And just like that, May is here! This month is one of the bloody best in the entire calendar as it starts with a holiday :) Man am in quite a happy mood. Just a week till i head home. Bye bye chennai for one whole month. The month started quite fresh. It even rained. Walking in the rain never felt so good!

Anyways, college is going on as usual! i sometimes wonder why the hell tsunami didn't affect our college! Its so near to the sea. Raghav showed up today. Yea finally he had an arrear! Dude's completely changed. Just a year ago, he was like what ideal guys were supossed to be. Handsome, single and with attitude. One year into his committed status and the poor bloke looks like the sun stopped shining on his face! Oh he's still the same jerk and still has the mojo of completely chewing my head, but looking at him makes you feel as if someone shoved a hand down his throat and grabbed his balls out from the inside! O_o! Atleast he's blissfully in love! Can't say the same for Afroze though. That bloke falls in love every other day! Lols, my two wackjob bff"s in the college!

I hate Facebook! Partly coz i have stopped playing mafia wars and mostly coz it always bloody finds a guy for me in 'the lover of the day' application! Sowmiya a.k.a Meow in the blog world is all smiles. She just can't stop smiling these days. haha. Oh yea i forgot, i need to suit up! No am not being Barney Stintson! We need suits for some of the days next semester. And looking at my physique right now, i wonder if i would find any ready-made ones for my size. Chalo, am going back to mom's food. She can create magic.

Watched  'A walk to  remember' again. Guys aren't  supposed to cry are they?? If no, then i didn't cry. I was just mentioning it, just like that. One song i am hooked to right now is "main toh raaste se ja raha tha, main toh bhelpoori kha raha tha". Gawd knows how it entered my head, but its addictive now.

Dedication time.  This one's for Dipti and Rish. "Truly, Madly, Deeply" sung by Savage Garden

FL quote of the day  -  "the toughest task in the world is to remain yourself when people are constantly trying to make you someone else"

Sayonara  folks

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Anonymous said...
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Nyx said...

Suits? You... Gosh! Spare me the horror... lol!

'Main toh raste se ja raha tha...' pakka chichora type gaana I tell you... :P:P

And by the way...Will I ever see my name on this stupid blog that I read even when am not trying to revive my own blog?? Grrr!!

Crazy Diamond said...

aawww i love you!!!!!!!! thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss cutie pie!!!! :)))

such a beautiful song! i'll sing it to him tonight

Biggg hug

freelancer said...

@ aarthi...chichora my foot!!
mast gaana hai

ofcoz u will see ur name here...if u keep commenting regularly...hehe

freelancer said...

@ dip
haha...sing sing :)

Gauri Mathur said...

Yup!! Its a lovely song!!
Hope you doing fine!:)
Take care!

sm said...

happy holidays

freelancer said...

@ gauri
meish alive re :)

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