Whatte life! Waking up whenever i want, no more alarms to remind me of college, showering if and when i want to...munching on food anytime. aaah bliss!!! Staying at bro's place is heavenly, specially when i get to eat bhabi's homemade food :) Bro's a good cook too, but what's the fun if i praise him on my own blog.

Anyways, life has been pretty relaxing. no more tensions for the time being. Its food, internet, maddy and blackberry now. oh wait, there's beer and playstation too :) In other news, am back to twitter. Yay! my Blackberry is working like a charm again. woot woot. Rang up Maddy early in the morning. She was still sleeping. That crafty little girlfriend of mine managed to come up with a plan to bunk office all week. I know, i spoilt her :(

Btw the puppy in bhabi's house is no more a puppy. 4 months old and she's huge now. nearly ate my nose of. well, she loves me too. Was scared when i saw blood on her feet the first day i reached here. then i realised it was red nail polish. Somebody hang me! 

So, music dedications and quotes are back from today. Today's song goes back to basics. One of the best rock songs of the decade. Purple Haze - by Jimi Hendrix

Today's quote is - Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail......

Chalo, see you later guys

Its over. Finally the sun shines back into my life. The final exams, the final project presentation. Everything aced. College life is over. Dunno if i should be glad or be sad. A bittersweet moment for all us who hated and loved the college. It wasnt until the moment we had to submit our id-cards that it finally sank on us that yes, this was the end.

No matter how many times we were screwed over, i will still miss my professors. i will miss my bench mates, my friends i have come to love and trust, the guys who made classes seem fun. Will miss the amazing college lunch (except the friday menu-bleh its veg!)...but that being said, i will be leavinng chennai soon. and i won't miss this place!

My roomie has already left for home while i shifted back to my bro's place. Atleast abhi ghar ka khana milega. My 32 waist has declined to 26 and now i have another chance to get it back. hehe. Met Maddy for lunch a week back. Apart from the occasssional fights, everthing is alright again. *touchwood*

Cheered INDIA to win at the stadium yesterday. It was an amazing experience. My first stadium match. Wanted to jump and run down the field and click a pic with the god of cricket himself :)
Chalo India won. 3 more games and the world cup's ours. After that its IPL time baby.

Catch you later folks

Hello everyone. Its been ages...yet again. This time blame my college for it. All i have been doing is romancing my college notes and hogging on biryani and biscuits. Ooh and yeah, the evergreen maggi. Plus there's no net at home. Pending bills for two months. Planning to leave this place in 2 weeks, so doesn't make sense reconnecting or even paying the damned bill. hehe.

The penultimate exams, coz i still have to clear a few backlogs. What's an engineer without a few backlogs? Anyways, final semester exams are finally over. Finally! Only the project work left. An engiNEAR............yet so far!

Met Maddy today. Poor gal is spending all her money on me. Feel guilty though as am penniless yet again :( Will pay her back one day. more than in cash. 

So college days are over. One more day and then they will be gone their ways. So there's a party tonight. There's Johnie Walker and there's weed. Deadly combo, awesome combo. woot woot. A fitting end to 4 years of friendhip in the gaand-maaroing college. Bloody college put an exam on Sunday. Scewed us for the last time. Not again. Love you college, but FUCK YOU TOO!!!

Chalo, the night's young tonight and it starts early for me. See you again in 2 weeks. Keeeeeeep reading dudes.....mostly dudettes :P

Its FL signing off.


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