Oh well, looks like a darned busy month coming to an end. Loooooking forward to December. The winter nights, the blankets over me, the jackets and suits, the hot coffees. Oh wait, am in Chennai....

Still i will be at home for 10 days, the early morning fog is enough to keep me excited. Plus its mu cousin's wedding.... baarati aane wale hai....ladkiyan bhi honge :P Not that am eager, but still atleast i can be the wingman :P

The summer of '10 passed like a charm. The sweltering heat waves that had been the signature of Chennai changed this year. Anyways, college has been a poain in the ass again. Project reviews are killing me and my precious time. The downside of designing a sports bike is that the silly proffessors tend to expect a lot more from us. We are engineers not rocket scientists, damnit!!! And yessshhhh, some of my friends want to attach a turbocharge and a juice maker with the bike. Silly gits!! 

ooh ooh, going to Bangalore in two days :) Pri is like shouting for me to come. Her boyfriend's gonna be there and thus she wants him to meet her bro. A lots been happening in my life.... Dunno whom to talk to.  Sometimes i wish i would just ddump everything here. Maybe ten years down the line, i would read this stuff and laugh. Oh well.

Dad gave 20 grand for the project. Already blew half of it away. Mostly on Dominos. They need to make me a platinum member. Plus Goa plans are on the way. Mid December.... Christmas time.... hey is there any nude beach in Goa?? :P i heard mebbe Anjuna beach favors partial nudity. Even thats favorable :P

Chalo, tada for now... will come later to blow off some steam
Hakuna Matata

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