The end of the month is near. Finally!!! March is hot and bloody busy! I have college, assignments, hafta write records before practicals, midsems from monday yet again! oh i hate march! Sis is giving her boards. So she hates march too! Dad is going nuts in office. This is the last month of the calendar in IOCL. hence, working late nights. He hates march too... Well mom hates whatever we all hate. This thing runs in the family! Hallelujah!

I miss writing here.  Come online a couple of times a week and think  what to jot down.  Then log in to  FB and play Mafia Wars :) hehe. Semester dates are announced. From 22nd April. Not even a month left! In between records and practicals and ielts classes i am somehow managing to jot down my utter nonsense here. My own personal dust-bin!

There are two chicks sitting right in the next cubicle of the cafe. :P
No, am not interested but sadly i can't read their thoughts. Talking of chicks, one good thing about indian women is that no matter how they look in dresses, they transform into something completely mesmerizing when they are in a sari! Second year students gals are coming in sari's these last few days for the annual photo shoot and we chaps are having a time of our life. Behenji's look like gladrags models these days! Thank God, they aren't adorned in gajra's. Its funny how a dress or the way a gal dresses make men go gaga! Sadly most of my classmates are despos and keep drooling when they see a midriff or a flat tummy!

100 bucks! that's all i have right now! Time to pataofy mum once again! poor lady. She would be real glad when i start earning. Oh gotta go now...

Btw , after every  post i will be writing a  one-liner  or a motto for you folks. Some might be downright ridiculous and some copied  furtively  from elsewhere :-P

Anyways, todays FL quote is -
"if you can't see the bright side of life,  polish the dull side " :P

Hakuna Matata

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Eyeshadow said...

Behenji's look like gladrags model?????Ahem ahem!!!u even started staring at behengi's!!OH MY GOD!!!!

Di said...

true that.. about saaris :) the best indian dress

we women feel very very nice in them too

good luck for the sem

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