Folks I hope you are having better days than me! You ought to. You didn’t screw your lives like I did. 5 semester practicals in three days!! Final verdict-soooper! Can safely expect above 90 in four of them. *sigh* theory papers start from Monday and will last all the way till 10th of May. My days are royally fucked!

Nothing positive in life as well. My laptop is dead once and for all. Keyboard, speakers, battery and now monitor! Funds are dwindling at a rapid rate. The days of KFC are over for the time being. And fuck this Chennai heat! I would prefer Rajasthan and Delhi’s heat strokes…even the dreaded loo! But GAWD! Not this! Yet to get my hall ticket! Atleast we get to munch on free chicken during lunch in college! 
No latest news as of now. This blog’s gonna be one year old by the month end. Hopefully 100 posts by that time. And the template and widgets will be completely revamped. MDR and SNF will still continue. Hopefully.
Sis took admission in a hotel management course in some college at Kolkata. Dad keeps crying over the phone whenever he talks with me! He says he and mom will be alone from now! Sis is adamant. She wants to go out. Wants her freedom I guess. That’s fine with me. Atleast it’s a lot nearer to home. Let her manage a month without mom! She will be dying to go home….hehe
Have stopped watching IPL. KKR disappoints! Yet again! Someone chuck Dada out! Its sad to read SRK’s tweets after every loss! I won’t be surprised if he sells the team next year! Darned CSK reached the semis! Afroze is drunk with joy! Sania got married to whom??? Well, what happened to good looking Indian Muslim guys??? Anyways, Pakistan did a favor this time. Now please take Rakhi Sawant too!
Salman Khan joined twitter! #BeingSalmanKhan. Another celeb to join the bandwagon. I was using twitter for free the last couple of days before they bloody deducted a whole of 50 rupees and brought my balance to negative! Good times last a lot less than usual! Maddy is being Maddy, I am being Shahid Kapoor 

Anyways, dedication time.
This song is for all the love-birds in the world who has been in love. Time to let your loved one know how important he/she is. If you didn’t hear the track yet, just click the title and download it 
This is for you love, my favorite love track – “Making Love Out of Nothing At All” by Air Supply.
FL quote of the day- “People don’t change. We just find out who they really are.”

Taking your leave now. Happy Baisakhi, Happy Sankranti, Happy Bihu

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Eyeshadow said...

oh my God!!some body dedicated a song for me!!!i don't believe this!!Anyways thanx you till the end.....

Anonymous said...

:D :D Downloading the song :D :D

All the besht for your eggjams! :D

freelancer said...

@ eyeshadow
believe it baby

freelancer said...



Abby said...

ur lappy is screwed!! excuse to buy a new one ;) get a mac this time

freelancer said...

@ abby
a mac?? u kidding me??? what games wil i play ova thr?

Crazy Diamond said...

♥ the song! makin love out of nothin at all ~

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