Oh well, looks like a darned busy month coming to an end. Loooooking forward to December. The winter nights, the blankets over me, the jackets and suits, the hot coffees. Oh wait, am in Chennai....

Still i will be at home for 10 days, the early morning fog is enough to keep me excited. Plus its mu cousin's wedding.... baarati aane wale hai....ladkiyan bhi honge :P Not that am eager, but still atleast i can be the wingman :P

The summer of '10 passed like a charm. The sweltering heat waves that had been the signature of Chennai changed this year. Anyways, college has been a poain in the ass again. Project reviews are killing me and my precious time. The downside of designing a sports bike is that the silly proffessors tend to expect a lot more from us. We are engineers not rocket scientists, damnit!!! And yessshhhh, some of my friends want to attach a turbocharge and a juice maker with the bike. Silly gits!! 

ooh ooh, going to Bangalore in two days :) Pri is like shouting for me to come. Her boyfriend's gonna be there and thus she wants him to meet her bro. A lots been happening in my life.... Dunno whom to talk to.  Sometimes i wish i would just ddump everything here. Maybe ten years down the line, i would read this stuff and laugh. Oh well.

Dad gave 20 grand for the project. Already blew half of it away. Mostly on Dominos. They need to make me a platinum member. Plus Goa plans are on the way. Mid December.... Christmas time.... hey is there any nude beach in Goa?? :P i heard mebbe Anjuna beach favors partial nudity. Even thats favorable :P

Chalo, tada for now... will come later to blow off some steam
Hakuna Matata

And one week later here i am again. This is becoming more of a weekly or bi-monthly trip to my blog than daily ramblings. Blogging has lost the sheen that it once had. Imagine me, who used to blog daily even when i was supposed to be on vacation. Bleh!!! its like a toy gone old. I quit orkut three years ago...somehow i hope i don't end up quitting twitter and blogger too..

Life is being like a bubble-gum that has lost its taste....now am just chewing it minute by minute. And it is starting to stick!!! Backlog exams are on as usual.... dunno how good they are going on but hopefully i will be able to clear a few this time. With just one more semester remaining, time surely is flying by.

More bad news. 8th semester was supossed to start from the 5th of January, 11. Now its preponed to the last week of November. Icky stuff i know. Well my plans of going home this December is hanging by a slim thread! Now who the hell has any interest in my life???? Sometimes i wonder what the heck for do i write this blog. I write about me... Suprising that i have more than 50 followers. Well its mostly because i follow them back, but still my life is not so interesting as Paris Hilton or Rakhi Sawant. Oh sigh. Am not complaining. Thank you by the way.

Anyways, who is watching Big Boss 4??? Pamela Anderson's boobs are worth a watch. I am guessing only Khali's hands would fit there :P hehe.... 

Bleh...going shopping today...if the rain stops. Buying a Suit. Yeah!!!
Catch you later folks.
FL signing off
Hakuna Matata 

O o hum adhoore.....i love this song....funky, perky u name it!
My backlogs start tomorrow...yes, kal se. 

So all the shows that i have downloaded are in a hiatus. Good News Flash : Maddy got a job :P yes, bloody fucking WIPRO! God save them now. bwahaha. Anyways am glad. She hopes to get it in Chennai....not the perfect place, but since i am here, it will be perfect. Oh my heart is fultoo garden garden right now.

Days are going fine. Planning to meet Rashi next week. She insists we booze :P Now that's my type of fun. Plus have plans of going to Bangalore last week. Hopefully i will be back when Maddy arrives :P

WIPRO came to college today. For placements. Hope some of my friends get the job. And hope some of them do not :P i need them to go to the UK with me...hehe... 

I miss some of my blogger buddies. Aarthi rarely writes, neither does Nush or Heena or Ste or Esther. Tan da is also busy and Kajal is lost somewhere. Infact the whole TWL gang just disintegrated. And i have no idea where my co-author is.

So its just me and my lappy these days. With a Mac look. Sexy aint it?? Oh and am back to twitter. yeah, during my exams...anyways bye....later

Hakuna Matata

Oh look at that. Deepawali is over :( This month had only one thing wonderful, apart from the coming of winter. Now that's over.....plus rain played havoc again. BUT i had fun...yeah loads....bhabi ke ghar, alcohol bhi tha :)

Did i say i got a new laptop?? oh yeah!!! its SONY VAIO MINI. White :D bliss!!!! Hehe...Bro is like super pissed...he had his eyes on that wonder. Little did he knew, that i had been planning to usurp his plans...bwahahahaha... and now he has challenged me to a war. Actually the war had already begun...Silly git just realised it....but he is game for it, just like a toddler, the 27 year old brother has crossed swords with me! And he keeps telling people that he is matured :P Bleh!!!!

Last year, Diwali was the best of my life. Maddy was there. And we had oodles of fun. I missed her this time. Though she would never believe me if i said it. I am just glad that i can write my feelings over here without her castrating and picking on my thoughts... she seldom reads this blog these days :P

And oh, my backlogs are on. GOD i just want to be off with them. Did i tell you guys, that i am shopping for clothes these days. Yeah, a new look....well its the 'Neil Caffrey' look from White Collar...already got the hat, now i need a waist coat that fits. My size zero figure is making it impossible to find the right clothes :(

Hmmm...whats new in my life?? Oh, i am a certified uploader in h33t now :P yays!!! Uploading my first torrent 'veritas-the quest' in h33t. Its a sci-fi/fantasy show :P

Okay, gotta go...back to books for some time....until then,
Its FL signing off


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