? might be your dad?? hehe...but whoever i am, i am gonna make sure i freak you out....in a good way ofcoz! no am not your enemy. Remember you used to pain my ears 'bout the fact that you don't have any enemies. Read that you got a new cell...a Blackberry infact. So when's the treat?? Or did you do that already?

Other folks/readers....yes am going to give him a hard time...but i do like this guy. See am decent enough. So wats ye gonna do about it??? change your password??? or spam me in your comments??? hehe...its your blog innit??

Waiting for your next post...and yea, your MDR's getting pathetic... go get screwed and write 'bout it. Btw ManU lost to United :) o_O
and hey folks....you wanna know anything bout this guy....lemme know...

AfterLife a.k.a AL

Hey folks
Me back home. And as the heading says, its bloody cold here. I am yet to get a proper broadband connection at home. So till then am busy doing all the stuff that i should have taken care of long time ago. 

First on top of the list, is a complete ENT checkup. I went to see the doc regarding the breathing problem i have been having for over 4 months now. Doc says, my nose bone is twisted. o_O
i mean i don't exactly remember getting into a fist fight. But yea i do remember bleeding all of a sudden for a couple of days. Went for an x-ray, still waiting for the results. So till then am busy gobbling up the tablets and inhaling menthol as fast as humanly possible. Also i got a new bank account :) yea, its Standard Chartered this time. Mom's doing her best to keep me happy by cooking my favorite dishes. And yea i cut down on cigarettes now. Its not exactly safe smoking here. Though the cold weather makes it even more tempting, am controlling my urges :D

Met Tannu, Upala yesterday. It's fun meeting friends you have known since IIIrd standard. Abby is coming in a couple of days. Its gonna be a fun MVM reunion sorta thingy. Oh i love being home. Still working on around 5 posts continuously now... hafta publish within  a week. Till then am lazing around. Oh yea, brought a new novel "the girl who kicked the hornet's nest" by Larsson. Its the 3rd book of the famous Millenium series and boy oh boy its a total page turner. I don't remember another fantastic anti-heroine than Lisbeth Salander. Hats off to the author who unfortunately died before he could see his book's successes.

New Moon! Am yet to watch it. Half of the hall's are showing the hindi verion "amavashya"
Eww...couldn't they even find  a better name??? Anyways...off i go now. Momo's calling :)

See you around folks
Hakuna Matata

December is here. So many things to be cheerful about. First of all, this month marks the end of a pathetic year for me! A year in which i went through the most gruelling time of my love life, a year in which i got a fucking sem drop, a year in which i lost my mobile from right under my nose. A mighty fucked up year with patches of goodness in it. I started blogging. For the life of me i still can't fathom why. Then I joined TWL. That's my second family. Met friends like Aarthi, Rashmi, AD, Ste, Rashi, Pratsie, Sona, Arun, Esther and my fav, Gulabo and a whole loads of some super wonderful folks, i won my first award in my first contest in TWL, i joined MAD, turned 22 for the first time o_O, started playing Farmville, reached 3rd year and became super-seniors in college. The good, the bad and the ugly all mixed together in one eventful year. This month may well be the month with the least number of MDR's. Reason- am going home in two days :)

But hey, December is here. You folks have lotsa important things to do then read my crap! Cmon its winter... Snuggling inside blankets, drinking hot coffee, playing farmville. Plus New Moon is releasing in a couple of days. The reason for my absence for the last ten days in this blog is my Blackberry! it sure keeps me glued. Now you know why guys prefer gadgets over girls :)

So today was very very tiring. I was in Chidambaram the last couple of days, visiting my friends. Its raining in there. Breakfast was at some Pinky's cafe with Piyashi and Prastooti. Well the food was great. Chicken club sandwich with coffee. The headache that troubled me the whole of last night disappeared with the first drop of rain. Bleh!!! Thankfully Himangshu had the decency to get me a nice return ticket to Chennai. On a super-cool semi-sleeper Volvo. Lols, that must have burnt a huge hole in his pocket. Reached Chennai way late. Please pray that i get tickets for New Moon. please please pleaseeee....

Its already frigging 3a.m now. Need some sleep. First thing tomorrow morning, i have to get my tatkal tickets. Catch you later folks

Hakuna Matata

Morning Folks. Its been a lazy beginning. Woke up a whole lot later. Half the day is already gone. Have to be content with little hearts and britannia cake for breakfast :) Munching them now. Am in a very very good mood though. Manchester United crushed Everton yesterday.
3-0. Brilliant goals by Fletcher, Carrick and Valencia. Watch out Chelsea, here we come.

Yesterday was ok shokay. Day was boring. Full sunshine. No clouds in the sky. That meant it was bloody hot as hell. Better remain indoors..That's what i learnt here. Nothing to write anymore today. A slight nagging headache. Might update tomorrow. Life is boring like hell. A fellow blogger and friend says that my humour quotient has reduced drastically. *sigh*
Even i know that. Its hard to maintain that in every post.

Gotta go now. Bye

Good morning readers
Its 10.20 now and am ready to conquer the world. Oh i remember, the washing lady demanded her pay yesterday itself. She's gonna come today. *sigh*
Just when i get some money, out comes the wolves.

Nevertheless am in a pretty cheerful mood. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the owner is giving me weird looks, the dogs are fucking each other in the compound. Just another normal day. I need a pet. No not a dog. Have enough of those in here. I want a cat. A nice sweet cat that i would name 'Whiskers'. Now wouldn't that be cool??? I am having these regular headaches for about a week now. Migraine most probably. Hate to think of anything else. But its ok. It disappears with the morning sunshine. Counting the days till i go home. 14 days to go. 

Anyways yesterday was pretty uneventful. No deaths reported in and around the area. Oh yes heard a great news. Kajal's getting married. o_O!!! Yep!! and most probably within this month! Hell!! she's even younger than me! Lols. Am so so happy. The PinK OrchiD gets married. Lol. Poor gal is so much in love that she can't wait anymore! Way to go Kaj!! I have to do wedding search here over in Chennai. She's getting married here i hope!

Anyways, the whole day i spent writing poems and playing in Facebook. Lunch was simply rice and chicken. Dinner was good though. Cheese pau-bhaji. :) Mom rang up and talked to her sweetly. She misses sis. hehe. Having to do every work alone in the house. Still that didn't stop her from saying her signature lines to me...
Mom - you want a new cell, don't you son??
Me - *smirks* ofcoz ma
Mom - a nice classy one right?
(now i guessed she was upto something)
Me - yeaaa
Mom - good. don't forget to cut your hair before you come!!

Lol. Typical mom! Talked to Camellia yesterday. She said my priorities have changed. Bleh! She's the one who's too busy! Am still the same. Anyways might go out somewhere today. If i manage to move my lazy bum! Forgot to thank Yellow Tulip for her awards. Thanks Gal. Am yet to put it up! Downloading Merlin season 2 now. 

Today's Calvin and Hobbes quote of the day-
'Existence is not only temporary, its Pointless!'

See you around folks
Hakuna Matata

whoa! nobody read me :(

I am happy in a weird way. No mobiles. Atleast it taught me how to use skype :)
morning folks. My roomie went for his exams. So here i am finally after checking on my farm, cafe, mafia, vampire wars, zoo, kickoff, street racing, mob wars, castle age and football premier league in FACEBOOK! yes i play too...
Been there, done that. Read the latest blogs. Commented too i guess! The morning starts now! Skies aren't that blue, dark mean clouds gathering overhead! Cmon! Never heard of chennai getting so much of rain! Damn you global warming!! No tea in the house. Coffee...nopes! Biscuit...nah! Fag...mebbe one left! Good enough for me!

So, yesterday was quite a normal day in FL's aam zindagi. Downloaded 2 episodes of heroes. Went to college to attend my last exam. It was quite good. The examiner made it a point to remind me that my hair was growing at a rather fast pace. Hah!! Jealous oaf! Leave my hair alone! i wanted to scream back! Its all i have got...ofcoz apart from my face :)
Yes, i am in love with myself. Who ain't? Skipped lunch. Though there was chicken in the mess hall and it was very tempting. I could see the chicken legs doing quite a dance in my head as if inviting me to gobble it up. But the fact that i had to wait two hours for that dismissed all romantic notions between me and those leg pieces. Had pau bhaji on my way back. Yummy!! This is the latest craze in me! Cheese pau-bhaji!! Way better than idli and zillions of light years better than the where-you-look-there-it-is pongal!!!

Roomie was still sleeping by the time i reached home. The other bloke was packing his bags. They are going home...one by one!! Holidays! And i have got two more weeks in this unpredictable weather here! Rang up mom! poor woman was all alone. Dad's in office and sis is in Delhi playing basketball! Medal chances are extremely rare looking at the sight and size of her mates! but hell! i am not the one playing this time! Cmon yo gal! Keep the family name alive!!
Grandpa - football
Dad - athletics, volleyball and badminton
Me - football, badminton and taek-won-do
Sis- basketball and athletics
A happy smiling family :)
Though am quite rusty now. Been a long time since i picked a badminton racquet. Taek-won-do is fine. Played for regional while i was in K.V. After coming to chennai...its all over.

Had chicken for dinner. Brought 2 kgs in the hope that yea we can finish it off. Somehow managed to gobble up half! lols. Maddy had vodka last night!! o_O
No, don't ask me! Ask her :)
By 10 pm, a slight headache that was being an irritation finally erupted like a volcano! So didn't stay awake till late. zzzzzzzzzzz....

Downloading Merlin now and listening to 'kaise bataye, kyu tujhko chahe, yaara bata na paaye.....' Love u Aatif for this :)

See you around folks
Hakuna Matata

P.S| err....no P.S

Tomorrow seems to be a pretty long time looking at my last post. Anyways better late than never. Atleast am here once again. These days following my last post were pretty boring, pathetic and awful. Boring coz i had nothing to do. Pathetic coz i didn't have net connection and awful because.... hell its always awful.

I don't remember when was the last time i so desperately wanted the year to end so that the new year atleast brings some good things/news/moments for me. If anyone of you wondered why i was so out of contact with you guys, not even a miscall or an occasional text, well that's because my cell got stolen. Oh yea! with it the cash from my wallet too. The bloody thief came right to my room, took the cell right from the side of the pillow where i put my head while sleeping and made merry with it! Unluckily in that process, my roomie's cell also got the same treatment. Two mobiles, gone! And next morning my wallet was found in our neighbor's porch whose house was also raided. So, basically they thought it was me! HAH!

Atleast that jerk had the decency to leave a 5 rupee note for my morning cup of tea. Hence i lost all my contact numbers. So if you good folks don't mind, kindly email me all your numbers. I would be eternally grateful. The only thing bright about last week was that atleast i got my net connection back. I missed my FARM! :)

What is it with me and crap? Somehow it follows me like my own shadow! Good times don't last long. I know that. But one good thing 'bout bad times is that even they don't last long. But honestly, i have had enough! Was supposed to be in Kolkata and Delhi in dec. looks like none of it is gonna materialise anytime soon. Mom rings up everyday in my landline and tries to console me for my loss. Hehe. who am i kidding? It was a 1500 bucks phone! Still i made it clear that by dec 10th, me gonna get a new high-end classy phone. Maybe an E71 or a Blackberry Curve! I wish Nokia released 7705 TWIST in India soon!

Anyways today was an ordinary day. I slept last night so much that i didn't feel like even sleeping till 10 in the morning. Had a whole packet of Little Hearts for breakfast. That's good stuff, you know. Better than cornflakes itself. Redecorated my farm a bit. Made that BonJovi 'its a nice day' logo with hay bales. Studied a bit. Have arrear papers mate!
My roomie wanted to go out in the evening. Suddenly he had this maniacal notion of having burgers else he will fall sick or something! Burgers! the thought of it makes my tummy grumble. So off we went. To the only place who can actually give KFC a run for their worth! The JUGHEAD JONES BURGER joint! Awesome burgers!!! Burp!!! Pit stopped at Cafe Coffee Day too for a Devils Own. Yummy!! :) :D

Alright, won't be writing bout the night. I studied that time. Yea you heard it right.
Well stop wondering! Have a paper tomorrow mateys. So, am off to sleep now! Till then, keep praying for a better day for me!

Hakuna Matata

P.S| looks like Gulabo misses MDR. I was about to postpone it for another day, you know! yea am a lazy bum. But can't disappoint my favorite blogger na! Come soon, Rose!

The return of a messed up life. Mess-me-chaos-me-mishap-me all are bloody joined together like a infinte carbon bond or something like that. 

For starter's, lets make one thing clear. I got sem-drop! Translation- college didn't allow me to sit for my semester examinations. Reason- abysmal attendance! I know its my fault. But its too late do anything right now. All i can do is clear my arrears now and within this year, clear the remaining papers. Yea i know...tons of pressure. And this is just one of those things on the surface! Love life's been a rocky road. No we are not breaking up. Ever. But the fights have become more frequent and sporadic.... not technically fights, more like skirmishes.
Things with close friends are also a thing to ponder about. Recently had a so-called skirmish with Camellia. Dang! Fervently waiting for the year to end. 

The times are trying me and through this trial i will emerge victorious. Victory belongs to those who believe in it the most. And the longest. And when the grey turns to white i will personally shut those mouths up who dared to doubt me!
And also those who doesn't have faith in me or my heart. Coz i have managed to tame my heart. It beats as one with another. All i can hope is that heart keeps its faith in mine.

Anyways, i am back to the Writer's Lounge. Changed both my blog templates. Cheered for India except for the last ODI where i practically wanted to murder Jadeja and Nehra. Its raining in chennai. Non-stop since the last week. I am loving it :)

Watched Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. I loved it. Paisa Vasool atleast. Katrina Kaif is Bollywood's reply to Megan Fox. Gotta go. Downloading Smallville season 9. Its a killer season this time! Clark Kent finally embracing his destiny. Got interviewed by Radio One :)
Am all smiles! Got the new orkut invite too...waiting for the wave invite now.

Catch you all tomorrow. MDR is back. Unfortunately

P.S| did my followers just decrease or am i being paranoid?

Damn i miss this place and i miss you folks. 2 more fucking weeks and am back here. Enough of hibernation. I want out! Frigging sems start from 2nd Nov. I dunno if i will be allowed to sit, coz my attendance is pretty fucking low. Life's pretty much hyper fucked up.

Came online after about two weeks. A lot has changed in the blog world. Gosh, TWL looks alien. Loads of newcomers, where the heck are the oldies.... Am yet to follow Rashi, Kaka, Heena and Pratsie's blog. Yet to make resolutions for the coming month. Yet to save some frigging money instead of wasting it around on beer and KFC. Yet to buy a couple of novels. Right now, i just wanna go someplace alone. Days are passed sleeping till 4 in the evening, then turning on the tv and watching some old fucking flicks.

Read Chetan Bhagat's '2 states'. A helluva book. Punjabi aur Tamilian's ki maa-behen ek kar di. Forgive my writing. Its not meant to offend people. But it did bring out the pro's and cons of different community's. Living in Chennai, i know! Oh, i know! Do anyone watch 'Dance Premier League'? Fuck..what the heck is that? Rip off of 'So you think you can dance?' Extremely pathetic India!

My lappy is working for a trial of 30 days. :P
Something like Windows Vista Ultimate Fatality 64! Dang! i need WINDOWS 7
I am missing out Smallville real bad. Nearly all my friends overtook me in FB games. Oh i will take revenge. Sweet revenge. Number one on the list - ESTHER!

Rose manages to surprise me once in a while by suddenly smsing. And then just like that, she vanishes again. God, if i meet her, i will hang her upside down! Hey, how was Diwali?
I had fun...will upload pics in a couple of weeks.  Watched BLUE. Fucking worst movie of the year.
Anyways, signing off now....will write soon folks. Hope to return with a new blog look.
Staying at bro's place for a couple of days. Booze, bhabi ke haath ka khana...aah bliss..

Love you loads,
(no am not GAY)


The days of my life are zipping past me at such an unnatural pace that it has become quite impossible to stand up on my own legs oncee i have buckled down. No matter the immense support that i can feel all around, sometimes i have to do things alone.

A lonely loner alone.

Mistakes of my past are catcvhing up to me and i can only postpone the inevitable as much as i can. Before long i will be overwhelmed and when that day, that moment announces its arrival i will make sure i don't drag anybody along with me. It has been nearly a month now since the time i last came online and it might well be another 2-3 months before i grace the blogworld again. Blame it on the pressures that threaten to engulf me or blame it on me for not taking care of issues i should have dealt with long ago.

Somebody asked me not long back....how serious was i regarding my future. 3 years back, i would have been scratching my head or trying to avoid the question. Today... i still try to avoid the question, but my mind is made up about the next step. And when the next question is what have i done towards it.... i just clamp up! I mean how do i answer that? I have sown the seeds, i am monitoring it....just give it time....it will reap. That is all i ask.

Camellia... of all people, blasted me for being so insensitive towards my life, my fucking future. I can't shout back at her. She wouldn't understand unless she was in my shoes. Some people might wonder what kick i get out of whining about my problems in something so public as a blog. To them i would just say, am not here to find solutions. This is my own space and my life has always been an open book.

50 years down the line, if i still manage to wake up every morning, it would be a helluva experience reliving my wonder years through this blog. By laughing at my own pathetic writing or by threating to tear off my hair by reading those non-sensical suicide posts (as Abby and Nusrath says) or even maybe by teaching my grandkids (if that is entirely possible) about how i stood up every time i fell.

LIFE is one bloody expensive ticket to VEGAS. You buy it, you get burned. You don't, you miss out the fun.

There is a consequence for every action. The only way to live through that is to accept it and not look back. Coz when the night fades, dawn beckons...



Grrrrr.... Federer lost to Del Potro. I mean c'mon man! I waste my sleep to watch the whole four sets and see both of them rallying and smashing backhands,forehands, dropshots, aces for every single point. And in the last set, the FED EX just gives up! Del Potro was too confident after his satisfying win over Nadal. I hate Rafael...so no issues with that. I guess the wind was on his sails that led him to victory in the finals. It spoilt the whole jubiliant mood i was in after watching India screw Sri Lanka in the finals! It was already 4 in the morning after the US Open was over and i had no mood to sleep. Just wanted to murder someone.

More bad news... Smallville ain't aired yet! the next episode of 'So you think you can Dance' not out yet! I checked uTorrent. True Blood was atleast done. Watched Season 1 for the first time and was hooked to it. Vampires, drugs, sex and the old shitty-love amongst it. What else do we need? Rang Maddy up at 7.20 to wake her up for college. By 8, i seriously knew i had to get some serious sleep. 


I woke up to find Bhabi waking me up gently. Its 5 in the evening. What the fuck! Wasted the bloody morning. My first worry was that my crops withered in Farmville (facebook),  second worry was that i didn't talk to Mom for the last two days and saw her 6 miscalls in my cell. Third worry.... fuck the third. I just woke up. I will be damned if i think more. Had tea and a fag to soothe my mind. Bro was using my lappy. I knew it will be a long time before i get it. But he passed it to me soon enough. 
Hallelujah! where are the miracles when you truly need them? Oh yea... i had two FastTrack discount coupons i got while registering for ROADIES (yea yea, you don't have to roll your eyes). I didn't want to buy anything (wallet empty), so i just passed it to bro and bhabi. We went out and they got two awesome shades. Its ok, am not Jealous coz i kinda have some good vibes here. Kinda have the feeling that they might let me sport those shades sometimes...hehe

Went to the airport to pick Deemps up. 
Those of you who don't know Deemps, well she is bhabi's younger sis....stays with us....i meant with them. She just returned after about two months from Home. Reached home by 10..had wine and Feni (from GOA), played UNO in facebook....then....had dinner...

Listening to Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis now. Sometimes i am too lazy to update this blog though i really love writing here. Abby's comment in the previous post really revved me up...hehe...
Its been a long time since i wrote anything constructive. Am sorry if i haven't been commenting on your posts. I have been reading them, though not so regularly..Sorry for that. Gimme a few more days to bring my life into a steady orbit. Just have a lot on my hands.

Damn i miss you Gulabo....
I want my co-author back!!!!

I wanna whine! I need a haircut, though am looking super hot in this style. I need to pee. I am hungry. I am drunk. I wanna marry Bella Swann. My bloody lappy is more fucked up than me. Why is the letter qqqQQ shaking? There's something solid stuck under it apart from the frigging ants who has made up permanent residence all over my lappy.

Love you folks, hey my followers reached 30. Yays... i was hoping to reach 30 by the end of this year...lols...
Thanx a ton mates for following my shitty life. 
@ ABBY- Tomorrow did come....albeit a bit late :P

Music Track Changed to 'I gotta feeling' by the B.E.P

See you around..

Looks like this blog is not gonna end so soon
MDR returns tomorrow.

P.S| SNF will be back from either today or next week. 
The guest author is Shruti a.k.a S N of the wonderful blog called Lost in Translation

This may very well be the last post of mine in this blog. Or it may not be. But for the first time the chances of the blog being closed is paramount. My life... i have seen a lot in these last 22 years, gone through a lot, enjoyed a lot, lived my life fully. But the only thing that was constant in my life for the last 5 years is no more. 

Amidst this spiraling orbit of mine, Maddy has been only constant one in my life. I have seen people come and go, tragedies pass and come, love shared and lost and in all those times she has been like a shadow. Always by my side, comforting me at times, fighting with me at other times. But always together. We always had this knowledge that we can never be separated, never be apart. And then last night, we broke up. 
Yes we talked about breaking up before, millions of times before. But somewhere in our heart's we always knew that it wasn't supposed to be. But why doesn't it feel the same this time?? This time it feels its over. Really over. And that thought is terrifying.

When i met her 5 years ago, i had no idea that she would be the one i would eventually fall for. I was just ditched by my ex for some other guy that time. I tried everything. It didn't work out. Maybe i should have tried more. But i don't regret it anymore. I met Maddy. Its been more than 3 and a half years now that we have been a couple. 18th Jan,2006.... Maddy finally said YES to me! And since then, we have passed every obstacle together. Today, without her, i don't feel like living anymore. She has moved on. She can live without me, she made that clear. But me? I have already given my heart to her. Its for her to care for it or squish it. But one thing is clear as crystal to me, it won't belong to anyone else. I have lived my share of life. This second break-up is the last.

Its her birthday in a few days. 18th sept. We would have completed 3 years and 8 months by then. I will keep trying till her bday. I don't think she would want me anywhere near her that day, but i will try i know that. I can only sacrifice some things. I can't give up the world. I am, after all a human. The price of being in love is sometimes so high that it forces you to stay between a rock and a hard place. I may not be the best guy out there for her, but i have loved her more than the bestest guy. Sometimes that's not enough. I don't blame her. I blame myself for being me. 

I doubt i would survive this.

Anyways folks, this blog won't be updated anymore. Not until she is back or not until a long time. I thank you all for following my shitty life till now. 

Until the miracle happens,
its FREELANCER a.k.a Mridu
wishing you an awesome life ahead...

Love you loads friends...

A very good morning people
The Sun is way up in the sky and it definitely has fever. I can feel the heat even here in Chennai. Days are dragging on very slowly man! Need an adrenaline rush. Nothing exciting ever happens in this god-forsaken place. Money is slowly dwindling from my wallet. 

Anyways i have been trying out new poetry forms after a long hiatus. The iambic meter screwed my head until i finally figured it out. Hats off to Shakespeare for using this stuff. I so hate you! Read in Kajal's blog that someone was stealing her poems. Bloody Losers! Can't even write one and here they come to steal. Faggots! Reminded me that i had to copyright mine.

I think Rose has left this blog for good. Its just me and my crap now. No official announcement yet. I just hope that announcement never comes. She is an awesome blogger and an awesome friend though sometimes i have to wait for months to hear a word from her. Grrrr. Esther has challenged me openly in Farmville. hehe. I accepted. Baap se panga legi bachhi!!! And what happened to ANGIE's Rehab Reject? Man i miss her spicy life! All good blogs get deleted one way or the other. First it was dear ol' PINK ORCHID, now REHAB REJECT. hehe...mine will always be here. Bear it buddies :P

7th Sept
Maddy tried waking me up early in the morning. She had to go shopping. God knows how she restrained herself from kicking my balls. By the time we woke up it was too late to go shopping. She had to return back soon. Bro prepared breakfast. Bread and scrambled eggs and cold coffee. He is definitely learning. 
By 11, i went and dropped Maddy to the bus-stand. We still were not on perfect talking terms. She left, i returned back. Fought over the cellphone then patched up again. Slept till 5, then remembered that i had to wash my clothes! Mummy! they were in surf for two days. lols! By 6 i was free. Bhabi went to parlor while i went in search of samosa. 

I learnt one thing today. Never trust your friends to come to your aid in Mafia Wars when you are fighting with a girl! bloody hell. I lost within a couple of eye-blinks. Grrr...
Night was peaceful. Except for a couple of mosquitoes who made the mistake of thinking that my blood was nectar to them. Splat Splat! That was the end of the dynamic duo. :P
Dinner was good. I was pretty hungry and hogged like a pig. 

Right now, am feverishly waiting for Smallville's new season opening. Just one more day to go. *fingers crossed*
I love Louis Lane

Until the next time,
its FL signing off

Teacher's Day!
Yes! I remember when i was young i used to wait for this day. Buy cards for Teacher's, take part in the festivities. Life was fun when we were kids. 

Present Day
Mahasweta rang me up and reminded me it's Teacher's Day. She wanted our Princi's number, which i somehow managed to lose. Still i had one of our ex-english ma'am's number. So rang her up and wished those around her. See i am a good dude. And still quite popular in my old school. :)

So the plan made last night to go to Pondicherry finally surface, though a bit late than proposed. We were ready by 10...reached CMBT by 12 :P
It was a horrible bus journey. Bro and Bhabi sat cuddled in each other's arms and i had to sit with a taklu ass who had problems sleeping in the seat. Plus i had the seat just behind the driver. It was sheer torture. He was driving at about 20 km/hr on the highway. I tried to look at the speedometer but nothing seemed to be working at the panel. Just one of those days where you know you just have to grind your teeth and bear it. Halfway down the journey, a chap came and sat near the engine part of the bus. And thus started his conversations with the driver. The speed plummeted from 20 to 10km/hr. 

We reached there by 3. I love Pondicherry. Its a helluva place. Had lunch in Le Club..some grilled pork toast and beer. Yumm!! Alcohol is damn cheap over there. After lunch headed to another bar. I made my way to pick up Maddy. Got some roses and waited at her bus-stop to surprise her. Got a shock instead. She reached home earlier that day and rang up bro to ask him of my whereabouts. AND there ol' bro told her i was in Pondicherry!!!
Lols. So we met and then went to the beach where bro and bhabi were waiting/drinking. :P

Sizzler's!! Yum!!! Had beef sizzler for dinner. (You must have guessed till now that i eat anything related to meat :P) Me and Bro had beef, maddy and her roomies had chicken while bhabi had chicken. it was sizzler all the way! Made our way to the bus stand and finally got a bus by 9. Maddy was pissed at me for some reason. I was allowed to suffer in silence! 
Aarthi was on her way to Dilli. So rang her up before sleeping off.

Its nearly midnight now. Had a pretty strenuous day. :P :D
Talked to Rose...after so many months. Am HAPPY!!!!

Love you all 

Am back.... atleast for a few more days. Abby finally managed to move my lazy fingers and type something over here. So the whole month of August is over. I was seldom here. Too lazy to type. Absent from TWL for about a month now. I wonder why they haven't kicked me out already. Alright here's the deal. I was hit by the flu bug again....not the swine one... but the regular random flu that manages to glue itself to me nearly all the year round. Plus i was outta station for the last part of the month. Hence...no updates.. :P

As you all know... my college declared holidays! Am still celebrating...no waking up early mornings, no sleeping in classes and sweating out to the mess hall....no this, no that. My roomie left for home and i was stuck with the other two psycho's. So i happily packed up my bags and headed to Bro's place....much to his dismay/delight...lol.

3rd Sept
Bloody boring day. An apt description. I woke up way past 2p.m. Bro was already online playing mafia wars. He crossed me while i was out of station. Grrrr. We have this race to use the lappy. Whoever wakes up first, uses the lappy first. :P
Though its my lappy, it's his place. So my tiny advantage doesn't hold over here. And i can't  even whine! :(
And thus i waited and waited for my frigging time. He was lucky bhabi went to work. Else she would have let me have my way! My chweeet bhabi. haha! So bhai had all the fun while she was not present. 

My stomach grumbled sometime soon. Bhabi returned by 5. And i went in search of dosa :P
The clouds that gathered couldn't control themselves and thus they pissed. As i came out of the atm, i was stuck. It was a bloody downpour that showed no signs of receding. The street dhabas that mae dosas closed shop by the time i reached and i had to return with a frigging bread! Curse you clouds!!! Bhabi was tired...so for a change bro cooked. Scrambled eggs. Not that hard, but quite an achievement considering it was my bro who was cooking. (he made it clear to me btw that he was going to report my blog as spam). Lols.

And before i knew it they went to their room and slept off. And man they slept!! Didn't see their faces again till today morning. hehe. (i doubt about the only sleeping part. :P)
I was online in FB chatting happily with Esther and others and playing the silly games that i am hooked to. Aarthi rang up. She was coming to Chennai. By the time it was midnight, i was hungry again. Cooked Top Ramen (all by myself) and the slept off after taking care of my farm in FB.

Hmmm...that's it i guess. Still a bit rusty, after all these gaps. So until the next time....its me signing off...now you can go read other blogs. My blog isn't that addictive :P
Having beer now btw. Bhabi and Bro has off-day tomorrow. Planning to go to Pondicherry tomorrow. Lets see, if the plans made while drunk actually surfaces. :P

See you tomorrow. Somebody remind me to update if you actually miss me... hehe...
Love ye loads.


Evening folks
Yes i know. I am not at all punctual.....3 days have passed and yet no updates. Punctuality is not in my blood, except for the time when i was in NCC. hehe. So in these couple of days....bro kicked me out :(
Am back to my room where there is no frigging net connection. My laptop is screwed royally. The speakers are gone, ants come out of the keyboard...the control button doesn't work, hence can't maximise the volume in vlc. The left mouse button.....gone gone gone.... battery doesn't work. Whenever there is a powercut, POOF!!! One moment am farming in Facebook, the next moment a blank screen stares back at me! And yea...i sometimes find an occasional ant walking on the screen.....from the inside....

Swine flu threat still on. Chennai weather have turned from hot to wet to downright irritating. Rain Rain go away, come again another day....its not a downpour, neither a drizzle...its IRRITATING!!!! I keep my hair pretty long now....looks kinda sexy :P
Yes! Manchester United won!! Hey ABBY...if you are reading this...what happened to your LIVERfools??? Got creamed??? haha.... Joined NFC Manager and started playing. Hail UNITED!
Got three of my exam results....barely passed in Machining Tools. got 18 outta 40. Well did just 2 questions of 10 marks each....how much do you expect? Managed 27 in Plastics and whateva and scored 30 in D.O.M. I know, nothing earth-shateering, but i was actually surprised i got less....than expected!

Anyways, 18th August
Completed 3 years and 7 months of commitment...hehe...i know its an achievement!! Went to college and there was good news....college announced holidays for all 3rd years from 22nd of August till October 4th!! Now beat that!
1 and a half months!! whoopee! Did i ever mention in my blog how much i love my college....hehe. Well exactly for reasons like this! Sometimes they even surprise themselves. Nobody wanted to study that day. So we just kept chatting and made plans to give Raghav GPL tomorrow. Its his birthday. psssst!

Lunch was awesome!! Chicken!! i love college lunch except on Wednesdays and Fridays.... Now my cell was fried from a couple of days...so went to Wavetel and got a new one. Its damn cheap and damn sexy! The only extra thing was that it came with a radio! Tamil songs! God save me...there ain't a single hindi radio channel in Chennai! Reached home.....bathed...yea its a must these days.... then me and my roomie decided to go to Spencer Plaza. Ate in KFC....as usual, roamed around. Bloody fucker had exams, still he was roaming around...hehe....Reached home late, was still ga-ga over my new cell....burnt a hole in my already holed pocket! Cost me just 1800 bucks....lols...Sony Ericsson rocks....so you can see my pathetic financial condition. Interested friends can please leav a comment if they want to help by donating money to feed a hungry mouth (me). I will give my account number in my next post. :P

Looking forward for the hols....where do i go?? Dilli, Kolkata, Bang??
Erm...we will see
Till then,

P.S Abby, if you are selling that nokia E50 or whatever...the joystick one...lemme know asap. Note: bhai ke liye price kam kar dena :P

Saare Jahan se Achha

Hindustan Hamara......

So true.... India completes its 62 years of independence! It ought to make any Indian proud. Certainly makes me. Listening to A.R Rahman's 'Maa tujhe salam' gives me the goosebumps. It rained a lot on the eve of Independence Day. By the time i woke up, the roads were clear of dirt, the air purified, the sky overcast, the weather romantic....

A fitting day for Independence!

So...woke up early...had plans for the morning...shaved, brushed, showered. Ruffled my Kaminey-style hair...hehe....checked myself a zillion times in the mirror....oh am in LOVE with myself! Weird...i know!!! Today Bhumi celebrated its 3rd birthday. So had to be present there. THose of you who don't know about Bhumi...lemme clarify. Its an NGO. Their theme...'change today, change tomorrow'. And am a part of it. Part of M.A.D, which in turn is a project of Bhumi.
Reached the address by 8.30 and preparations were already under way. Tri-color balloons were everywhere. It was huge, it was awesome, it was simply fantabulous. Played games, sang and dance, clicked zillions of pics, made new friends....it was a day to remember.

And so, Independence Day celebrations went on and on.... By 2p.m it was over...had a good lunch, courtesy of them. By 3 i was back home....bro was awake, which was actually a surprise! Bhabi was at work... Maddy was not talking with me! Mom was ballistic that i went to the movie last night despite the swine flu threat! I gave up...i can't make that woman understand.
Sis was being sis.....wacky and being a jerk! She's got a boifriend! Man, hats off to her guts!

Anyways, enough talking of my sis. Am not promoting her here again :P
Bro was offline playing games...so i just slept!!! And when i woke up it was midnight. There were about 20 miscalls in my cell. 15 of them were Maddy's. MADDY!!! she finally rang me. Yipee. Bhabi was back.....had top ramen for dinner. Talked with Maddy for an hour...everything's fine in loveland. Slept off early again

I know....today was boring...atleast since the evening. Man i need some excitement! Maybe tomorrow something will happen. I need a solar eclipse. Wanna be Peter Petrelli!!!

Signing off now...tada
Love you all....
thanx for being loyal
*sob sob*

Morning fellas,

Yesterday was a frigging good day. Atleast till the night. After that it just spiralled into chaos!
Anyways it was Janmastami. Nothing to celebrate about in Chennai though! This place ain't Mumbai at all. The day started just like it always starts...the sun rose, the moon left.....the bloody dogs started barking and i woke up earlier than usual on a holiday!

Woke up Maddy at 7. She was actually surprised to hear that i was awake just to wake her up! Sensible and thoughtful boifriend, that's what i told her. But i thought i heard a snicker somewhere on the other end! Now since that i already woke up, i started writing MDR. Something which i so inconspiously managed to put off for a long long time! And read all the pending blogs that i missed. Sowie not all...some are still left to catch up with. Talked with Maddy while she was getting ready. Poor dahling forgot the fact that we fought the last night and she frigging banned me from ringing her up for a couple of days. Hehe, early-morning-wake-up syndrome! In short, Ghajni effect!

Spent the whole day till noon playing in Facebook. Ooh i loooove farming! heehee. Me and Bro has this kind of rivalry about who is the better player in facebook. So we play the same games and try as hard as possible to screw the other up! He is basically ahead of me in 2 of the games that we play and that's only because he started playing a couple of days before me! But that doesn't stop that git from showing off...lols

How do you feel when a close friend says they are moving on with their lives, but feels like i am not a part of it anymore. Hurts? You bet it does! I realise i may have not been the best friend anyone can have. I am also human. Imperfect. But in this imperfect human lies a heart which loves and care for you all as perfectly as it would allow.
Anyways chuck it!

Received an email from Vaishnavi 'bout the MAD scheduling. Yays! i will be in T.Nagar! Rang her up and asked her what was i supossed to do now! Poor gal was probably busy, but still she managed to rein in my hyper active energy and explain it to me! Its a good thing she doesn't know i blog...hehe... Also there was an invitation as MAD turns 3 on Aug 15th. Yipee!!!

Had noodles for lunch. Searched for Kaminey tickets via the net. But as usual Sathyam was more than housefull and judging by the looks of it, it was going to be like that for another couple of days. INOX web wasn't working. So i just prayed a silent prayer to God and Goddessess and hoped that the swine flu panic would do its magic! Reached Inox by 6 and went to the counter. Night show full, Evening show fast filling! Fast filling!!!!!!! By the time we reached to the front of the queue just 5 tickets remained! Finally!!! Got the best seats!!! 3rd row from the top with oodles of leg space!!!! Went to Landmark before the movie started and went book hunting! Got a Terry Goodkind hardback novel for just 99 bucks!! Yes!!! I looooVe super sale!

Got popcorn and coke and iced tea! The food in Inox sucks! Bloody looters! Since we sat in the C-row,
bro was like....'atleast we got something in common with the movie'
Bhabi- 'huh? what?'
Bro- 'Shahid's name is Charlie' :|
Bhabi was completely clueless...hell anyone would be at that time!
Bhabi- 'Duh!!! So???'
Bro- 'C-row....C.....Charlie...innit?' :D

lols.....bhabi looked at me and we laughed our asses off! He got pissed...lols...Made a face just like a kid makes when he gets spanked!!! hehe. I told him this was coming in my blog...lol.... he just grrrd.....hehe. Anyways, the movie started. Verdict- Fuperb Movie!!! One of the bestest acting by Priyanka.... She is back in my top actress list!! Fhahid was as ufual fabulous! But Pri...dear lord, i loved her! I loved the song, FATAK tooooo.....
The dialogues cracked me up! 'Fabere fabere, uus kamine ka fakal.....' lols....
classy stuff. One of the best movies this year!

Anyways, movie over.....went to KFC :D
Maddy was completely pissed at me for some reasons.... Rough weather looked imminent ahead in lovelife! Hafta charm her again... will be a helluva job. But then i didn't fall for her years back...just to give up. :D

Reached home...tweeted to Priyanka Chopra asap....hehe....and slept!
Untill the next time.....
its FL figning off...
Fayonara :D

P.S| 1) Kaj.... the hug thingy you mentioned didn't work :(
2) S.N.F and A.L.L.L will be back in full swing from next week :)

This has to be the one of the most irregular blogs :P


I don't know why i am not updating anything. When i started blogging, i used to write every damn single day. Looks like the blogging fever is over. I miss writing here, because i enjoyed writing in this blog. I still don't think its time to send this blog to the depths of Davy Jones's locker. No, i still wanna write. Help!

Its not that i don't have time....i can squarely blame my absense here to the exams that's going on and to the more recent swine flu. But then i would be fooling myself! Hell i have time to come to facebook and play those addictive games, but not for my own blogs!! TWL is also in hibernation mode! Rose...where are ye???

The last few days...or weeks...have been boring, exciting, everything. My mid sems started and yea...i aced them! Gave my birthday treat to Raghav and Swati after trying very hard to postpone it indefinitely...hehe.....
My mobile got screwed. I can't read msgs nor can i send them. The only thing i could do was recieve and dial! In one month, Nokia became the worst brand for me! Got inducted officially in MAD......finally! Yay!!! Swine Flu on the rampage in Chennai and so am on the run.... Anyways i don't have internet connection in my room. Its my fault, didn't pay the bill in time and now it has increased to a mammoth total! But i promise, i will write atleast 4 days a week..... kindly tolerate me as always. hehe.

Okays, completed 3 months in the blogging world on 1st of this month. Yipee! Was looking forward for this month coz Pratsie and Rashi were supposed to come to Chennai!! but then, i counted the chickens too early before they were hatched and *sob sob*, they won't be able to make it! So the only thing good about this month is INDEPENDENCE DAY! Yea yea..am committed....so no independence for me....but still i got holidays!!

13th Aug| today is the birthday of my favorite gal....my closest, my life support, my partner-in-crime, my dil-ka-tukda.....the only gal other than Maddy who has full access to my heart, CAMELIA! No we aren't lovers...we don't need to be also, coz we love each other in such a way that even lovers feel inferior. And Maddy, don't be J please...after all, you know us! :P
Anyways its her birthday, wished her early midnight....talked all rubbish, made plans for her marriage....hehe

Woke up at 6.45 coz i had to wake up Maddy by 7. When she was finally awake and off to coll, i slept again....hehe...Have holidays till Sunday, so am so jobless that the only thing i could do properly was sleep! Anyways, by 11 i decided to go and haunt Bro again. Packed my bag, searched for my Provogue shirt...hehe...searched for my white cargo. I knew Mom packed it somewhere in my suitcase....i didnt even take it out of there for 2 months now! Anyways i looked cool, in black and white with my ruffled long hair.....could see those neighbors burning in jealous rage....lols..

Went to the atm and checked my balance! 400 bucks! I counted the number of days left in this month! Its time to give Mom another anxiety attack! When i reached, bro was asleep!! Had to ring him a up a dozen times before he finally awoke! I slept again. :P
Woke up by 8 in the evening....yea i slept that long!!! Bhabi still wasn't home. I miss her...i adore her so much. She is way better than bro!! hehe... i am just waiting for him to read this. He's gonna kick my balls for sure! Went through the old school and college photos and became nostalgic. I miss you buddies....a lot.

Started downloading Le Femme Nikita (season 1). Watched Mujhe iss Jungle se Bachao....weird show. Nothing compared to the original! i hate Mika! Mom rang me up and started asking about my health. She is worried about Swine Flu cases in Chennai. I told her a man died 5 kms away from my place (which is true) and she completely lost it! hehe....mom's are like this! Bhabi reached by 10, we sat down for dinner. It was complete veg. Don't know how i eat veg when am at her place. Whatever she cooks, you bet it will be awesome! Twitted at night, Priyanka Chopra replied to me! Yays!!!

Don't know where my co-author is! That gal ain't even picking my call for more than a month now!

Anyways signing off now, wrote quite a lot of nonsense...

P.S| 1) Happy birthday Cam!
and yes, keep reading please
2) wrote the last post long time back...but forgot to publish. So read the previous post too if you didn't read it already!


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