Hey folks. First of all lemme say it out loud. Hill stations rock big time! Big big time! I have been to Ooty, shillong, darjeeling, gangtok, bomdila, tawang and finally this time made it to Kodaikanal. What a place!

Me and Maddy on our self-proclaimmed second honeymoon! The first 8 hours of the journey were too pathetic! But the last three had our hearts in our throats! By 8 o clock in the morning we reached. The climate was/is fantastic! Chennai heat can go to hell! Though the bus tickets already burned a gaping hole in our pockets and signs of going over budget loomed over us like bad omens, we were the least bit worried. What we didn't realise was that this was their peak season! Got the first taste of disaster when we couldn't fine any hotel rooms. Those which were available were way beyond affordable range! Luckily, we found one! And boy o boy! I fell in love with that hotel! The weather takes the fatigue away and you will find a spring in your step everytime. We showered, fooled around in the mighty bed, did some homework :) and then went sightseeing! Kodaikanal is famous for its falls and caves! Though we were floored by the falls, the caves were a tad dissapointing.

And then there was a trekking! Poor maddy nearly collapsed! I doubt she walked as much her entire life as she did that day! She's sure she lost a couple of kilos (nice excuse to avoid going for walks once we return). I thought I knew that gal completely until the last few days dropped some shockers! Her love for chicken is aeons greater than her love for me! After having a huge piece of tandoor and nans for dinner, she asked, 'baby, can we order another full tandoor and parcel it???' Holy Moly! Is it a stomach or a well???

Lols. And aah! We went cycling by the lake! I am a newbie while she is a pro! I have some handling issues and the cycle moves everyway but straight! And Maddy is of the opinion that it turns in that direction where there are chicks cycling!

Night comes early at hill stations. We were supossed to watch a movie together. Maddy's idea, I said 'cool'. Even before 10 minutes passed she was fast asleep with her head on my chest! Aww I so so so love her!

Day one over! A couple alone in a hill station! It doesn't get anymore romantic than this! Trust me!

Signing off now folks

Oh yea! Today's FL quote of the day -
"People who give flying kisses.............are hopelessly LAZY!"

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Esther said...

My God! I so loved this post FL.... :D I've just been to ooty and Kerala!! Never visited any of the places you've mentioned in your visit list!!! :'(

and lol @ the self-proclaimed honey moon! :) Sounds very cute!! :P

And cycling by the lake sounds super fun!! :P

Nice post. Enjoyed every bit of it! =)

freelancer said...

@ esther
Haha. Wat else would we call it? And yea cycling was supercute. Totally worth the pain in the ass afterwards :-)

Nandita P. said...

Hill stations rule...especially wid their weather...so amazingly awesumly cool...who wud know better than a person who has spent a long tym over the hills and far away :D
hope u hav a great..."self proclaimed honeymoon"... ;)

Nandita P. said...

and yeah in that cold weather...the best thing is getting cosy in a blanket :)

Anonymous said...


Crazy Diamond said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i am so jealous of you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh sounds awesome... yeah i love hill stations

lucky guy!! sharing such a special fun time with your girl :> wha fun !

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