This is going to be the last post of the year. It has been a year of ups and downs, of triumphs and heartbreaks. 2010 started with a bang and no matter what happened in between i will make sure it ends with a bang too.

Remorse, regrets means nothing anymore. I have seen a lot, went through a lot. I might have not turned out wiser but more experienced. Hell one more year passed and if this is the pace it will be time to start a family of my own soon. But bygones is bygones and you probably know all about it if you have followed this erratic, irregular but true to the heart blog. So here's to 2011, a fresh beginning, a fresh committment, a fresh start.

December has been exemplary. i hope i got that spelling right. College on saturday's. gah! weddings, meeting maddy, a new pup in the family, bangalore and manchester united bar. seen everything. classic case of been there, done that.

Only sad thing is my writing suffered. i blog less, write poems even lesser. hell i do not even laugh at my own lines. lol,i used to do that. hope the new year changes things. Won't be online tomorrow. Hope of spending the the last day of the year and the morning of 1st jan with my gal. Together into the future. 

I wont promise that i will be back from 2nd. I do not have faith in my own promises. but if i manage to uphold one resolution, i sure as hell will uphold the rest.

To the year of hopes and promises...of fun and laughter....of love and content...of maturing and experience. welcome.

P.S| Bryan Adams got it right with 'its a new day, its a new dawn'


Oh well, looks like a darned busy month coming to an end. Loooooking forward to December. The winter nights, the blankets over me, the jackets and suits, the hot coffees. Oh wait, am in Chennai....

Still i will be at home for 10 days, the early morning fog is enough to keep me excited. Plus its mu cousin's wedding.... baarati aane wale hai....ladkiyan bhi honge :P Not that am eager, but still atleast i can be the wingman :P

The summer of '10 passed like a charm. The sweltering heat waves that had been the signature of Chennai changed this year. Anyways, college has been a poain in the ass again. Project reviews are killing me and my precious time. The downside of designing a sports bike is that the silly proffessors tend to expect a lot more from us. We are engineers not rocket scientists, damnit!!! And yessshhhh, some of my friends want to attach a turbocharge and a juice maker with the bike. Silly gits!! 

ooh ooh, going to Bangalore in two days :) Pri is like shouting for me to come. Her boyfriend's gonna be there and thus she wants him to meet her bro. A lots been happening in my life.... Dunno whom to talk to.  Sometimes i wish i would just ddump everything here. Maybe ten years down the line, i would read this stuff and laugh. Oh well.

Dad gave 20 grand for the project. Already blew half of it away. Mostly on Dominos. They need to make me a platinum member. Plus Goa plans are on the way. Mid December.... Christmas time.... hey is there any nude beach in Goa?? :P i heard mebbe Anjuna beach favors partial nudity. Even thats favorable :P

Chalo, tada for now... will come later to blow off some steam
Hakuna Matata

And one week later here i am again. This is becoming more of a weekly or bi-monthly trip to my blog than daily ramblings. Blogging has lost the sheen that it once had. Imagine me, who used to blog daily even when i was supposed to be on vacation. Bleh!!! its like a toy gone old. I quit orkut three years ago...somehow i hope i don't end up quitting twitter and blogger too..

Life is being like a bubble-gum that has lost its am just chewing it minute by minute. And it is starting to stick!!! Backlog exams are on as usual.... dunno how good they are going on but hopefully i will be able to clear a few this time. With just one more semester remaining, time surely is flying by.

More bad news. 8th semester was supossed to start from the 5th of January, 11. Now its preponed to the last week of November. Icky stuff i know. Well my plans of going home this December is hanging by a slim thread! Now who the hell has any interest in my life???? Sometimes i wonder what the heck for do i write this blog. I write about me... Suprising that i have more than 50 followers. Well its mostly because i follow them back, but still my life is not so interesting as Paris Hilton or Rakhi Sawant. Oh sigh. Am not complaining. Thank you by the way.

Anyways, who is watching Big Boss 4??? Pamela Anderson's boobs are worth a watch. I am guessing only Khali's hands would fit there :P hehe.... 

Bleh...going shopping today...if the rain stops. Buying a Suit. Yeah!!!
Catch you later folks.
FL signing off
Hakuna Matata 

O o hum adhoore.....i love this song....funky, perky u name it!
My backlogs start tomorrow...yes, kal se. 

So all the shows that i have downloaded are in a hiatus. Good News Flash : Maddy got a job :P yes, bloody fucking WIPRO! God save them now. bwahaha. Anyways am glad. She hopes to get it in Chennai....not the perfect place, but since i am here, it will be perfect. Oh my heart is fultoo garden garden right now.

Days are going fine. Planning to meet Rashi next week. She insists we booze :P Now that's my type of fun. Plus have plans of going to Bangalore last week. Hopefully i will be back when Maddy arrives :P

WIPRO came to college today. For placements. Hope some of my friends get the job. And hope some of them do not :P i need them to go to the UK with me...hehe... 

I miss some of my blogger buddies. Aarthi rarely writes, neither does Nush or Heena or Ste or Esther. Tan da is also busy and Kajal is lost somewhere. Infact the whole TWL gang just disintegrated. And i have no idea where my co-author is.

So its just me and my lappy these days. With a Mac look. Sexy aint it?? Oh and am back to twitter. yeah, during my exams...anyways bye....later

Hakuna Matata

Oh look at that. Deepawali is over :( This month had only one thing wonderful, apart from the coming of winter. Now that's rain played havoc again. BUT i had fun...yeah loads....bhabi ke ghar, alcohol bhi tha :)

Did i say i got a new laptop?? oh yeah!!! its SONY VAIO MINI. White :D bliss!!!! Hehe...Bro is like super pissed...he had his eyes on that wonder. Little did he knew, that i had been planning to usurp his plans...bwahahahaha... and now he has challenged me to a war. Actually the war had already begun...Silly git just realised it....but he is game for it, just like a toddler, the 27 year old brother has crossed swords with me! And he keeps telling people that he is matured :P Bleh!!!!

Last year, Diwali was the best of my life. Maddy was there. And we had oodles of fun. I missed her this time. Though she would never believe me if i said it. I am just glad that i can write my feelings over here without her castrating and picking on my thoughts... she seldom reads this blog these days :P

And oh, my backlogs are on. GOD i just want to be off with them. Did i tell you guys, that i am shopping for clothes these days. Yeah, a new look....well its the 'Neil Caffrey' look from White Collar...already got the hat, now i need a waist coat that fits. My size zero figure is making it impossible to find the right clothes :(

Hmmm...whats new in my life?? Oh, i am a certified uploader in h33t now :P yays!!! Uploading my first torrent 'veritas-the quest' in h33t. Its a sci-fi/fantasy show :P

Okay, gotta go...back to books for some time....until then,
Its FL signing off

And its a wonderful Sunday. And i am awake early morning with the intention of living up this Sunday to the fullest. Well that's what the plan is till now. 

Life is as you know, going good.... better and good intermixing. I have my net at home, have these dozen of tv shows to download, no college for two more months and to top of it, met Maddy two days ago. Life sure is cool.

And i am loving Chennai. hell yeah, its been raining almost daily. Thank you GOD. The first final year project review is over :) and it was pretty good considering i prepared the slides the night before :P 

Now, how are you folks??? seems to me, everyone i know from the blog world is out of touch with Freelancer or vice versa. And IndiBlogger ranking system might have some grudges against my pretty little blog :( Chalo, koi na, once i start updating daily, not only you guys will be pakaofied, mebbe even my ratings will go up :P

I need a beer. yeah, early morning. Its a parents to keep nagging. 
Okay short post for today....will come back later...pakka se

Love you all, 
its FL signing off....
Hakuna Matata

August is also nearly over. Well no, have semesters from Friday. Yea, this Friday. Theory papers :( *sigh* Peace where art thou??

Chennai is awesome this week. The sexy weather makes me wanna curl inside a blanket with Maddy and do naughty things. The sad thing is we are kinda fighting and she is least bit interested in making out. Moreover she is far far far away :( I am stuck with myself, while my roomie has phone sex with his girl :P

Woke up today early morning with the fever refusing to go away....holding on to me like a leech. Yeah, i am studying. Kangkana and Pj rang me up to wish me on Raksha Bandhan. Gawd bless my sisters. I still dunno where my own sister is. She doesn't contact unless she has some work. And i am tired of worrying about her. Let her miss me for once. The darned load-shedding is getting into my nerves. I don't give a shit if its in the day, but at night, those enemy mosquitoes wait for first blood! Studies, Mafia Wars, Twitter and watching 'strike back'. That's how my regular days pass. Doc says i need sleep. Now who will explain to him HOW MUCH i sleep. 

Went to buy chicken from the local butcher and ended up buying from the departmental store. And now that, everything is set, the darned stove won't work. Seriously God, if i happen to find you one day, i am gonna make you pay for making me pay all the time.

Anyways, my writing's a bit rusty. Need some practice. FL quote of the day is -
"Love is like a shoe. You try the different sizes, you drool at the different colours, but in the end, you know it when the right one fits"

Today's song is a peppy hip-hop one. I love this song. SIX DAYS - performed by DJ Shadow Feat. Mos Def...its also the OST of TOKYO DRIFT.

Until tomorrow, keep smiling

I am lost...just lost in boredom and apprehension. College is officially over. Which means only one thing. Bloody sodding semester exams!! So here i am my notes, onlin in twitter, playing mafia wars, munching on maggi. Gym classes are over. Cigarette consumption is at a all-time low. Maddy is fighting with me!!!

Oh life sucks at the moment. But know what, this time i might actually do very well in exams :) i know...surprising right>??? So somebody got married nearby. This marriages in Chennai never seem to end. And the constant chatter and the damned music Give me vuvuzela anyday :) Manchester United lost 2 points. Two frigging precious points. Damn you Nani... ok am ranting now... i will try to write something good tomorrow, something without me crapping. Ok?? Now smile and pleas do read me :P

Hakuna Matata

No matter, what you think or what people say, the world's not gonna end in 2012. How do i know???? FB predicted i would die at the age of 35. I will fall from a building and slam into a car only to roll off the road and fall through the man-hole and die alone with loss of blood!!!
Speaking of FB, its bloody insensitive towards me!!

Anyways, Happy Friendship Folks. The first Sunday happens to be on 1st Aug. I like it, the month may not be gruesome as i always expect every other month to be. i was supposed to meet Aarthi today but then again, my fever got the better of me. Bitch! So here i am munching a dominos pizza and listening to 'alone again, naturally'

i dunno what else to write. i miss college :O i know i hate it but atleast i am surrounded with people there. It sucks to be alone. hope you guys are having a party and making me jealous. Love you friends. am a bit old fashioned. I don't believe in moving on with life leaving everyone behind. I know the world is changing, but if you guys move ahead, drag me along. Peace

Hakuna Matata

And just like that its weekend. After 5 days of grueling college, its time to rest my ass and my mind. I am just sad that July is practically over. This has always been a good month for me minus a few hiccups ofcourse. Prominent amongst them is that fact that my beloved BlackBerry is lying in service center. In SOMEBODY ELSE'S hands!!! dear dear!!

Gym is fun. I can see my muscles ripping out of my skeleton. Need weight> desperately need a lot of weight. People say its easy to gain weight but hard to lose it. I say, go fish!!! i have been trying to gain weight for years now!!! I changed my diet. I think i did. I started having rice again...which i avoided during my last 5 years. Greeny ghaas-poos are still out of the equation but am introducing one veg a week. *sigh*

My posts are becoming boring yaa. I think am losing my touch, or the humour tag...whatever! Need focus...need anulom binulom.....have to be Yoda!!! Here i am lamenting on and on and there is Sachin notching another double hundred. Some people have the time of their lives on and on. I miss my friends, i miss hanging out with them. Its been a long time, but its okay. I am adjusting slowly. One day, i would love to meet all my blogger mates. Hungry now!!! Roomie is cooking today. That means dinner's on me!! Chalo, atleast will have chicken for lunch. I also need an ipod. if someone wants to sell it...lemme know please...

Oh..its 31st and its Shruti's bday!!! may she have a wonderful day ahead...
Dedication time-i heard this song in the movie 'stranger than fiction' awesome track..... 'Whole Wide World' sung and performed by Wreckless Eric

Until tomorrow, Hakuna Matata

Yes, am an insomniac again. Just can't sleep!! Morning folks. Am not exactly looking forward to college, but then again my hands are tied. Lady luck has an irritating habit of screwing me all the time.

So am no more birthday boy. Stepping into 24, jeez! i really do envy the teenagers. The sweet innocence is gone. Long gone in my case, but still growing up to be an adult is something that i want as well as i wanna avoid. And it always rains on my birthday. Always! Spent the eventful day with nothing eventful occurring. College-gym-home. Atleast spent the night in FB, chatting late into the night with my schooooool friends. I dunno why, but twitter seems more fun with a mobile than on the net.

Me kinda missing Maddy. missing very badly infact. oh! what i would give for the invention of floo powder!!! Suddenly birthday bumps feel a lot worse when you are at the receiving end. The last month was pretty amazing!! i left blogger, orkut and FB completely. Just me and twitter. Thank God that some of you folks are there. Made new friends, thanks to BBM. Joined gym. Yes i can even feel the muscles in my butt. Broke off and then patched up again. lol. Yea June-July was pretty heavy! No, didn't watch the Karate Kid or Prince of Persia or Toy Story or Salt or Inception or Knight and Day. but hey, watched I hate Luv Storys :) lols. yeah pathetic!!

I know it feels weird to say it but i kinda like the bieber track 'baby'. I know some of my male pals would officially deny even knowing me, but hey, the lyrics are catchy!!! The World Cup is over and neither Germany nor the Dutch won! Bugger!!!
That's about it for today. yeah dedications are back.

Today's dedication is for the people. yeah the people. all the people. Sung and performed by Elton John - "Rocketman"

Sayonara folks, FL over and out.

Daddy's home. Yea so am back from my self exile. exactly after 40 days. My last post was on Rose's birthday, so its fitting to write the next post on my birthday. Yes, today. I complete 23. i have so many things to write about, so many things to share with you, but am scared if i start i wont stop. I rant a lot. a whole lot. so i will just break my tales into pieces of posts in the upcoming days :)

So its the month of July. The month of the most charismatic people of the world, the LEO's. And yes i am growing old day by day. Right now its 1am, i don't have my BlackBerry with me (which is tragic), am munching on some cold pizzas and yea, no booze whatsoever. More importantly comparing this bday with last year's, i would just prefer to be left alone. Maddy ain't here. No birthday cakes, no family. Friends? haha... even the closest friends forget to wish. The folks who did, i love you guys from my heart. I love you all, but sometimes i do want the attention. I am, after all, a human. Thanks to FB and Twitter, people have reminders.

Anyways, its time i grow up emotionally. Lets face it, people are gonna leave you standing behind one day. Here's a thing for you. Delete all your contacts from your mobile and wait for a couple of days. Just wait to see how many of your friends actually call you and ask for you. Sometimes it feels like i am clinging on to the past, afraid to let go.

Things have been quite hectic. my BB is screwed. will talk 'bout it in the next post. The Writer's Lounge seem distant. No birthday wishes this year for me. It was my home. *sigh*
Anyways, its my day, and i wont let fate screw me over again. Love you all folks. Keep reading please.

Hakuna Matata

Its been a long time since I wrote something good. Hell its been a long time since I wrote anything at all. Too many words to write, too little time to jot it down.
Left home, returned to chennai, went to bangalore, again returned to chennai, but the rain is everywhere. Its stalking me. Its fine with me, I love the rain. The days spent at my hometown were short and the time with parents were shorter still. But I still had a helluva time. Kangkana became the first gal to come to my place for lunch. Met Maddy nearly everyday before she finally left for Kolkata. I, On the other hand went to Bangalore for a few days to meet my friends. Mj wanted to meet Pj, I wanted to meet pj too. So off we went. Those two lovebirds are way in love and sometimes it felt real awkward sitting with them. Even though Mj is my bestest buddy and Pj is my sis, watching them smooch all the time is not exactly what I call comfort material :P Thank God, Priyanka was there. The time spent with her and Camellia along with those two in Purple Haze reminded me of 'how I met your mother' cast. Beer and friends! What else could I possibly want. The only gaping hole in that picture was Maddy. Oh how I missed her

After 10 days of bunking college, I finally decided to attend a few. They missed me I know. They had no one to chuck out of class. Hehe. Hey everybody is watching the World Cup right? I just hope Italy or Netherlands win it this time.

Anyways, today is 17th and its my co-author's bday. Happy bday Gulabo. Darn, she just turned 20. A nice kiddo hehe and my favorite blogger :)

Sayonara folks
Until the next time its FL signing off.

No the title has got nothing to do with the content!Its just that I didnt get any apt title, but it feels good to be back:P

My joint venture reaches the 100 milestone…Where was I? What the hell I think I was doing...and on top of everything, what were you thinking Freelancer aka Mridul?!

Didn’t even bother to inform me, eh? And don’t you dare to give me that I was not available, Facebook is as much as my lifeline as yours!!

Anyway, enough of regrets and chiding, the news is that I’m back!

After an eventful year in college, I return for a complete two- month break. Totally jobless, but yes I’m all game for this much deserved break, almost after 4 years of digging my nose in almost all the books that an engineering aspirant – gradually – turned- into- an engineering- student can read!

My life is as boring as ever. Nothing to do, but yes a lot has changed!

Firstly, I got my laptop, blogging now is so much easy and fun :P

Secondly, I never imagined in a totally contented lover rests such a desperate girl! Honestly, after Aayush left, I have discovered how much desperate I can get! More than 6 months, no dates, no lovey dovey talks (though I was never into mush, but then again, I miss it now I don’t have it!), uggghhhh…Yes I’m completely insane now!

And I can’t believe I blog here with this hopeless romantic guy!

Seriously, you can’t get my daily ramblings, but yes you can find my daily whining at my other blog. Suggest what I should write. You’ll soon find the once- started-now-forgotten-series back into the pages, but whatelse?! Mridul is definitely here to write his ramblings, scribbling my itinerary might make this blog really monotonous:P

Chaliye, do suggest something readers. And a warm welcome to all the new readers, who are evidently unaware of this guest appearance oo this blog!

Till the next time,


P.S. NO Mridul!!!I'm not going to write as a guest on our own blog!!

My first reaction when Mridu asked me to write a guest post for Scribblings was "Oh, what will I write about???".. cuz' if you've been a reader of my ♪ Unchained Melody♪ , then you know that CrazyDiamond is just so random! Random in her thoughts, photographs, moods blah blah and blah. She even randomly deletes a blog and makes a new one and expects all her previous followers to start following again on the same day! She gets irritated when that obviously does not happen.

Ok, cut the crap. Basically, writing in your space is different than writing on someone else's blog..because it's their space! Their world! Their baby! How can you just 'invade' in ? But FL told me "write whatever you want, it's your post", so I was like okay, cool!

So, I haven't given this much thought and decided that I'll just write whatever I feel like.. but in the right way. RIGHT WAY = Caitalising the first letter of the sentences, the names etc :p You know, correct angrejji n all.

I'm gonna talk about the most interesting thing ever. No, not sex. I mean yes, that is the most interesting topic in the world (admit it, don't act weird and say No, there are a lot of other interesting things). What makes sex the most interesting thing for men?


                                                                            ! ! !

But what's sad is that men have this problem with women since centuries (in fact I don't know any guy who completely knows how to keep a woman happy at all times). They can't figure out WHY ARE THEIR GIRLS NEVER SATISFIED? WHY DO THEY COMPLAIN SO MUCH INSPITE OF ALL THAT GUYS DO FOR THEM!?

I know, I sympathise completely. We girls tend to make your life a little bit of a challenge..*Fun*. But trust me when I say this, and I'm saying it on behalf of all the girls, that WE LOVE YOU GUYS. I mean 'our guys', not each other's guys!

We love you and we have such amazingly simple expectations from you guys but somehow this notion has been drilled in your head that women are complicated and men are simple. Myth. Men are dense (or they pretend at times). Sorry. Women are very very simple. We need very basic things in life. I'll tell you what.

First and foremost : Love. Of course! It's a small word but you know it's not a joke to just fall in love and carry on happily ever after. The challenge begins once the first few months of the relationship have passed.

You are introduced to the word "ATTENTION"... a little subtly at first, but since you have a rosy picture in your mind that she loves me forever and everything will be great, you don't realize when you start taking her for granted. Sweethearts. Really innocent aren't you? Well, if you want that forever-happy-girlfriend, then you have to treat her the way you did when you were wooing her. HOW? you ask? You called her often, my friend. You never let her call go in the "missed calls" and forget cancelling her call, oh blasphemy.

*kuch yaad aaya?*

Never make her feel 'ignored'. I know you never IGNORE her but she does feel bad (really mad an pissed off too) when the calls go unanswered or when you don't call her back or *worst*--> you sleep off at night without saying good night.

A woman loves small gestures of affection more than the hardcore smooching, guys! Don't get me wrong, we love the lovemaking n all. But somehow, those sudden quick hugs, those pecks on the cheek, those moments when you just want to hold hands are really very important. Sex is sex, it's great. But those small gestures somehow count so much in a relationship, that's what makes a woman feel truly loved by her man. Constant affection, making her feel wanted, making her feel needed.

Appreciate her at times. Thank her for being there for you.

Respect her, don't ever make the mistake of calling her "stupid". Trust me, you'll be the one feeling stupid AND miserable later...and we hate to make you go through that :)

The Once in a while-GIFTS! Oh My God. We love gifts as much as a kid does. That does not make us materialistic, we don't want expensive shit all the time.It's just a child in us that always wants to stay alive and be pampered by you, be spoilt by you. We LOVE guys who spoil us.

No matter how much we talk about women's lib and our independence and stuff, we love men who are protective and possessive about us. But know where to draw the line..don't ever stop her from doing something that you know makes her genuinely happy :)

Give her dreams... give her memories... give her a morning kiss, a good night kiss, a random kiss.

Listen to her, talk to her, tell her about your childhood.. oh much we love listening to our man's childhood stories!

COMPLIMENT. And of course, genuine compliments. Every woman is beautiful in her own way. If you love her, you love her because of some quality right? Make her feel that she's looking lovely even when she's looking very tired or is not well. You have to be with her in sickness and in health!

"A woman who cannot be ugly is not beautiful. ~Karl Kraus"

You know what, listen to this song very carefully...

Have you ever really loved a woman - Bryan Adams
(this is not Bryan singing, embedding was disabled for the Bryan Adams video of this song :/)
I think it summarises my post. The song is just too beautiful :)

So, love your woman ♥

Hey you people, remember meh?? yes its me only. Hows you been? Its raining cats and dogs here and am loving it. Even rain can't stop me from going outside. The days of fun and frolic are dwindling though. Returning back to oh-save-me-from-CHENNAI on the 4th of June. Going for KITES tomorrow. I know its a super dud but sadly already booked tickets long back. Tik-tik Roshan disappointed, Barbara Mori's acting skills disappointed, Anurag Basu disappointed!!!

Chalo, atleast Maddy's coming. Met Kangkana today. I would love to hate her but unfortunately i can't. She doesn't admit that i look like Shahid. Now that's damn rude right? I know. People these days are so frigging insensitive. Been hogging a lot these days. Roast pork, pork fry...yummmmmy!!!!! I have nothing to write about today. Gawd, nada!

Well this was just a tiny outburst. I had to write something. My hands were itching like anything. Moreover i keep on opening my blog to check for comments. I love comments...hehehe. Recently addicted to two different songs whatsoever. "oh gal, you are mine" from a crappy movie like HOUSEFULL and "Zindagi" from KITES!

Kangkana says i have too many female friends. She got the shock of her life when she checked my mobile contacts today and found that out of 175 entries, 99 are females! Now hey, that included my cousins and sisters but she just rolled her eyes as if she was making a drastic life threatening point :P Anyways, that doesn't matter. She is just plain jealous :)
Speaking of females, today's dedication of this blog's song goes to all the ladies of the world. Well not all, this is for all the SINGLE ladies. Here's the song - SINGLE LADIES (put a ring on it) sung and performed by BEYONCE! oh i love this song!

Sayonara folks, until tomorrow.
Love you all

Looks like this is the year of weddings. People are hooking up left, right and center. They are either exchanging garlands, pronouncing proudly 'i do' or saying 'kubool hai'. My cousin is getting married in october. The only remaining elder sister of mine. A close blogger friend of mine will tie the knot within a couple of months. My neice has her ring ceremony next sunday. My childhood friend with whom i used to play around in the fields of my village, she has her ring ceremony next month. 2010 seems to be a wonder year.

One of my sisters confided in me that she might like a guy. She used the word 'LIKE' but that is enough for me to jump in joy. In her 23 years this is the first time i saw her a teeny weeny bit excited regarding boys. I was starting to think she was a lesbian! Now that would have been cool :)

Marriage is wonderful institution. A perfect gift to wrap or encase the love between two hearts. My folks have been married for 24 years. Dad is getting nostalgic these days. He keeps on pinching mom's cheeks. Apart from the television, those two keep the house alive. Whenever i try to grin at them, mom chases me around the dining table. I keep telling Mom not to expect her daughter-in-law to rub her feet whenever she wishes! And all she does is roll her eyes at me! It was a love marriage for Mom and Dad. Not only that, they had to go against my grandparents. Fultoo indian masala movie type! 

Enough of marriage. Another 4 years before i am tied down. Youth don't last long, even lesser than teenage. Better make use full use of it before you run out of time. Met my roomie with his gal yesterday. And for reasons that only God knows, i ended up paying about 400 bucks. And i just had an Irish coffee :(
I have to admire his gal's guts. She asked whether she would call me bro or uncle! She is 5 years younger to me!!! Talking of chicks, a hot bimbo entered CCD while we were seated. Nearly every pair of eyes followed her. Gals were envying her while the guy's were sporting that hungry look! lols. And why not? She wore a tank top so tight that it would fit comfortably on my 10 year old neice. And add to that, the shortest flowing mini skirt! God gave her some awesome legs but looking at the lads i am sure some of them were waiting for a miracle wind to lift it up. Just hope she had some lovely thong instead of the regular ones.

A friend sent me an awesome text. Just feeling like sharing with you.
"Moods of a woman -
an angel of truth and a dream of fiction.
she is afraid of a wasp and will scream at a mouse, 
but will tackle a stranger alone in the house.
Sour as vinegar, sweet as rose
She will kiss you 1 minute and then turn up her nose.
She will win you in rage, enchant you in silk
She'll be stronger than brandy, milder than milk.
At times, she will be vengefull, merry or sad
She will hate you like poison and love you like mad!

Moods of a Man-


Gals. Can't live with them and can't live without them.
Dedication time. A lovely romantic track from the album Room for Squares. "your body is a wonderland" sung and performed by John Mayer.

Sayonara folks...See you tomorrow.

What do you do when you love being at home and yet can't stay one moment indoors??? This is my situation. And by HOME, i mean this place. NOT EXACTLY INDOORS!!

Mom and Dad are at loggerheads. I know i should get involved too, but i would rather stay out of this one! Atleast while being indoors i got hooked to a couple of new tv shows. Oh i love watching 'Accidentally on purpose'. Its frigging hilarious! Hope maybe on day i have my own show. Maybe just as a special appearance or even as an extra on the set of a show i love. FRIENDS is over. But i might still have a chance at How I Met Your Mother.

Met Puneet and MJ yesterday. No you guys don't know them. They are my bestest male buddies in the world and the only chance for them to be famous before they get a job is in my blog. Puneet is being the same guy, the same basketball champ. MJ on the other hand, is sporting a new look. An ugly mound of beard that would put Capt. jack Sparrow to shame. Now apart from the head, there are two more places where he can hold them in a fist. :)

I am still sticking to the no-chicken rule. Blimey! I have to. Dad was ok with the idea of bringing home meat after such a long time but one look from mom and he chickened out. *sigh* ladies rule the kitchen in my family. My waist is decreasing at such a pace that very soon i might be the first guy with size zero figure. I used to wear 30 with 32 being at low waist which was cool. Now it seems even 28 would be large. I need to go shopping for shoes. Need a blue or a green this time. :)

Watched Iron Man 2. Fantastic movie. Scarlett Johannassen was ravishing. I dunno why gals fall for Tom Cruise or Matt Damon when there are guys like Robert Downing Jr, Hugh Jackman and George Clooney! I am a sucker for love stories. MJ narrated his tale of how he went to meet his gal last summer. 18 hours in a train without a seat. Poor bloke sat near the wash basin the whole way. Only love can make you do such crazy things. Hats off man! And i thought i was the one to go to extremes in the name of love. She's one lucky chick!

Dedication time folks. This is one of the best songs ever made last year, the video being awarded the best music video of the year. The OST of Transformers 2 and one of the soundtracks of Vampire Diaries. 21 guns - sung and performed by Green Day

FL quote of the day - "Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale"

Until tomorrow, sayonara folks

Jeez, time sure flies away when you are joblessly free!! Look at that! I haven't even posted anything since the day i last posted :) Oh yes, exams are finally over. That's the good thing. The bad thing is that in a fortnight my short-lived vacations will be over too!!!

Know what, i had pox!!! chicken pox!!! i thought i was superman!!! apparently, even superman gets chickenpox! Well i can handle the diseases! What i can't handle is that when people say, "no beta, you can't eat meat...DEFINITELY NOT CHICKEN". so the last 9 days were spent on boiled rice, boiled potatoes, boiled carrots and whatever can be boiled except BOILED EGGS! I was searching for a loophole in this boiled thingy and they plugged that too!

Searching for the cheapest flight from Chennai to Kolkata led me through a 9 hour ordeal via two more cities!!! Chennai-Bangalore-Hyderabad-Kolkata. And the emergence of pox started from any one of those places!!!! Kolkata was fun though!!! Met Abby and his gal. Didn't realize that a tiny bubble that was forming on my cheek was not a pimple but actually a sign of pox. Ignored the body-pain and fever and hogged on chicken and beer for lunch at tangra! Not what my body wanted! But still loved being there. Thanx Abby! Just for the place, the treat was mine :)

A neighbor of mine got married recently. Well it was a surprise! He was close to us and apparently we had no idea someone was taking those dreaded vows. Rumour has it that the chick he got married to was just an acquaintance for about a month and a half! Met at a bar (in guwahati????) and then bam! marriage! Looking at her tummy, i can safely assume it went from 'hey baby' to 'HEY BABY!!!' lols! Well, God save those kids! Speaking of marriage, why do newly wedded women have that glow that just makes you think of things you are not supposed to think of!?

And the weather over here!! Gorgeous!!! Rains on alternate days, breezy and overcast! Oh i am loving snuggling under a blanket! Alone, mind you! Here i lay in bed, hopefully today being my last day in my room!! If this is posted, that means am out finally!!! No chicken or meat for about 5 more days, but hey i can manage! If only beer came out of boobs! Waddaya know? Two of guys favorite things together! :)

Dedication time. A superb soft song from Ice Age 3. You are gonna love it. Alone again, Naturally

P.S| Gulabo, if you are reading, mind keeping this blog alive while i enjoy a tiny vacation???

And just like that, May is here! This month is one of the bloody best in the entire calendar as it starts with a holiday :) Man am in quite a happy mood. Just a week till i head home. Bye bye chennai for one whole month. The month started quite fresh. It even rained. Walking in the rain never felt so good!

Anyways, college is going on as usual! i sometimes wonder why the hell tsunami didn't affect our college! Its so near to the sea. Raghav showed up today. Yea finally he had an arrear! Dude's completely changed. Just a year ago, he was like what ideal guys were supossed to be. Handsome, single and with attitude. One year into his committed status and the poor bloke looks like the sun stopped shining on his face! Oh he's still the same jerk and still has the mojo of completely chewing my head, but looking at him makes you feel as if someone shoved a hand down his throat and grabbed his balls out from the inside! O_o! Atleast he's blissfully in love! Can't say the same for Afroze though. That bloke falls in love every other day! Lols, my two wackjob bff"s in the college!

I hate Facebook! Partly coz i have stopped playing mafia wars and mostly coz it always bloody finds a guy for me in 'the lover of the day' application! Sowmiya a.k.a Meow in the blog world is all smiles. She just can't stop smiling these days. haha. Oh yea i forgot, i need to suit up! No am not being Barney Stintson! We need suits for some of the days next semester. And looking at my physique right now, i wonder if i would find any ready-made ones for my size. Chalo, am going back to mom's food. She can create magic.

Watched  'A walk to  remember' again. Guys aren't  supposed to cry are they?? If no, then i didn't cry. I was just mentioning it, just like that. One song i am hooked to right now is "main toh raaste se ja raha tha, main toh bhelpoori kha raha tha". Gawd knows how it entered my head, but its addictive now.

Dedication time.  This one's for Dipti and Rish. "Truly, Madly, Deeply" sung by Savage Garden

FL quote of the day  -  "the toughest task in the world is to remain yourself when people are constantly trying to make you someone else"

Sayonara  folks

Hey good folks of the planet, rise and shine if you are reading this in the morning. If not, then just shine. I dunno why i am so surprisingly upbeat considering the fact that exams are screwing me all month long and i didn't get laid for quite some time now. Well the days till May 10th are ticking away. Home beckons baby. Back to mom's food, back to roadside momo's, back to driving dad's car, back to everything that smells, feels, looks like home!

Chennai is being Chennai. A few clouds appear every night only to do a Houdini every dawn. Darn it! CSK won the ipl 3! I can't believe it! Mumbai!!! bye bye!!! I have no idea regarding my antagonism towards this place. Its like every first impression got flushed down the toilet. The day i landed, it was the heat. My first autowalla experience nearly gave me a ticket to meet God. Damn those Schumacher copycats! My first conversation with shopkeepers nearly made me scream, 'dude this is India, hindi toh seekh lo'. My first day in college - oh dear lord NO! First impressions mean a lot if you are supposed to be marooned here for four bloody years. There is no winter here. None whatsoever. Autumn comes in Nov-Dec for a couple of days. Can't enjoy the beaches till the sun goes down. No, you don't get tanned, you get burned. Today is the day for its cons! There are a few pro's too..but today is not that day for chennai in my blog!

I would rather stay across the border all my life. Atleast Asbah and Seher can meet me once a month provided they don't get married and settle down in the States. My staple food has changed from burger and momo to idli. Managed to memorize a few tamil words. Aarthi and Meow can vouch for that. :P 

One of y roomies is down with chicken-pox. Man! are these things not extinct yet? Mom wants me to be super clean these days! Someone make her understand!!! Anyways enough of my nonsense. Dedication time! Love-birds out there, if you haven't heard the P.S I love you soundtrack, go commit suicide. Wait - you can hear it "Love you till the End" by the Pogues.

FL quote of the day -  'the deeper you fall in love, the more you fall apart when it fails"

Sayonara folks

Life sucks when you have exams 24*7. Life's a whole worse than sucks when u have double papers on a single day. After the sooper first paper, i screwed up Applied Numerical Methods. Am tired of Newton. Found that bloke in chemistry and physics! Now he's in Maths too??? What is he?
Operation Research was pretty good. HOD will be proud of me. He's the only one in the entire department who doesn't think i am a lost cause! The rest have given up! All i can see these days are books and notes. They are everywhere, all over me! Maddy asked whether i found any gal since i haven't been giving her much time. Well, my she ought to be scared! Am married to these notes for the time being!

I am clueless as for what reason i took up engineering. No sane cell of my brain wanted this!! When i was 3, mom said i wanted to be a truck driver! O_o! Then i grew up! The 'space' chapter in the 5th standard science text book blew me away. Wanted to be an astronaut. By the time i was in 9th, i was in two minds whether i wanted to pursue journalism or take up a career in the defense. I knew i was good in both. English was always there in me. Air Force made my heart beat faster. Wanted to fly where the eagles dared. Became one of the best cadets in NCC 'Air Force'. And then i took up engineering! what-the-bloody-fuck! Oh and in between i wanted to be an astro-physicist! Got carried away by the astro-thingy and Newton and Galileo an Einstein nearly brain washed me!

Made a mess of my dreams. But excluding the current situation i am in, i am pretty happy. Mark my words, i will publish my novel on day! And yes, one day i will fly free!

Listening to DDLJ songs for the umpteenth time now. Sometimes i just get carried away in my own dreams. Wish i was Raj Malhotra, cruising in Europe....*sigh* real life's so drastically different from reel life. I hope Raj thinks the same when he sees my life :P The butter chicken that i had for dinner yesterday is growling. Guess he's lonely in the confines of my stomach.
Roomie's being giving me his daily crap 'bout how to end a fight with your partner in a jiffy! Am sure if he doesn't get placed next year he's gonna open his own 24 hours helpline and consultancy service! Fees fixed for males, negotiable for females seeking help (including perks).

All is well in the outer world. Darned CSK reached the finals. Nancy and Afroze have got this irritating habit of reminding me whenever they get the chance. Sis deleted me from her orkut friend list!!! That tiny midget!! Mom misses her bro, i miss my uncle. But i don't have the heart to tell her to get over it. People tend to cling on to memories as they get older.

Awrite, Today's dedication to all the people who enjoys the occasional classic rock. And you would love it more, since its sung by AC/DC. so here you go - "you shook me all night long" by AC/DC. Also if you happen to watch Supernatural, then this song is in Season one OST.

FL quote of the day - "if we aren't supposed to drink and drive, then why do bars have parking lots???"

D-day has arrived! Theory papers started! Had Production Process II. One good thing was that its all theory. No mathematical mumbo-jumbo needed. One thing i learned in Sathyabama is that if you write neatly, underline a  few words, use colored pens then if you write a porno story in between the 12 marks paper, you might very easily top the exam! No Maddy, i didn't do any such stuff! Swear baby, all my hard work has gone into the paper. But am just saying its another alternative to hard work with the same results.

The day started just as any other lousy day starts. Afroze gave a surprise by coming to college early morning. Reason-his mom wakes him up to study. Instead he preferred to come to college to chat with us! Abby turned 22 today. Poor dog! he's still younger to me! Btw did i say, exam was top class! Not exactly top class but well just hovering around there! Wrote a-fucking-22-pages! Never in my life i wrote anything so neat! Maybe it will be displayed to future students next year as an example!

Mom rang up in the afternoon. By the sound of her voice i knew the inevitable finally arrived. My uncle (her only brother) passed away! Man he was just 51! The whole family's in mourning. Grandmom is inconsolable. The only son. I gave up on God long back! The miracle that was supposed to happen never took place! It is said that whom Gods love more, they call them young! Why young?? Why not let them live more? God is on vacation while uncle's family needs faith and strength to carry on! Cancer! Apollo gave up on him. Now even the almighty.

He was my Superman! All my cousins looked up to him man! He wasn't so hard-working. But so what? he did enough to feed his family and keep them happy! He was that sort of man who made people fall in love with him, who made people flock around him. No grudges, no fights. And God decides to take him away when the world needs more people like him!

Chemo made him more weak. It also gave other viruses a direct passport to attack. When your nervous system is down, little can you do about your survival. Docs reported the reason as cancer. It must have been the fastest since he passed away within a month of chemotherapy.

Dedication time i guess. No more weeping in silence. This song is for all the people whenever you are down in dumps, whenever you feel like giving up, whenever you feel lonely. Remember, even Superman fell! This song, for you is - 'Its not east to be me'  originally sung and performed by Five For Fighting and later by David Gray.

(click on the title to download)

Fl's quote of the day - 'When you were born, you cried and people smiled. Charm a million hearts so that when you die, you die smiling and people will cry.'


Folks I hope you are having better days than me! You ought to. You didn’t screw your lives like I did. 5 semester practicals in three days!! Final verdict-soooper! Can safely expect above 90 in four of them. *sigh* theory papers start from Monday and will last all the way till 10th of May. My days are royally fucked!

Nothing positive in life as well. My laptop is dead once and for all. Keyboard, speakers, battery and now monitor! Funds are dwindling at a rapid rate. The days of KFC are over for the time being. And fuck this Chennai heat! I would prefer Rajasthan and Delhi’s heat strokes…even the dreaded loo! But GAWD! Not this! Yet to get my hall ticket! Atleast we get to munch on free chicken during lunch in college! 
No latest news as of now. This blog’s gonna be one year old by the month end. Hopefully 100 posts by that time. And the template and widgets will be completely revamped. MDR and SNF will still continue. Hopefully.
Sis took admission in a hotel management course in some college at Kolkata. Dad keeps crying over the phone whenever he talks with me! He says he and mom will be alone from now! Sis is adamant. She wants to go out. Wants her freedom I guess. That’s fine with me. Atleast it’s a lot nearer to home. Let her manage a month without mom! She will be dying to go home….hehe
Have stopped watching IPL. KKR disappoints! Yet again! Someone chuck Dada out! Its sad to read SRK’s tweets after every loss! I won’t be surprised if he sells the team next year! Darned CSK reached the semis! Afroze is drunk with joy! Sania got married to whom??? Well, what happened to good looking Indian Muslim guys??? Anyways, Pakistan did a favor this time. Now please take Rakhi Sawant too!
Salman Khan joined twitter! #BeingSalmanKhan. Another celeb to join the bandwagon. I was using twitter for free the last couple of days before they bloody deducted a whole of 50 rupees and brought my balance to negative! Good times last a lot less than usual! Maddy is being Maddy, I am being Shahid Kapoor 

Anyways, dedication time.
This song is for all the love-birds in the world who has been in love. Time to let your loved one know how important he/she is. If you didn’t hear the track yet, just click the title and download it 
This is for you love, my favorite love track – “Making Love Out of Nothing At All” by Air Supply.
FL quote of the day- “People don’t change. We just find out who they really are.”

Taking your leave now. Happy Baisakhi, Happy Sankranti, Happy Bihu

I love sleeping.Who doesn't??There in Chennai I used to sleep nearly naked under the fan revolving at top speed.Whereas in Kodaikanal,I slept under a warm blanket in a super comfortable mattress.(Though the nearly naked part remained constant:-) )

At 8a.m she tried to wake me up.She always tries,but all her attempts go in vain!! Though I can't disclose what she did,cause there is no parental advisory rating in this blog....I did wake up this time.Much more alert and with senses on hyperactive mode..hehe.In between our home work session,the darned phone rang to inform us that it was already 9 and we had to check out.Damnation!!! Calculations swirled in my mind before I spoke (20 more minutes),banged the phone down and raced to finish what was already in motion!:-)

Since it was the last morning here we went window shopping.Brunch at CCD cost us more than 600bucks!!But Maddy was already tired since yesterday's marathon walk but still we went cycling again!!

This time I admit I got a better cycle.Breaks worked alright,there was even a horn.A couple of monkeys decided to check Maddy's purse while we were spending some cozy romantic moments in the shade of a tree.Not before long,a thought of tandoor entered her mind and there she was,crunching,tearing,biting,nibbling,chewing her chicken!We spend the afternoon in an awesome park where one kid won't let me play with his football!Kids these days,am telling you!!They come straight from hell!!Maddy would forever remember her time there(no it was for some completely different reason...hehe....ask her).

We ate whatever we could get our hands on.From roasted corn to vanilla icecreams,from jhaalmuris to sugar candies,nothing was spared!Time to say saiyonara beaconed and we made our way to the bus stand.I din't wanna leave!!Nevertheless,everything comes to an end one day.We just have to make sure we make the ending perfect!

Kodaikanal trip is over but we have pics and memories to last a life time.

Anyways,today's FL quote is
"You laugh at me cause I am different.Well I laugh at you cause you are all the SAME!!"

Love you all

P.S-I pray with all my heart for the healthy recovery of Nushrath's Mom.

Hey folks. First of all lemme say it out loud. Hill stations rock big time! Big big time! I have been to Ooty, shillong, darjeeling, gangtok, bomdila, tawang and finally this time made it to Kodaikanal. What a place!

Me and Maddy on our self-proclaimmed second honeymoon! The first 8 hours of the journey were too pathetic! But the last three had our hearts in our throats! By 8 o clock in the morning we reached. The climate was/is fantastic! Chennai heat can go to hell! Though the bus tickets already burned a gaping hole in our pockets and signs of going over budget loomed over us like bad omens, we were the least bit worried. What we didn't realise was that this was their peak season! Got the first taste of disaster when we couldn't fine any hotel rooms. Those which were available were way beyond affordable range! Luckily, we found one! And boy o boy! I fell in love with that hotel! The weather takes the fatigue away and you will find a spring in your step everytime. We showered, fooled around in the mighty bed, did some homework :) and then went sightseeing! Kodaikanal is famous for its falls and caves! Though we were floored by the falls, the caves were a tad dissapointing.

And then there was a trekking! Poor maddy nearly collapsed! I doubt she walked as much her entire life as she did that day! She's sure she lost a couple of kilos (nice excuse to avoid going for walks once we return). I thought I knew that gal completely until the last few days dropped some shockers! Her love for chicken is aeons greater than her love for me! After having a huge piece of tandoor and nans for dinner, she asked, 'baby, can we order another full tandoor and parcel it???' Holy Moly! Is it a stomach or a well???

Lols. And aah! We went cycling by the lake! I am a newbie while she is a pro! I have some handling issues and the cycle moves everyway but straight! And Maddy is of the opinion that it turns in that direction where there are chicks cycling!

Night comes early at hill stations. We were supossed to watch a movie together. Maddy's idea, I said 'cool'. Even before 10 minutes passed she was fast asleep with her head on my chest! Aww I so so so love her!

Day one over! A couple alone in a hill station! It doesn't get anymore romantic than this! Trust me!

Signing off now folks

Oh yea! Today's FL quote of the day -
"People who give flying kisses.............are hopelessly LAZY!"

The end of the month is near. Finally!!! March is hot and bloody busy! I have college, assignments, hafta write records before practicals, midsems from monday yet again! oh i hate march! Sis is giving her boards. So she hates march too! Dad is going nuts in office. This is the last month of the calendar in IOCL. hence, working late nights. He hates march too... Well mom hates whatever we all hate. This thing runs in the family! Hallelujah!

I miss writing here.  Come online a couple of times a week and think  what to jot down.  Then log in to  FB and play Mafia Wars :) hehe. Semester dates are announced. From 22nd April. Not even a month left! In between records and practicals and ielts classes i am somehow managing to jot down my utter nonsense here. My own personal dust-bin!

There are two chicks sitting right in the next cubicle of the cafe. :P
No, am not interested but sadly i can't read their thoughts. Talking of chicks, one good thing about indian women is that no matter how they look in dresses, they transform into something completely mesmerizing when they are in a sari! Second year students gals are coming in sari's these last few days for the annual photo shoot and we chaps are having a time of our life. Behenji's look like gladrags models these days! Thank God, they aren't adorned in gajra's. Its funny how a dress or the way a gal dresses make men go gaga! Sadly most of my classmates are despos and keep drooling when they see a midriff or a flat tummy!

100 bucks! that's all i have right now! Time to pataofy mum once again! poor lady. She would be real glad when i start earning. Oh gotta go now...

Btw , after every  post i will be writing a  one-liner  or a motto for you folks. Some might be downright ridiculous and some copied  furtively  from elsewhere :-P

Anyways, todays FL quote is -
"if you can't see the bright side of life,  polish the dull side " :P

Hakuna Matata

Semesters around the corner folks. Too much for a young man to handle. My friends seem to have abandoned me. I should be called the 'Solitary Writer'. :) No offense STE :P 

The weekend was fultoo fun. Went to Pondicherry to surprise Maddy. Its been a long time since we met at Pondicherry. Whenever she comes to Chennai, most of the time we stay at home, watch tv, fool around in the bed. Atleast me roamed around in Pondi, though the urge to fool around was also high :P
Had lunch in some awesome restaurant with over priced rates. But it was fun seeing her, holding hands, fighting, cursing, blowing flying kisses. 1st and 2nd year of our courtship revisited again.

I am going to college regularly these days. Maddy and Cam would probably flay my skin if i failed to do so. Mean gals. I need adventure. Anything to break away from this monotonous dull life of mine. Atleast IPL is helping a bit. I loved the way CSK got thrashed by DC. Though i support KKR, i was more than happy to cheer for Esther's DC that day.

Two weeks gone and am out of funds yet again. Pratsie rang up this morning with the intention of murder :) I miss blogging regularly. Sorry not being able to comment much folks. A few more days.

Catch ye later.
Thought of the day - Practice safe sex. Go screw yourself :)

Nearly half of March is gone! Life has not become any better either. Same old fucking college. Professors are picking on me...yet again! Maybe they are just jealous that they are not even half as HOT as me :P
Sorry sirs, can't help it. Adjust for another year.

Temperature in Chennai is rising at such a break-neck speed that very soon it will be possible to boil an egg over my head! Which may turn to be a  good new for me.A much needed break from Idli's and Pongal for breakfast. The downside is that by the end of summer i will turn from a good looking dude to a oven-burned African Negro!
The price of living in Chennai for 4 years is too high for my beauty :P

Midsem results are out. Not too bad this time. Failed in one. Absent in one. Got caught for copying from xerox in one! Rest of the papers - PASS! Dad will be so proud of me that i didn't get caught for the rest! Sooooper!

Maddy is leaving Chennai. Suddenly i feel i will be lost in her absence. I just wanna get married and have kids. Live near a beach.....(no, not in chennai),  work for a happening newspaper (no i dunno why i took up engg).

Sulagna  and Kajal are already married. Nusrath too. Nut she is an exception. She got married even before she knew the meaning of marriage ! :P
Pratsie is getting married in June, Dipti is also on her way to that auspicious day. Me? I am stuck in a shit-hole of a college and having a cup of coffee with GOD seems much more possible than tying the knot in the nearby future!

So much to do,  so bloody less time. Sometimes i wonder why the fuck do i blog about myself! No one even reads it! Dunno how long will i be writing...anyways catch ye later.

Hakuna Matata

P.S| Maddy got drunk last night. Might jot down a few funny moments tomorrow.
love you all

Good afternoon fellas.
My exams ended. Oh yea! Well last evening in fact!!! Finally free of books and notes for about two weeks! Stupid professors already returned a few papers! Got '5' outta 40 in 'Quality Sys' paper. Now, that's totally my fault i admit. I slept during the exam. 'Mechatronics' paper was good. But in one answer, sir just wrote...'copied from a certain boy,hence no marks'. o_O!!

Afroze turned 20 two days back!! Here i am, already 22 and worries of grey hair still fill my head and that chap just finished his teenage years!
Anways a party was in the offering and finally it took place yesterday. 'Black n White' bar after college. Me and Raghav made sure we looted him like rum-drinking pirates!!!
Just one more year of college and this has made everyone gel better. Guys we seldom talked to started hanging around together. Classic case of 'the toppers' meets 'the populars'. No we aren't the toppers!! Annamalai University is in a mess. 9 dead bodies of north indians so far! Poor souls extinguished in a flash! 

Dil do Hockey ko! Ghanta dil do!
India nearly out of the race! They didn't just lose. They were massacred. 
Its better to watch IPL and cheer for any team except Chennai SuperKings.

Class 12 boards started. Gawd knows how my sis is doing. I hope she manages first div,
Maddy is in chennai. Trying to cook something. If i am alive after eating, will give you the review... till then... happy a rocking day.

Hakuna Matata

Hey folks,
today is the last day of the shortest month of the year. Half of India is playing holi while people like us stuck in Chennai had to strike in college to get a holiday to celebrate holi. And here Holi's tomorrow. o_O 
I pity the south-indians of our college though. They have to attend college. hehe... So am patiently waiting for tomorrow. Brought lotsa colours today. The house will be painted in colors tomorrow folks!

Anyways my midsems are going on..hence less posts this month! Who am i kidding?? Since when did i prefer exams over my blog??? no, no i love my blog way too much! mwaaah blog...mwaah!

Joined IELTS classes. My recent marks in English aptitude test nearly gave me a heart-attack! Guess am not so familiar with english as i so proudly thought! *sigh*
Esther says i don't need classes...hmmm lets see. Bro left for home! i am gonna miss pasta big time! My roomie got an apple ipod touch 8gb last night. You should have seen me burn in jealousy! There was so much fire and smoke in me that i myself nearly choked. He went to met a gal today morning to show off his ipod! hmmmph!! Now you see am not an angel. She wanted to watch the video of Love Story (taylor swift) on his ipod. What i did was deleted that video and renamed a porn as Love Story! dying to see his face now!! Yipee!!

One more day to go before financial aid arrives! why GOD why torture such an innocent kid like me!? lols..if God reads this, he wil fall of his chair! :P

Rashi is in Chennai..infact in Pondicherry as i speak...hope to meet her tomorrow. Lets see! Till then, its FL signing off

Happy HOLI folks


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