D-day has arrived! Theory papers started! Had Production Process II. One good thing was that its all theory. No mathematical mumbo-jumbo needed. One thing i learned in Sathyabama is that if you write neatly, underline a  few words, use colored pens then if you write a porno story in between the 12 marks paper, you might very easily top the exam! No Maddy, i didn't do any such stuff! Swear baby, all my hard work has gone into the paper. But am just saying its another alternative to hard work with the same results.

The day started just as any other lousy day starts. Afroze gave a surprise by coming to college early morning. Reason-his mom wakes him up to study. Instead he preferred to come to college to chat with us! Abby turned 22 today. Poor dog! he's still younger to me! Btw did i say, exam was top class! Not exactly top class but well just hovering around there! Wrote a-fucking-22-pages! Never in my life i wrote anything so neat! Maybe it will be displayed to future students next year as an example!

Mom rang up in the afternoon. By the sound of her voice i knew the inevitable finally arrived. My uncle (her only brother) passed away! Man he was just 51! The whole family's in mourning. Grandmom is inconsolable. The only son. I gave up on God long back! The miracle that was supposed to happen never took place! It is said that whom Gods love more, they call them young! Why young?? Why not let them live more? God is on vacation while uncle's family needs faith and strength to carry on! Cancer! Apollo gave up on him. Now even the almighty.

He was my Superman! All my cousins looked up to him man! He wasn't so hard-working. But so what? he did enough to feed his family and keep them happy! He was that sort of man who made people fall in love with him, who made people flock around him. No grudges, no fights. And God decides to take him away when the world needs more people like him!

Chemo made him more weak. It also gave other viruses a direct passport to attack. When your nervous system is down, little can you do about your survival. Docs reported the reason as cancer. It must have been the fastest since he passed away within a month of chemotherapy.

Dedication time i guess. No more weeping in silence. This song is for all the people whenever you are down in dumps, whenever you feel like giving up, whenever you feel lonely. Remember, even Superman fell! This song, for you is - 'Its not east to be me'  originally sung and performed by Five For Fighting and later by David Gray.

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Fl's quote of the day - 'When you were born, you cried and people smiled. Charm a million hearts so that when you die, you die smiling and people will cry.'


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Anonymous said...

May Your Uncle's Soul RIP..

freelancer said...


Eyeshadow said...

may his soul rest in peace!!

Abby said...

i turned 23 u ass! and may he RIP

freelancer said...

@ eyeshadow

freelancer said...

@ abby
u are elder to me?? no kidding!

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