Why is it that after a couple of posts i run out of words? Happens to me all the time. I feel like i have more topics to talk with a stranger than write about. Anyway, Home Alone period is almost over. Bro and Bhabi are coming back tomorrow. And you know what that means?? Free food!! Yes!!! No more spending pocket money on chicken and eggs and bread and milk.

Its not that i have been alone all this while. My ex-roomie keeps visiting and have the dog for company. Doggie is tired of milk, so i tried giving her cold coffee. She licked it up. Caffeine lover. Brownie points to her. If bro comes to know about it, i am DEAD!

Flipkart delivered a book today. Its a romance novel *pukes* But i have to read it as part of the book reading challenge on my blog. Okay what else? Oh yes, my girl is weird. She tells me that none of her colleagues believe that she has a boyfriend aka 'me', but whenever i ring her up during office hours she tries her best not to say 'i love you' before keeping the phone. Is this a sign from God?? hmmm. I gave up figuring out girls long time back. 

Mom and Dad are still not back from their so-called second honeymoon. I just don't want another sibling in 9 months. That would be awkward. Meta! Told Ma not to get anything for me. That means i can ask for funds by the end of the month. bwahahaha. Downloading of tv shows is happening once more. Though i am still waiting for the new season of Chuck and Bones.

I swear to God i will never live alone again. Groceries cost like hell!!! 1 kg rice barely lasts 2 days! And refined oil costs 90 bucks! What the fuck! Also 1L milk for just 2 days! I will go bankrupt within months! Not to mention the bread and eggs that i eat daily. If only father owned KFC. Its been almost 2 months since i tasted a chicken zinger burger! *sob sob* 

Ooh gotta go. Ex-roomie is preparing paanipuri. Yeah home-made. Pretty chizz right. Nom nom time. Catch you later, alligator. #fail

Its FL signing off

Hello sunshine

Laziness has conquered me. This is the third day in a row i haven't showered. or changed my boxers. I think its time. Also, my beard and mustache has grown longest till date. Which reminds me, i don't have shaving foam. DAMNATION! Except these, life's all good. I study intermittently, dividing my time between blogging and reading novels. 

Nimue's been begging me to stop doing fantasy reviews :( So yeah, am giving other genre's a chance. Read a historical fiction a couple of days back. That was ermmm....good. Now reading a medical thriller starring Dr. Temperance Brennan. Ooops, heart did another backflip. Gosh i love her!

And yes, cooking too. Without bro and bhabi in the house, i feel like i am in MasterChef Australia without the judges. Brought veal yesterday thinking it was venison. Yes, major facepalm moment happened.  Roomie google'd it and learned it was baby cow. So its in the freezer now. I love beef, roomie can't handle it. Idiot! Good news is that while he is here, i can take a break from the nitty gritty kitchen work, even though i have started liking it. 

Love life is going great. No fights *touchwood*. Mom and Dad are in Kashmir on their second honeymoon *sigh* Anyway, i told them to get some cool stuff from me. Reminded mom that Kashmiri girls are cute. She just muttered something that sounded like 'men!!!'. Anyway, off i go now. See you all soon.

Its FL signing off

*cough cough*

Am a terrible person, right?? I always promise to be back regularly and then like always i don't. I am the master of all disappearing acts. Something that i am not proud of actually. But what the hell, you have a life, i have a life. This blog needs a breather away from you and me.

Whenever i open blogger, i never scroll down. I just click on new post at 'A LOT OF PAGES', do the necessary typing, hit post and voila, am gone. Today, i decided to stay back a bit and browse. So apparently i have more blogs than any sane person has. I have my own blog, "Abysmally Mine", which is currently in a comatose state. After that, i have THIS on-off personal blog that i seldom see. Am the ADMIN of "The Writers Lounge", which is slowly dying despite my repeated acts of revival. Also am the ADMIN of "Darlings of Venus", which is, as the name suggests an all-girls blog. Why am i even there, i have no idea. Though i presume the owner of that blog likes me as am a goooooooood friend. Also i am the OWNER of a "A Lot Of Pages", which as you know is a book-review blog. I thought that was more than enough but then i created another one, "The Naive Chef". Looks like cooking is my new hobby. Oh blame MasterChef Australia!

Talking of MasterChef Oz, have you seen DANI??? I frigging love her! Yes, i can watch repeat after repeats just for her. And mostly because i have nothing else to do. Bro and Bhabi and her sis are home which means i have the entire house to me. Well, not exactly....i am the babysitter for the puppy who is growing up at an alarming rate. So as you can imagine, my days are pretty void of work. And yes, my internet is back and that means downloading of porn shall resume to fill my lonely nights.

More about that later. How have you lot been? I should really visit your blogs too right? Hmmm about that, will do soon. Am losing touch with my writing and losing concentration as well. Anyway, adios for now.

Its FL signing off

P.S| have you noticed the new font color? Should i keep this or revert back to the classic purple of Freelancer?


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