Hey you people, remember meh?? yes its me only. Hows you been? Its raining cats and dogs here and am loving it. Even rain can't stop me from going outside. The days of fun and frolic are dwindling though. Returning back to oh-save-me-from-CHENNAI on the 4th of June. Going for KITES tomorrow. I know its a super dud but sadly already booked tickets long back. Tik-tik Roshan disappointed, Barbara Mori's acting skills disappointed, Anurag Basu disappointed!!!

Chalo, atleast Maddy's coming. Met Kangkana today. I would love to hate her but unfortunately i can't. She doesn't admit that i look like Shahid. Now that's damn rude right? I know. People these days are so frigging insensitive. Been hogging a lot these days. Roast pork, pork fry...yummmmmy!!!!! I have nothing to write about today. Gawd, nada!

Well this was just a tiny outburst. I had to write something. My hands were itching like anything. Moreover i keep on opening my blog to check for comments. I love comments...hehehe. Recently addicted to two different songs whatsoever. "oh gal, you are mine" from a crappy movie like HOUSEFULL and "Zindagi" from KITES!

Kangkana says i have too many female friends. She got the shock of her life when she checked my mobile contacts today and found that out of 175 entries, 99 are females! Now hey, that included my cousins and sisters but she just rolled her eyes as if she was making a drastic life threatening point :P Anyways, that doesn't matter. She is just plain jealous :)
Speaking of females, today's dedication of this blog's song goes to all the ladies of the world. Well not all, this is for all the SINGLE ladies. Here's the song - SINGLE LADIES (put a ring on it) sung and performed by BEYONCE! oh i love this song!

Sayonara folks, until tomorrow.
Love you all

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Mingled Minds said...

jus dropped by to say hi...

Mingled Minds said...
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Crazy Diamond said...

aaaye haaaaye KATI PATANG ! kites! what are your views? ye bhi to bata!

99 females out of 175.. not bad.. a guy would love to steal your phone for a day na? hold it tight!

been hogging a lot? but i dont see you getting fat at all. its unfair. guys never get fat :( GET FAT


Freelancer said...

@ nadia
hiiii gal

Freelancer said...

@ dipti
oh am trying...am trying my best!!!

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