Goodmorningo Bullshito

I just realised that i have lost the art of being funny. Now i am just crappy. Though i still make awesome announcements. Feel like crying when i was once not-so-famous yet famous blogger and now my blogs have been reduced to be read solely by me. This is what happens when a mini break decides not to be mini anymore.


Topic Change. I shopped yesterday. Hell yeah! Also i shopped alone *looks around* See, i don't like company while shopping. I enter, i buy, i come out. End of story. One shop, all purchases. You lot should not let me blabber so much. I forgot what i wanted to say. Yeah, i got myself a sweet black jeans. Wait for it, SKINNY JEANS!! Hell yeah. Maddy and Kang was like WTF DUDE!!! where's your fucking fashion sense. But i was already in cloud nine and making my way towards cloud ten. See, i have a FLAT ASS! yeah, a pretty lil flat ass and skinny goes well with me. Well, it looked good to me when i checked myself at the trial room and none of the chicks at the store laughed. Good sign, right??

Anyway, that's done. Oooh wait, i also got a BATMAN tee...bwahahaha. Gotham City is officially under my control. *confession* i am yet to read my blog list. Have ignored so many blogs just because i didn't feel like writing my own. *sigh*

Hopefully everything will change soon. Miss Maddy. 

Its FL signing off

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Kunnu said...

welcome back..and keep it coming.. :)
Wear what you want....logon ka kaam hai kehna...agar wo kahe to kuch..i.e :)

Shreya Redeemed said...

Um.. don't stop writing.. feels like you wanna post something very awesome but its not happening.. but not a matter; give it a try.. keep posting.. n get yourself back.. good luck :)

Eeshie said...

WHOO! Skinny jeans! You go, dude ;)

Freelancer said...


haha...hopefully i will be regular...but i am easily swayed

Freelancer said...


true...i just cant give up on this blog. And its getting harder since i manage another 4, excluding this. Looks like i wil have to find a way to balance everything

Freelancer said...


There you said it girl! :D

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