No the title has got nothing to do with the content!Its just that I didnt get any apt title, but it feels good to be back:P

My joint venture reaches the 100 milestone…Where was I? What the hell I think I was doing...and on top of everything, what were you thinking Freelancer aka Mridul?!

Didn’t even bother to inform me, eh? And don’t you dare to give me that I was not available, Facebook is as much as my lifeline as yours!!

Anyway, enough of regrets and chiding, the news is that I’m back!

After an eventful year in college, I return for a complete two- month break. Totally jobless, but yes I’m all game for this much deserved break, almost after 4 years of digging my nose in almost all the books that an engineering aspirant – gradually – turned- into- an engineering- student can read!

My life is as boring as ever. Nothing to do, but yes a lot has changed!

Firstly, I got my laptop, blogging now is so much easy and fun :P

Secondly, I never imagined in a totally contented lover rests such a desperate girl! Honestly, after Aayush left, I have discovered how much desperate I can get! More than 6 months, no dates, no lovey dovey talks (though I was never into mush, but then again, I miss it now I don’t have it!), uggghhhh…Yes I’m completely insane now!

And I can’t believe I blog here with this hopeless romantic guy!

Seriously, you can’t get my daily ramblings, but yes you can find my daily whining at my other blog. Suggest what I should write. You’ll soon find the once- started-now-forgotten-series back into the pages, but whatelse?! Mridul is definitely here to write his ramblings, scribbling my itinerary might make this blog really monotonous:P

Chaliye, do suggest something readers. And a warm welcome to all the new readers, who are evidently unaware of this guest appearance oo this blog!

Till the next time,


P.S. NO Mridul!!!I'm not going to write as a guest on our own blog!!

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Tripat "Prerna" said...

congratulations for ur new laptop and ur come back.. :)

u hopeless romantic guy...gud luk ;)

Freelancer said... u INTENTIONALLY screw up my name GULABO???? its MRIDU....cut the L away, will ye??? and oi, there's a reason y i have a pseudonym.

100 posts complete?? Jeez i didnt know :)

sm said...


Eyeshadow said...

hey mridul!!!Finally your blog has somthing to read!!
@rose...congrats for ur new lappy!!have fun!!

Viyoma said...

I m a first time visitor to your blog.
You are a "Master Blogger", i should say.
You can actually blog about nothing, still make the readers go through the entire post. I have tried hard, but hav never been able to do so!!

Keep it up, i m coming bk for more:)

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