Hey good folks of the planet, rise and shine if you are reading this in the morning. If not, then just shine. I dunno why i am so surprisingly upbeat considering the fact that exams are screwing me all month long and i didn't get laid for quite some time now. Well the days till May 10th are ticking away. Home beckons baby. Back to mom's food, back to roadside momo's, back to driving dad's car, back to everything that smells, feels, looks like home!

Chennai is being Chennai. A few clouds appear every night only to do a Houdini every dawn. Darn it! CSK won the ipl 3! I can't believe it! Mumbai!!! bye bye!!! I have no idea regarding my antagonism towards this place. Its like every first impression got flushed down the toilet. The day i landed, it was the heat. My first autowalla experience nearly gave me a ticket to meet God. Damn those Schumacher copycats! My first conversation with shopkeepers nearly made me scream, 'dude this is India, hindi toh seekh lo'. My first day in college - oh dear lord NO! First impressions mean a lot if you are supposed to be marooned here for four bloody years. There is no winter here. None whatsoever. Autumn comes in Nov-Dec for a couple of days. Can't enjoy the beaches till the sun goes down. No, you don't get tanned, you get burned. Today is the day for its cons! There are a few pro's too..but today is not that day for chennai in my blog!

I would rather stay across the border all my life. Atleast Asbah and Seher can meet me once a month provided they don't get married and settle down in the States. My staple food has changed from burger and momo to idli. Managed to memorize a few tamil words. Aarthi and Meow can vouch for that. :P 

One of y roomies is down with chicken-pox. Man! are these things not extinct yet? Mom wants me to be super clean these days! Someone make her understand!!! Anyways enough of my nonsense. Dedication time! Love-birds out there, if you haven't heard the P.S I love you soundtrack, go commit suicide. Wait - you can hear it now...here. "Love you till the End" by the Pogues.

FL quote of the day -  'the deeper you fall in love, the more you fall apart when it fails"

Sayonara folks

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Eyeshadow said...

kya hua??no comments???

Sanjukta said...

heh,reading your blog makes me feel better somehow..glad am not the only one having mindlessly irritating exams :P Good luck for ur end sems btw (u r nearly done I guess but still :P)..and yay for Guwahati..seems u r super excited about going home too :D

Abby said...

do somethin barrin pissin abt ur life :P
lifes not all that bad

Tripat "Prerna" said...

wonderful post :)

sulagna ™ said...

freelancer...dude i need to know your name now..freelancer kitne din se bol rahi hu :( anyways the movie is absolutely awesoem..i especially love th esong gerald butler sings in the bar in ireland for hillary !!! and oh ho exams ki zyada chinta ka na karo..its a bad phase..it will pass

You Did Whaaat?! said...

i like your blog! check mine out:

freelancer said...

@ eyshadow
what did u say??

freelancer said...

@ sanj
yea i am..its sad u r stuck over there...hehe

freelancer said...

@ abby
why dnt u help me out?

freelancer said...

@ prerna
thanku :)

freelancer said...

@ sulagna
haha...call me FL then :)

Anonymous said...

luv ur last quote... simply looove it <3

Anonymous said...

luv ur last quote... simply looove it <3

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