Good morning readers
Its 10.20 now and am ready to conquer the world. Oh i remember, the washing lady demanded her pay yesterday itself. She's gonna come today. *sigh*
Just when i get some money, out comes the wolves.

Nevertheless am in a pretty cheerful mood. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the owner is giving me weird looks, the dogs are fucking each other in the compound. Just another normal day. I need a pet. No not a dog. Have enough of those in here. I want a cat. A nice sweet cat that i would name 'Whiskers'. Now wouldn't that be cool??? I am having these regular headaches for about a week now. Migraine most probably. Hate to think of anything else. But its ok. It disappears with the morning sunshine. Counting the days till i go home. 14 days to go. 

Anyways yesterday was pretty uneventful. No deaths reported in and around the area. Oh yes heard a great news. Kajal's getting married. o_O!!! Yep!! and most probably within this month! Hell!! she's even younger than me! Lols. Am so so happy. The PinK OrchiD gets married. Lol. Poor gal is so much in love that she can't wait anymore! Way to go Kaj!! I have to do wedding search here over in Chennai. She's getting married here i hope!

Anyways, the whole day i spent writing poems and playing in Facebook. Lunch was simply rice and chicken. Dinner was good though. Cheese pau-bhaji. :) Mom rang up and talked to her sweetly. She misses sis. hehe. Having to do every work alone in the house. Still that didn't stop her from saying her signature lines to me...
Mom - you want a new cell, don't you son??
Me - *smirks* ofcoz ma
Mom - a nice classy one right?
(now i guessed she was upto something)
Me - yeaaa
Mom - good. don't forget to cut your hair before you come!!

Lol. Typical mom! Talked to Camellia yesterday. She said my priorities have changed. Bleh! She's the one who's too busy! Am still the same. Anyways might go out somewhere today. If i manage to move my lazy bum! Forgot to thank Yellow Tulip for her awards. Thanks Gal. Am yet to put it up! Downloading Merlin season 2 now. 

Today's Calvin and Hobbes quote of the day-
'Existence is not only temporary, its Pointless!'

See you around folks
Hakuna Matata

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Shimmer said...

Uff - for so long i ve been clicking the wrong button for comments :P loll

i didnt realise i shud try clickin the number instead of 'comments' hehehee, silly me :P

thats a nice post :D, pau baji is makin me hungry :(. :P

and it rained a lill 2day (if ur in chennai). although the sun stil shined.. kinda weird

freelancer said...

lols...atleast now u know where to click
yea me still in chennai..i gues no pau bhaji today...just simple dosa or baybe biryani :)

Eyeshadow said...

wel i have nothin to say except tat see a doctor as soon as you can..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Btw, I like your mom! Sweet!

Anonymous said...

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