Oh look at that. Deepawali is over :( This month had only one thing wonderful, apart from the coming of winter. Now that's over.....plus rain played havoc again. BUT i had fun...yeah loads....bhabi ke ghar, alcohol bhi tha :)

Did i say i got a new laptop?? oh yeah!!! its SONY VAIO MINI. White :D bliss!!!! Hehe...Bro is like super pissed...he had his eyes on that wonder. Little did he knew, that i had been planning to usurp his plans...bwahahahaha... and now he has challenged me to a war. Actually the war had already begun...Silly git just realised it....but he is game for it, just like a toddler, the 27 year old brother has crossed swords with me! And he keeps telling people that he is matured :P Bleh!!!!

Last year, Diwali was the best of my life. Maddy was there. And we had oodles of fun. I missed her this time. Though she would never believe me if i said it. I am just glad that i can write my feelings over here without her castrating and picking on my thoughts... she seldom reads this blog these days :P

And oh, my backlogs are on. GOD i just want to be off with them. Did i tell you guys, that i am shopping for clothes these days. Yeah, a new look....well its the 'Neil Caffrey' look from White Collar...already got the hat, now i need a waist coat that fits. My size zero figure is making it impossible to find the right clothes :(

Hmmm...whats new in my life?? Oh, i am a certified uploader in h33t now :P yays!!! Uploading my first torrent 'veritas-the quest' in h33t. Its a sci-fi/fantasy show :P

Okay, gotta go...back to books for some time....until then,
Its FL signing off

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