Teacher's Day!
Yes! I remember when i was young i used to wait for this day. Buy cards for Teacher's, take part in the festivities. Life was fun when we were kids. 

Present Day
Mahasweta rang me up and reminded me it's Teacher's Day. She wanted our Princi's number, which i somehow managed to lose. Still i had one of our ex-english ma'am's number. So rang her up and wished those around her. See i am a good dude. And still quite popular in my old school. :)

So the plan made last night to go to Pondicherry finally surface, though a bit late than proposed. We were ready by 10...reached CMBT by 12 :P
It was a horrible bus journey. Bro and Bhabi sat cuddled in each other's arms and i had to sit with a taklu ass who had problems sleeping in the seat. Plus i had the seat just behind the driver. It was sheer torture. He was driving at about 20 km/hr on the highway. I tried to look at the speedometer but nothing seemed to be working at the panel. Just one of those days where you know you just have to grind your teeth and bear it. Halfway down the journey, a chap came and sat near the engine part of the bus. And thus started his conversations with the driver. The speed plummeted from 20 to 10km/hr. 

We reached there by 3. I love Pondicherry. Its a helluva place. Had lunch in Le Club..some grilled pork toast and beer. Yumm!! Alcohol is damn cheap over there. After lunch headed to another bar. I made my way to pick up Maddy. Got some roses and waited at her bus-stop to surprise her. Got a shock instead. She reached home earlier that day and rang up bro to ask him of my whereabouts. AND there ol' bro told her i was in Pondicherry!!!
Lols. So we met and then went to the beach where bro and bhabi were waiting/drinking. :P

Sizzler's!! Yum!!! Had beef sizzler for dinner. (You must have guessed till now that i eat anything related to meat :P) Me and Bro had beef, maddy and her roomies had chicken while bhabi had chicken. it was sizzler all the way! Made our way to the bus stand and finally got a bus by 9. Maddy was pissed at me for some reason. I was allowed to suffer in silence! 
Aarthi was on her way to Dilli. So rang her up before sleeping off.

Its nearly midnight now. Had a pretty strenuous day. :P :D
Talked to Rose...after so many months. Am HAPPY!!!!

Love you all 

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Kaka said...

alcohol is quite cheap in pondy...the buses are a torture...:P...u went on the ecr????...

Samadrita said...

Pork?Don't you think that's a bad idea given the present scenario? :P

Abby said...

dude dun tell me u rang PAPORI !!! ROFL.......and man beef is yummy......been ages since i ave had pork though.....not that easy to find it here........

freelancer said...

@ kaka
yep! went by the ECR..
hate the bypass road :P

freelancer said...

@ samadrita
hehe...swine flu doesn't happen because of pig :P

freelancer said...

@ abby
lols...na re...rang up Purabi

Samadrita said...

I know...cooking the pig to a certain temperature kills the flu virus along with other bacteria and germs.But um the very idea of eating an infected animal is yuck!I'd rather abstain.

freelancer said...

@ samadrita
aye that be true
but the simple fact is swine flu is not caused by swine:P
just like chicken pox is not caused by chicken

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