My first reaction when Mridu asked me to write a guest post for Scribblings was "Oh, what will I write about???".. cuz' if you've been a reader of my ♪ Unchained Melody♪ , then you know that CrazyDiamond is just so random! Random in her thoughts, photographs, moods blah blah and blah. She even randomly deletes a blog and makes a new one and expects all her previous followers to start following again on the same day! She gets irritated when that obviously does not happen.

Ok, cut the crap. Basically, writing in your space is different than writing on someone else's blog..because it's their space! Their world! Their baby! How can you just 'invade' in ? But FL told me "write whatever you want, it's your post", so I was like okay, cool!

So, I haven't given this much thought and decided that I'll just write whatever I feel like.. but in the right way. RIGHT WAY = Caitalising the first letter of the sentences, the names etc :p You know, correct angrejji n all.

I'm gonna talk about the most interesting thing ever. No, not sex. I mean yes, that is the most interesting topic in the world (admit it, don't act weird and say No, there are a lot of other interesting things). What makes sex the most interesting thing for men?


                                                                            ! ! !

But what's sad is that men have this problem with women since centuries (in fact I don't know any guy who completely knows how to keep a woman happy at all times). They can't figure out WHY ARE THEIR GIRLS NEVER SATISFIED? WHY DO THEY COMPLAIN SO MUCH INSPITE OF ALL THAT GUYS DO FOR THEM!?

I know, I sympathise completely. We girls tend to make your life a little bit of a challenge..*Fun*. But trust me when I say this, and I'm saying it on behalf of all the girls, that WE LOVE YOU GUYS. I mean 'our guys', not each other's guys!

We love you and we have such amazingly simple expectations from you guys but somehow this notion has been drilled in your head that women are complicated and men are simple. Myth. Men are dense (or they pretend at times). Sorry. Women are very very simple. We need very basic things in life. I'll tell you what.

First and foremost : Love. Of course! It's a small word but you know it's not a joke to just fall in love and carry on happily ever after. The challenge begins once the first few months of the relationship have passed.

You are introduced to the word "ATTENTION"... a little subtly at first, but since you have a rosy picture in your mind that she loves me forever and everything will be great, you don't realize when you start taking her for granted. Sweethearts. Really innocent aren't you? Well, if you want that forever-happy-girlfriend, then you have to treat her the way you did when you were wooing her. HOW? you ask? You called her often, my friend. You never let her call go in the "missed calls" and forget cancelling her call, oh blasphemy.

*kuch yaad aaya?*

Never make her feel 'ignored'. I know you never IGNORE her but she does feel bad (really mad an pissed off too) when the calls go unanswered or when you don't call her back or *worst*--> you sleep off at night without saying good night.

A woman loves small gestures of affection more than the hardcore smooching, guys! Don't get me wrong, we love the lovemaking n all. But somehow, those sudden quick hugs, those pecks on the cheek, those moments when you just want to hold hands are really very important. Sex is sex, it's great. But those small gestures somehow count so much in a relationship, that's what makes a woman feel truly loved by her man. Constant affection, making her feel wanted, making her feel needed.

Appreciate her at times. Thank her for being there for you.

Respect her, don't ever make the mistake of calling her "stupid". Trust me, you'll be the one feeling stupid AND miserable later...and we hate to make you go through that :)

The Once in a while-GIFTS! Oh My God. We love gifts as much as a kid does. That does not make us materialistic, we don't want expensive shit all the time.It's just a child in us that always wants to stay alive and be pampered by you, be spoilt by you. We LOVE guys who spoil us.

No matter how much we talk about women's lib and our independence and stuff, we love men who are protective and possessive about us. But know where to draw the line..don't ever stop her from doing something that you know makes her genuinely happy :)

Give her dreams... give her memories... give her a morning kiss, a good night kiss, a random kiss.

Listen to her, talk to her, tell her about your childhood.. oh much we love listening to our man's childhood stories!

COMPLIMENT. And of course, genuine compliments. Every woman is beautiful in her own way. If you love her, you love her because of some quality right? Make her feel that she's looking lovely even when she's looking very tired or is not well. You have to be with her in sickness and in health!

"A woman who cannot be ugly is not beautiful. ~Karl Kraus"

You know what, listen to this song very carefully...

Have you ever really loved a woman - Bryan Adams
(this is not Bryan singing, embedding was disabled for the Bryan Adams video of this song :/)
I think it summarises my post. The song is just too beautiful :)

So, love your woman ♥

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Freelancer said...

damn! this may well be the very best post of the entire blog!!!

my my! and that too informative!!!

well after reading your post, u made it real clear to me...gals are complex!!!!
its a never ending cycle from being attentive 24*7 to being possesive. Y cnt u ladies try to get over small things like well, we guys have imp things to do sometimes while u just wanna talk coochy moochy :)

or as the gals like pheobe, rachel and monica wants the comedian back after the concert while the lads, joey, ross and chandler basically try to stay awake :)

anyways, this was one helluva post gal. Thank u dil-se.

Freelancer said...

P.S| love the song anyways

Anonymous said...

I was nodding my head up and down while I was reading through every point!!

Now I'll make Z to read this post.. hehe!!!

Good one Dips! and lovely song :

Crazy Diamond said...


anything for ya FL! i enjoyed writing one for you! and the boys!

but im sure only women will agree! lol.. like my marshmallow doll.


Pavitra .... said...

Awww...Di.!! Awesome post...and every word is true....
You covered all the aspects...nice! And I love the song so of my favorites..its been in my playlist since a looong time now...

♦ Crazy Diamond ♦ said...


I think ONLY Bryan Adams knows what women want! rockstar, i love the singer

yeah pavi, this is almost everything that we "need" na.. simple enough, yet it's never easy ..

What's in a name? said...

HE is a clean chit on everything except handling the possessive part well...and still we fight :( and not talk for days. And its me who hates talking on the phone and just want to sleep when its 10 -- goodnight or no goodnight... As of today, it sucks for us what we have..and its ironical that so many women would really die to have a guy like u described...sigh ! Maybe its just me :|

The Bald Guy said...

I'm sorry CD. And I promise I'll keep all of these things in mind now. A sure sure eye opener. Thanks!

♦ Crazy Diamond ♦ said...

winny : awwww! maybe you were born to take a revenge on behalf of all the women of the world sweetie heheh

♦ Crazy Diamond ♦ said...

The bald guy

hug !

i'm sure you are a sweetheart to your sweetheart!

it's not just men who need to re-learn these things they already know, we women need a few lessons as well, and very important ones!

Eyeshadow said...

@Fl..what imp stuff???playing ps or watching out other gals or chatting with friends??whats so imp hon...???

Freelancer said...

@ the bald guy
hehe...looks like we have our job cut to us :)

Freelancer said...

@ eyshadow
hey playing PS2 is an imp thing for for watching chicks...i remember u drooling over michael schofield of Prison Break!!!

Anonymous said...

what a read!!! damn i liked it, very true :)

♦ Crazy Diamond ♦ said...


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