Goodmorningo Bullshito

I just realised that i have lost the art of being funny. Now i am just crappy. Though i still make awesome announcements. Feel like crying when i was once not-so-famous yet famous blogger and now my blogs have been reduced to be read solely by me. This is what happens when a mini break decides not to be mini anymore.


Topic Change. I shopped yesterday. Hell yeah! Also i shopped alone *looks around* See, i don't like company while shopping. I enter, i buy, i come out. End of story. One shop, all purchases. You lot should not let me blabber so much. I forgot what i wanted to say. Yeah, i got myself a sweet black jeans. Wait for it, SKINNY JEANS!! Hell yeah. Maddy and Kang was like WTF DUDE!!! where's your fucking fashion sense. But i was already in cloud nine and making my way towards cloud ten. See, i have a FLAT ASS! yeah, a pretty lil flat ass and skinny goes well with me. Well, it looked good to me when i checked myself at the trial room and none of the chicks at the store laughed. Good sign, right??

Anyway, that's done. Oooh wait, i also got a BATMAN tee...bwahahaha. Gotham City is officially under my control. *confession* i am yet to read my blog list. Have ignored so many blogs just because i didn't feel like writing my own. *sigh*

Hopefully everything will change soon. Miss Maddy. 

Its FL signing off

Life = Bull

Yes. 4 letters. Same meaning.
*grumble* i actually had to browse the older posts of MDR to see how to start a happy post or when was the last time i updated one such happy post. Seems to be this blog has been a diary for the ...whatever!

Good news. I want good news for myself. July and August has been a shitty month for me personally and socially. Cross that. Anyway, after a very very very long time, some of my friends decided to meet me :D yay, we partied. (Just so you know, partying in Guwahati means having cappuccinos or the occasional KFC burger) and that is exactly what we did. Ups managed to click some embarrassing pics of me and uploaded them on FB. I wouldn't have minded, but SHE CHOSE to tag me! 


Tickets to Chennai have been confirmed. No, i couldn't get those buddy tickets from bro's girlfriend. Sad little me :( But i will get them for the Dilli trip. Which will be happening during the Formula One weekend. I was thinking of bring Maddy to feel the madness and experience the thrill of actually watching a F1 car zip by, but realised that we have an almost non-existent relationship.

We have been fighting and pointing fingers at each other. Or maybe, i am refusing to see my faults. Or maybe i know my mistakes and can't do anything about it. Whatever be the reason, this is taking a huge toll on us. On her also, i guess. Though she has surrounds herself with friends these days. AND THERE IS ONE bastard i met on twitter who told her that he was ready to make her forget me. BLOODY SWINE wanted to get into her pants! Nothing is working out. I usually don't sleep at night because i read novels. The last 3 days, i have simply been listening to songs and reading old blog posts and remembering Kodaikanal trips together.

Little does she know how much she means to me. But somehow even i don't have the strength to show it to her. Have left it to faith which is already low. Watched 'Break ke Baad' today. Yeah finally :P No, i don't expect Maddy to do a Padukone. But am no Imran Khan either. Either way, we are both in love and both lost.

P.S| I might not write ever again. Again, i might. This may or may not be goodbye.

Its FL signing off....

6 months gone, 6 more left.

And with that, we have come to the mid-point of the year. Time to reflect back on the events of the last 6 months and my progress one month at a time. Okay done with that. Not that i have done anything to be proud of.

I completed 24 years of my existence. Yes, Happy Birthday to me. The last six months have been a blur. Raced against time to finish the final year projects and managed to score good marks but i still couldn't pass a backlog. Yeah, not your average Engineer i am. Parents celebrated 25th Wedding Anniversary. Hooray to them. *sigh*

Running out of words and this blog is getting on my nerves again. Bye.


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