The end of the month is near. Finally!!! March is hot and bloody busy! I have college, assignments, hafta write records before practicals, midsems from monday yet again! oh i hate march! Sis is giving her boards. So she hates march too! Dad is going nuts in office. This is the last month of the calendar in IOCL. hence, working late nights. He hates march too... Well mom hates whatever we all hate. This thing runs in the family! Hallelujah!

I miss writing here.  Come online a couple of times a week and think  what to jot down.  Then log in to  FB and play Mafia Wars :) hehe. Semester dates are announced. From 22nd April. Not even a month left! In between records and practicals and ielts classes i am somehow managing to jot down my utter nonsense here. My own personal dust-bin!

There are two chicks sitting right in the next cubicle of the cafe. :P
No, am not interested but sadly i can't read their thoughts. Talking of chicks, one good thing about indian women is that no matter how they look in dresses, they transform into something completely mesmerizing when they are in a sari! Second year students gals are coming in sari's these last few days for the annual photo shoot and we chaps are having a time of our life. Behenji's look like gladrags models these days! Thank God, they aren't adorned in gajra's. Its funny how a dress or the way a gal dresses make men go gaga! Sadly most of my classmates are despos and keep drooling when they see a midriff or a flat tummy!

100 bucks! that's all i have right now! Time to pataofy mum once again! poor lady. She would be real glad when i start earning. Oh gotta go now...

Btw , after every  post i will be writing a  one-liner  or a motto for you folks. Some might be downright ridiculous and some copied  furtively  from elsewhere :-P

Anyways, todays FL quote is -
"if you can't see the bright side of life,  polish the dull side " :P

Hakuna Matata

Semesters around the corner folks. Too much for a young man to handle. My friends seem to have abandoned me. I should be called the 'Solitary Writer'. :) No offense STE :P 

The weekend was fultoo fun. Went to Pondicherry to surprise Maddy. Its been a long time since we met at Pondicherry. Whenever she comes to Chennai, most of the time we stay at home, watch tv, fool around in the bed. Atleast me roamed around in Pondi, though the urge to fool around was also high :P
Had lunch in some awesome restaurant with over priced rates. But it was fun seeing her, holding hands, fighting, cursing, blowing flying kisses. 1st and 2nd year of our courtship revisited again.

I am going to college regularly these days. Maddy and Cam would probably flay my skin if i failed to do so. Mean gals. I need adventure. Anything to break away from this monotonous dull life of mine. Atleast IPL is helping a bit. I loved the way CSK got thrashed by DC. Though i support KKR, i was more than happy to cheer for Esther's DC that day.

Two weeks gone and am out of funds yet again. Pratsie rang up this morning with the intention of murder :) I miss blogging regularly. Sorry not being able to comment much folks. A few more days.

Catch ye later.
Thought of the day - Practice safe sex. Go screw yourself :)

Nearly half of March is gone! Life has not become any better either. Same old fucking college. Professors are picking on me...yet again! Maybe they are just jealous that they are not even half as HOT as me :P
Sorry sirs, can't help it. Adjust for another year.

Temperature in Chennai is rising at such a break-neck speed that very soon it will be possible to boil an egg over my head! Which may turn to be a  good new for me.A much needed break from Idli's and Pongal for breakfast. The downside is that by the end of summer i will turn from a good looking dude to a oven-burned African Negro!
The price of living in Chennai for 4 years is too high for my beauty :P

Midsem results are out. Not too bad this time. Failed in one. Absent in one. Got caught for copying from xerox in one! Rest of the papers - PASS! Dad will be so proud of me that i didn't get caught for the rest! Sooooper!

Maddy is leaving Chennai. Suddenly i feel i will be lost in her absence. I just wanna get married and have kids. Live near a beach.....(no, not in chennai),  work for a happening newspaper (no i dunno why i took up engg).

Sulagna  and Kajal are already married. Nusrath too. Nut she is an exception. She got married even before she knew the meaning of marriage ! :P
Pratsie is getting married in June, Dipti is also on her way to that auspicious day. Me? I am stuck in a shit-hole of a college and having a cup of coffee with GOD seems much more possible than tying the knot in the nearby future!

So much to do,  so bloody less time. Sometimes i wonder why the fuck do i blog about myself! No one even reads it! Dunno how long will i be writing...anyways catch ye later.

Hakuna Matata

P.S| Maddy got drunk last night. Might jot down a few funny moments tomorrow.
love you all

Good afternoon fellas.
My exams ended. Oh yea! Well last evening in fact!!! Finally free of books and notes for about two weeks! Stupid professors already returned a few papers! Got '5' outta 40 in 'Quality Sys' paper. Now, that's totally my fault i admit. I slept during the exam. 'Mechatronics' paper was good. But in one answer, sir just wrote...'copied from a certain boy,hence no marks'. o_O!!

Afroze turned 20 two days back!! Here i am, already 22 and worries of grey hair still fill my head and that chap just finished his teenage years!
Anways a party was in the offering and finally it took place yesterday. 'Black n White' bar after college. Me and Raghav made sure we looted him like rum-drinking pirates!!!
Just one more year of college and this has made everyone gel better. Guys we seldom talked to started hanging around together. Classic case of 'the toppers' meets 'the populars'. No we aren't the toppers!! Annamalai University is in a mess. 9 dead bodies of north indians so far! Poor souls extinguished in a flash! 

Dil do Hockey ko! Ghanta dil do!
India nearly out of the race! They didn't just lose. They were massacred. 
Its better to watch IPL and cheer for any team except Chennai SuperKings.

Class 12 boards started. Gawd knows how my sis is doing. I hope she manages first div,
Maddy is in chennai. Trying to cook something. If i am alive after eating, will give you the review... till then... happy a rocking day.

Hakuna Matata


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