Morning Folks. Its been a lazy beginning. Woke up a whole lot later. Half the day is already gone. Have to be content with little hearts and britannia cake for breakfast :) Munching them now. Am in a very very good mood though. Manchester United crushed Everton yesterday.
3-0. Brilliant goals by Fletcher, Carrick and Valencia. Watch out Chelsea, here we come.

Yesterday was ok shokay. Day was boring. Full sunshine. No clouds in the sky. That meant it was bloody hot as hell. Better remain indoors..That's what i learnt here. Nothing to write anymore today. A slight nagging headache. Might update tomorrow. Life is boring like hell. A fellow blogger and friend says that my humour quotient has reduced drastically. *sigh*
Even i know that. Its hard to maintain that in every post.

Gotta go now. Bye

Good morning readers
Its 10.20 now and am ready to conquer the world. Oh i remember, the washing lady demanded her pay yesterday itself. She's gonna come today. *sigh*
Just when i get some money, out comes the wolves.

Nevertheless am in a pretty cheerful mood. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the owner is giving me weird looks, the dogs are fucking each other in the compound. Just another normal day. I need a pet. No not a dog. Have enough of those in here. I want a cat. A nice sweet cat that i would name 'Whiskers'. Now wouldn't that be cool??? I am having these regular headaches for about a week now. Migraine most probably. Hate to think of anything else. But its ok. It disappears with the morning sunshine. Counting the days till i go home. 14 days to go. 

Anyways yesterday was pretty uneventful. No deaths reported in and around the area. Oh yes heard a great news. Kajal's getting married. o_O!!! Yep!! and most probably within this month! Hell!! she's even younger than me! Lols. Am so so happy. The PinK OrchiD gets married. Lol. Poor gal is so much in love that she can't wait anymore! Way to go Kaj!! I have to do wedding search here over in Chennai. She's getting married here i hope!

Anyways, the whole day i spent writing poems and playing in Facebook. Lunch was simply rice and chicken. Dinner was good though. Cheese pau-bhaji. :) Mom rang up and talked to her sweetly. She misses sis. hehe. Having to do every work alone in the house. Still that didn't stop her from saying her signature lines to me...
Mom - you want a new cell, don't you son??
Me - *smirks* ofcoz ma
Mom - a nice classy one right?
(now i guessed she was upto something)
Me - yeaaa
Mom - good. don't forget to cut your hair before you come!!

Lol. Typical mom! Talked to Camellia yesterday. She said my priorities have changed. Bleh! She's the one who's too busy! Am still the same. Anyways might go out somewhere today. If i manage to move my lazy bum! Forgot to thank Yellow Tulip for her awards. Thanks Gal. Am yet to put it up! Downloading Merlin season 2 now. 

Today's Calvin and Hobbes quote of the day-
'Existence is not only temporary, its Pointless!'

See you around folks
Hakuna Matata

whoa! nobody read me :(

I am happy in a weird way. No mobiles. Atleast it taught me how to use skype :)
morning folks. My roomie went for his exams. So here i am finally after checking on my farm, cafe, mafia, vampire wars, zoo, kickoff, street racing, mob wars, castle age and football premier league in FACEBOOK! yes i play too...
Been there, done that. Read the latest blogs. Commented too i guess! The morning starts now! Skies aren't that blue, dark mean clouds gathering overhead! Cmon! Never heard of chennai getting so much of rain! Damn you global warming!! No tea in the house. Coffee...nopes! Biscuit...nah! Fag...mebbe one left! Good enough for me!

So, yesterday was quite a normal day in FL's aam zindagi. Downloaded 2 episodes of heroes. Went to college to attend my last exam. It was quite good. The examiner made it a point to remind me that my hair was growing at a rather fast pace. Hah!! Jealous oaf! Leave my hair alone! i wanted to scream back! Its all i have got...ofcoz apart from my face :)
Yes, i am in love with myself. Who ain't? Skipped lunch. Though there was chicken in the mess hall and it was very tempting. I could see the chicken legs doing quite a dance in my head as if inviting me to gobble it up. But the fact that i had to wait two hours for that dismissed all romantic notions between me and those leg pieces. Had pau bhaji on my way back. Yummy!! This is the latest craze in me! Cheese pau-bhaji!! Way better than idli and zillions of light years better than the where-you-look-there-it-is pongal!!!

Roomie was still sleeping by the time i reached home. The other bloke was packing his bags. They are going by one!! Holidays! And i have got two more weeks in this unpredictable weather here! Rang up mom! poor woman was all alone. Dad's in office and sis is in Delhi playing basketball! Medal chances are extremely rare looking at the sight and size of her mates! but hell! i am not the one playing this time! Cmon yo gal! Keep the family name alive!!
Grandpa - football
Dad - athletics, volleyball and badminton
Me - football, badminton and taek-won-do
Sis- basketball and athletics
A happy smiling family :)
Though am quite rusty now. Been a long time since i picked a badminton racquet. Taek-won-do is fine. Played for regional while i was in K.V. After coming to chennai...its all over.

Had chicken for dinner. Brought 2 kgs in the hope that yea we can finish it off. Somehow managed to gobble up half! lols. Maddy had vodka last night!! o_O
No, don't ask me! Ask her :)
By 10 pm, a slight headache that was being an irritation finally erupted like a volcano! So didn't stay awake till late. zzzzzzzzzzz....

Downloading Merlin now and listening to 'kaise bataye, kyu tujhko chahe, yaara bata na paaye.....' Love u Aatif for this :)

See you around folks
Hakuna Matata

P.S| P.S

Tomorrow seems to be a pretty long time looking at my last post. Anyways better late than never. Atleast am here once again. These days following my last post were pretty boring, pathetic and awful. Boring coz i had nothing to do. Pathetic coz i didn't have net connection and awful because.... hell its always awful.

I don't remember when was the last time i so desperately wanted the year to end so that the new year atleast brings some good things/news/moments for me. If anyone of you wondered why i was so out of contact with you guys, not even a miscall or an occasional text, well that's because my cell got stolen. Oh yea! with it the cash from my wallet too. The bloody thief came right to my room, took the cell right from the side of the pillow where i put my head while sleeping and made merry with it! Unluckily in that process, my roomie's cell also got the same treatment. Two mobiles, gone! And next morning my wallet was found in our neighbor's porch whose house was also raided. So, basically they thought it was me! HAH!

Atleast that jerk had the decency to leave a 5 rupee note for my morning cup of tea. Hence i lost all my contact numbers. So if you good folks don't mind, kindly email me all your numbers. I would be eternally grateful. The only thing bright about last week was that atleast i got my net connection back. I missed my FARM! :)

What is it with me and crap? Somehow it follows me like my own shadow! Good times don't last long. I know that. But one good thing 'bout bad times is that even they don't last long. But honestly, i have had enough! Was supposed to be in Kolkata and Delhi in dec. looks like none of it is gonna materialise anytime soon. Mom rings up everyday in my landline and tries to console me for my loss. Hehe. who am i kidding? It was a 1500 bucks phone! Still i made it clear that by dec 10th, me gonna get a new high-end classy phone. Maybe an E71 or a Blackberry Curve! I wish Nokia released 7705 TWIST in India soon!

Anyways today was an ordinary day. I slept last night so much that i didn't feel like even sleeping till 10 in the morning. Had a whole packet of Little Hearts for breakfast. That's good stuff, you know. Better than cornflakes itself. Redecorated my farm a bit. Made that BonJovi 'its a nice day' logo with hay bales. Studied a bit. Have arrear papers mate!
My roomie wanted to go out in the evening. Suddenly he had this maniacal notion of having burgers else he will fall sick or something! Burgers! the thought of it makes my tummy grumble. So off we went. To the only place who can actually give KFC a run for their worth! The JUGHEAD JONES BURGER joint! Awesome burgers!!! Burp!!! Pit stopped at Cafe Coffee Day too for a Devils Own. Yummy!! :) :D

Alright, won't be writing bout the night. I studied that time. Yea you heard it right.
Well stop wondering! Have a paper tomorrow mateys. So, am off to sleep now! Till then, keep praying for a better day for me!

Hakuna Matata

P.S| looks like Gulabo misses MDR. I was about to postpone it for another day, you know! yea am a lazy bum. But can't disappoint my favorite blogger na! Come soon, Rose!

The return of a messed up life. Mess-me-chaos-me-mishap-me all are bloody joined together like a infinte carbon bond or something like that. 

For starter's, lets make one thing clear. I got sem-drop! Translation- college didn't allow me to sit for my semester examinations. Reason- abysmal attendance! I know its my fault. But its too late do anything right now. All i can do is clear my arrears now and within this year, clear the remaining papers. Yea i know...tons of pressure. And this is just one of those things on the surface! Love life's been a rocky road. No we are not breaking up. Ever. But the fights have become more frequent and sporadic.... not technically fights, more like skirmishes.
Things with close friends are also a thing to ponder about. Recently had a so-called skirmish with Camellia. Dang! Fervently waiting for the year to end. 

The times are trying me and through this trial i will emerge victorious. Victory belongs to those who believe in it the most. And the longest. And when the grey turns to white i will personally shut those mouths up who dared to doubt me!
And also those who doesn't have faith in me or my heart. Coz i have managed to tame my heart. It beats as one with another. All i can hope is that heart keeps its faith in mine.

Anyways, i am back to the Writer's Lounge. Changed both my blog templates. Cheered for India except for the last ODI where i practically wanted to murder Jadeja and Nehra. Its raining in chennai. Non-stop since the last week. I am loving it :)

Watched Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. I loved it. Paisa Vasool atleast. Katrina Kaif is Bollywood's reply to Megan Fox. Gotta go. Downloading Smallville season 9. Its a killer season this time! Clark Kent finally embracing his destiny. Got interviewed by Radio One :)
Am all smiles! Got the new orkut invite too...waiting for the wave invite now.

Catch you all tomorrow. MDR is back. Unfortunately

P.S| did my followers just decrease or am i being paranoid?


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