My first reaction when Mridu asked me to write a guest post for Scribblings was "Oh, what will I write about???".. cuz' if you've been a reader of my ♪ Unchained Melody♪ , then you know that CrazyDiamond is just so random! Random in her thoughts, photographs, moods blah blah and blah. She even randomly deletes a blog and makes a new one and expects all her previous followers to start following again on the same day! She gets irritated when that obviously does not happen.

Ok, cut the crap. Basically, writing in your space is different than writing on someone else's blog..because it's their space! Their world! Their baby! How can you just 'invade' in ? But FL told me "write whatever you want, it's your post", so I was like okay, cool!

So, I haven't given this much thought and decided that I'll just write whatever I feel like.. but in the right way. RIGHT WAY = Caitalising the first letter of the sentences, the names etc :p You know, correct angrejji n all.

I'm gonna talk about the most interesting thing ever. No, not sex. I mean yes, that is the most interesting topic in the world (admit it, don't act weird and say No, there are a lot of other interesting things). What makes sex the most interesting thing for men?


                                                                            ! ! !

But what's sad is that men have this problem with women since centuries (in fact I don't know any guy who completely knows how to keep a woman happy at all times). They can't figure out WHY ARE THEIR GIRLS NEVER SATISFIED? WHY DO THEY COMPLAIN SO MUCH INSPITE OF ALL THAT GUYS DO FOR THEM!?

I know, I sympathise completely. We girls tend to make your life a little bit of a challenge..*Fun*. But trust me when I say this, and I'm saying it on behalf of all the girls, that WE LOVE YOU GUYS. I mean 'our guys', not each other's guys!

We love you and we have such amazingly simple expectations from you guys but somehow this notion has been drilled in your head that women are complicated and men are simple. Myth. Men are dense (or they pretend at times). Sorry. Women are very very simple. We need very basic things in life. I'll tell you what.

First and foremost : Love. Of course! It's a small word but you know it's not a joke to just fall in love and carry on happily ever after. The challenge begins once the first few months of the relationship have passed.

You are introduced to the word "ATTENTION"... a little subtly at first, but since you have a rosy picture in your mind that she loves me forever and everything will be great, you don't realize when you start taking her for granted. Sweethearts. Really innocent aren't you? Well, if you want that forever-happy-girlfriend, then you have to treat her the way you did when you were wooing her. HOW? you ask? You called her often, my friend. You never let her call go in the "missed calls" and forget cancelling her call, oh blasphemy.

*kuch yaad aaya?*

Never make her feel 'ignored'. I know you never IGNORE her but she does feel bad (really mad an pissed off too) when the calls go unanswered or when you don't call her back or *worst*--> you sleep off at night without saying good night.

A woman loves small gestures of affection more than the hardcore smooching, guys! Don't get me wrong, we love the lovemaking n all. But somehow, those sudden quick hugs, those pecks on the cheek, those moments when you just want to hold hands are really very important. Sex is sex, it's great. But those small gestures somehow count so much in a relationship, that's what makes a woman feel truly loved by her man. Constant affection, making her feel wanted, making her feel needed.

Appreciate her at times. Thank her for being there for you.

Respect her, don't ever make the mistake of calling her "stupid". Trust me, you'll be the one feeling stupid AND miserable later...and we hate to make you go through that :)

The Once in a while-GIFTS! Oh My God. We love gifts as much as a kid does. That does not make us materialistic, we don't want expensive shit all the time.It's just a child in us that always wants to stay alive and be pampered by you, be spoilt by you. We LOVE guys who spoil us.

No matter how much we talk about women's lib and our independence and stuff, we love men who are protective and possessive about us. But know where to draw the line..don't ever stop her from doing something that you know makes her genuinely happy :)

Give her dreams... give her memories... give her a morning kiss, a good night kiss, a random kiss.

Listen to her, talk to her, tell her about your childhood.. oh much we love listening to our man's childhood stories!

COMPLIMENT. And of course, genuine compliments. Every woman is beautiful in her own way. If you love her, you love her because of some quality right? Make her feel that she's looking lovely even when she's looking very tired or is not well. You have to be with her in sickness and in health!

"A woman who cannot be ugly is not beautiful. ~Karl Kraus"

You know what, listen to this song very carefully...

Have you ever really loved a woman - Bryan Adams
(this is not Bryan singing, embedding was disabled for the Bryan Adams video of this song :/)
I think it summarises my post. The song is just too beautiful :)

So, love your woman ♥

Hey you people, remember meh?? yes its me only. Hows you been? Its raining cats and dogs here and am loving it. Even rain can't stop me from going outside. The days of fun and frolic are dwindling though. Returning back to oh-save-me-from-CHENNAI on the 4th of June. Going for KITES tomorrow. I know its a super dud but sadly already booked tickets long back. Tik-tik Roshan disappointed, Barbara Mori's acting skills disappointed, Anurag Basu disappointed!!!

Chalo, atleast Maddy's coming. Met Kangkana today. I would love to hate her but unfortunately i can't. She doesn't admit that i look like Shahid. Now that's damn rude right? I know. People these days are so frigging insensitive. Been hogging a lot these days. Roast pork, pork fry...yummmmmy!!!!! I have nothing to write about today. Gawd, nada!

Well this was just a tiny outburst. I had to write something. My hands were itching like anything. Moreover i keep on opening my blog to check for comments. I love comments...hehehe. Recently addicted to two different songs whatsoever. "oh gal, you are mine" from a crappy movie like HOUSEFULL and "Zindagi" from KITES!

Kangkana says i have too many female friends. She got the shock of her life when she checked my mobile contacts today and found that out of 175 entries, 99 are females! Now hey, that included my cousins and sisters but she just rolled her eyes as if she was making a drastic life threatening point :P Anyways, that doesn't matter. She is just plain jealous :)
Speaking of females, today's dedication of this blog's song goes to all the ladies of the world. Well not all, this is for all the SINGLE ladies. Here's the song - SINGLE LADIES (put a ring on it) sung and performed by BEYONCE! oh i love this song!

Sayonara folks, until tomorrow.
Love you all

Looks like this is the year of weddings. People are hooking up left, right and center. They are either exchanging garlands, pronouncing proudly 'i do' or saying 'kubool hai'. My cousin is getting married in october. The only remaining elder sister of mine. A close blogger friend of mine will tie the knot within a couple of months. My neice has her ring ceremony next sunday. My childhood friend with whom i used to play around in the fields of my village, she has her ring ceremony next month. 2010 seems to be a wonder year.

One of my sisters confided in me that she might like a guy. She used the word 'LIKE' but that is enough for me to jump in joy. In her 23 years this is the first time i saw her a teeny weeny bit excited regarding boys. I was starting to think she was a lesbian! Now that would have been cool :)

Marriage is wonderful institution. A perfect gift to wrap or encase the love between two hearts. My folks have been married for 24 years. Dad is getting nostalgic these days. He keeps on pinching mom's cheeks. Apart from the television, those two keep the house alive. Whenever i try to grin at them, mom chases me around the dining table. I keep telling Mom not to expect her daughter-in-law to rub her feet whenever she wishes! And all she does is roll her eyes at me! It was a love marriage for Mom and Dad. Not only that, they had to go against my grandparents. Fultoo indian masala movie type! 

Enough of marriage. Another 4 years before i am tied down. Youth don't last long, even lesser than teenage. Better make use full use of it before you run out of time. Met my roomie with his gal yesterday. And for reasons that only God knows, i ended up paying about 400 bucks. And i just had an Irish coffee :(
I have to admire his gal's guts. She asked whether she would call me bro or uncle! She is 5 years younger to me!!! Talking of chicks, a hot bimbo entered CCD while we were seated. Nearly every pair of eyes followed her. Gals were envying her while the guy's were sporting that hungry look! lols. And why not? She wore a tank top so tight that it would fit comfortably on my 10 year old neice. And add to that, the shortest flowing mini skirt! God gave her some awesome legs but looking at the lads i am sure some of them were waiting for a miracle wind to lift it up. Just hope she had some lovely thong instead of the regular ones.

A friend sent me an awesome text. Just feeling like sharing with you.
"Moods of a woman -
an angel of truth and a dream of fiction.
she is afraid of a wasp and will scream at a mouse, 
but will tackle a stranger alone in the house.
Sour as vinegar, sweet as rose
She will kiss you 1 minute and then turn up her nose.
She will win you in rage, enchant you in silk
She'll be stronger than brandy, milder than milk.
At times, she will be vengefull, merry or sad
She will hate you like poison and love you like mad!

Moods of a Man-


Gals. Can't live with them and can't live without them.
Dedication time. A lovely romantic track from the album Room for Squares. "your body is a wonderland" sung and performed by John Mayer.

Sayonara folks...See you tomorrow.

What do you do when you love being at home and yet can't stay one moment indoors??? This is my situation. And by HOME, i mean this place. NOT EXACTLY INDOORS!!

Mom and Dad are at loggerheads. I know i should get involved too, but i would rather stay out of this one! Atleast while being indoors i got hooked to a couple of new tv shows. Oh i love watching 'Accidentally on purpose'. Its frigging hilarious! Hope maybe on day i have my own show. Maybe just as a special appearance or even as an extra on the set of a show i love. FRIENDS is over. But i might still have a chance at How I Met Your Mother.

Met Puneet and MJ yesterday. No you guys don't know them. They are my bestest male buddies in the world and the only chance for them to be famous before they get a job is in my blog. Puneet is being the same guy, the same basketball champ. MJ on the other hand, is sporting a new look. An ugly mound of beard that would put Capt. jack Sparrow to shame. Now apart from the head, there are two more places where he can hold them in a fist. :)

I am still sticking to the no-chicken rule. Blimey! I have to. Dad was ok with the idea of bringing home meat after such a long time but one look from mom and he chickened out. *sigh* ladies rule the kitchen in my family. My waist is decreasing at such a pace that very soon i might be the first guy with size zero figure. I used to wear 30 with 32 being at low waist which was cool. Now it seems even 28 would be large. I need to go shopping for shoes. Need a blue or a green this time. :)

Watched Iron Man 2. Fantastic movie. Scarlett Johannassen was ravishing. I dunno why gals fall for Tom Cruise or Matt Damon when there are guys like Robert Downing Jr, Hugh Jackman and George Clooney! I am a sucker for love stories. MJ narrated his tale of how he went to meet his gal last summer. 18 hours in a train without a seat. Poor bloke sat near the wash basin the whole way. Only love can make you do such crazy things. Hats off man! And i thought i was the one to go to extremes in the name of love. She's one lucky chick!

Dedication time folks. This is one of the best songs ever made last year, the video being awarded the best music video of the year. The OST of Transformers 2 and one of the soundtracks of Vampire Diaries. 21 guns - sung and performed by Green Day

FL quote of the day - "Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale"

Until tomorrow, sayonara folks

Jeez, time sure flies away when you are joblessly free!! Look at that! I haven't even posted anything since the day i last posted :) Oh yes, exams are finally over. That's the good thing. The bad thing is that in a fortnight my short-lived vacations will be over too!!!

Know what, i had pox!!! chicken pox!!! i thought i was superman!!! apparently, even superman gets chickenpox! Well i can handle the diseases! What i can't handle is that when people say, "no beta, you can't eat meat...DEFINITELY NOT CHICKEN". so the last 9 days were spent on boiled rice, boiled potatoes, boiled carrots and whatever can be boiled except BOILED EGGS! I was searching for a loophole in this boiled thingy and they plugged that too!

Searching for the cheapest flight from Chennai to Kolkata led me through a 9 hour ordeal via two more cities!!! Chennai-Bangalore-Hyderabad-Kolkata. And the emergence of pox started from any one of those places!!!! Kolkata was fun though!!! Met Abby and his gal. Didn't realize that a tiny bubble that was forming on my cheek was not a pimple but actually a sign of pox. Ignored the body-pain and fever and hogged on chicken and beer for lunch at tangra! Not what my body wanted! But still loved being there. Thanx Abby! Just for the place, the treat was mine :)

A neighbor of mine got married recently. Well it was a surprise! He was close to us and apparently we had no idea someone was taking those dreaded vows. Rumour has it that the chick he got married to was just an acquaintance for about a month and a half! Met at a bar (in guwahati????) and then bam! marriage! Looking at her tummy, i can safely assume it went from 'hey baby' to 'HEY BABY!!!' lols! Well, God save those kids! Speaking of marriage, why do newly wedded women have that glow that just makes you think of things you are not supposed to think of!?

And the weather over here!! Gorgeous!!! Rains on alternate days, breezy and overcast! Oh i am loving snuggling under a blanket! Alone, mind you! Here i lay in bed, hopefully today being my last day in my room!! If this is posted, that means am out finally!!! No chicken or meat for about 5 more days, but hey i can manage! If only beer came out of boobs! Waddaya know? Two of guys favorite things together! :)

Dedication time. A superb soft song from Ice Age 3. You are gonna love it. Alone again, Naturally

P.S| Gulabo, if you are reading, mind keeping this blog alive while i enjoy a tiny vacation???

And just like that, May is here! This month is one of the bloody best in the entire calendar as it starts with a holiday :) Man am in quite a happy mood. Just a week till i head home. Bye bye chennai for one whole month. The month started quite fresh. It even rained. Walking in the rain never felt so good!

Anyways, college is going on as usual! i sometimes wonder why the hell tsunami didn't affect our college! Its so near to the sea. Raghav showed up today. Yea finally he had an arrear! Dude's completely changed. Just a year ago, he was like what ideal guys were supossed to be. Handsome, single and with attitude. One year into his committed status and the poor bloke looks like the sun stopped shining on his face! Oh he's still the same jerk and still has the mojo of completely chewing my head, but looking at him makes you feel as if someone shoved a hand down his throat and grabbed his balls out from the inside! O_o! Atleast he's blissfully in love! Can't say the same for Afroze though. That bloke falls in love every other day! Lols, my two wackjob bff"s in the college!

I hate Facebook! Partly coz i have stopped playing mafia wars and mostly coz it always bloody finds a guy for me in 'the lover of the day' application! Sowmiya a.k.a Meow in the blog world is all smiles. She just can't stop smiling these days. haha. Oh yea i forgot, i need to suit up! No am not being Barney Stintson! We need suits for some of the days next semester. And looking at my physique right now, i wonder if i would find any ready-made ones for my size. Chalo, am going back to mom's food. She can create magic.

Watched  'A walk to  remember' again. Guys aren't  supposed to cry are they?? If no, then i didn't cry. I was just mentioning it, just like that. One song i am hooked to right now is "main toh raaste se ja raha tha, main toh bhelpoori kha raha tha". Gawd knows how it entered my head, but its addictive now.

Dedication time.  This one's for Dipti and Rish. "Truly, Madly, Deeply" sung by Savage Garden

FL quote of the day  -  "the toughest task in the world is to remain yourself when people are constantly trying to make you someone else"

Sayonara  folks


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