Its been a long time since I wrote something good. Hell its been a long time since I wrote anything at all. Too many words to write, too little time to jot it down.
Left home, returned to chennai, went to bangalore, again returned to chennai, but the rain is everywhere. Its stalking me. Its fine with me, I love the rain. The days spent at my hometown were short and the time with parents were shorter still. But I still had a helluva time. Kangkana became the first gal to come to my place for lunch. Met Maddy nearly everyday before she finally left for Kolkata. I, On the other hand went to Bangalore for a few days to meet my friends. Mj wanted to meet Pj, I wanted to meet pj too. So off we went. Those two lovebirds are way in love and sometimes it felt real awkward sitting with them. Even though Mj is my bestest buddy and Pj is my sis, watching them smooch all the time is not exactly what I call comfort material :P Thank God, Priyanka was there. The time spent with her and Camellia along with those two in Purple Haze reminded me of 'how I met your mother' cast. Beer and friends! What else could I possibly want. The only gaping hole in that picture was Maddy. Oh how I missed her

After 10 days of bunking college, I finally decided to attend a few. They missed me I know. They had no one to chuck out of class. Hehe. Hey everybody is watching the World Cup right? I just hope Italy or Netherlands win it this time.

Anyways, today is 17th and its my co-author's bday. Happy bday Gulabo. Darn, she just turned 20. A nice kiddo hehe and my favorite blogger :)

Sayonara folks
Until the next time its FL signing off.

No the title has got nothing to do with the content!Its just that I didnt get any apt title, but it feels good to be back:P

My joint venture reaches the 100 milestone…Where was I? What the hell I think I was doing...and on top of everything, what were you thinking Freelancer aka Mridul?!

Didn’t even bother to inform me, eh? And don’t you dare to give me that I was not available, Facebook is as much as my lifeline as yours!!

Anyway, enough of regrets and chiding, the news is that I’m back!

After an eventful year in college, I return for a complete two- month break. Totally jobless, but yes I’m all game for this much deserved break, almost after 4 years of digging my nose in almost all the books that an engineering aspirant – gradually – turned- into- an engineering- student can read!

My life is as boring as ever. Nothing to do, but yes a lot has changed!

Firstly, I got my laptop, blogging now is so much easy and fun :P

Secondly, I never imagined in a totally contented lover rests such a desperate girl! Honestly, after Aayush left, I have discovered how much desperate I can get! More than 6 months, no dates, no lovey dovey talks (though I was never into mush, but then again, I miss it now I don’t have it!), uggghhhh…Yes I’m completely insane now!

And I can’t believe I blog here with this hopeless romantic guy!

Seriously, you can’t get my daily ramblings, but yes you can find my daily whining at my other blog. Suggest what I should write. You’ll soon find the once- started-now-forgotten-series back into the pages, but whatelse?! Mridul is definitely here to write his ramblings, scribbling my itinerary might make this blog really monotonous:P

Chaliye, do suggest something readers. And a warm welcome to all the new readers, who are evidently unaware of this guest appearance oo this blog!

Till the next time,


P.S. NO Mridul!!!I'm not going to write as a guest on our own blog!!


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