Hello beautiful people

I'm back in Chennai. Minus the rains ofcourse. Having trouble figuring out what to do with life. Most of my friends are already working and they keep throwing not too-less subtle hints about me not having a job yet.

Sis has a job too. And by sis, I mean the one who's frigging four years younger to me. Yeah judge me. The sun keeps shining everywhere except on me. Nevertheless this has to be the proverbial year. I mean, I can only fail as much. There's bound to be success soon right? RIGHT? Some of my friends are planning to get married as well. The better half is impatient too. I don't blame her. I'm growing old by the minute. Facebook is disappointing mostly. Half the time people tag me in pictures with their new born kid. Okay they're cute but what's the frigging rush?? 

A cool blogger friend of mine got married recently. Her name's Aditi. Never met her. Dunno when I will. Hopefully before she is preggy. I want separate treats. Mentally ticking people of my to-invite-on-birthday list. Don't want friends/so-called-friends to come along with their kids. I'm not being rude, I love kids. Except not on my birthdays. 

Did I tell you that I lost my BlackBerry. Went to attend my nephew's wedding (yes, another wedding) and somebody bloody nicked it. Sucker didn't realize its a bloody BB. I can wipe their data anytime I want. It would've been a lot cooler if I tracked down the BB and charged into their room with an air-gun. Sadly, Google Maps don't work much in interior Assam. So the BB is officially gone and I've managed to score a Samsung Guru. Atleast it has a torch which is proving to be extremely helpful in bathrooms when there is a powercut and I've nothing to do except the old familiar handjob.

On the love front, shit hit the fan last month. I'm still clearing the ceiling but it will probably take some more time. 

My Bonnie lies over the ocean, my Bonnie lies over the sea.....my Bonnie lies over the ocean, O bring back my Bonnie to me.....Bring back o bring back, bring back my Bonnie to me.... Am listening to this song on loop. Its quite addictive, I must say. I remember hearing it somewhere before but couldn't quite place it. And then I heard it today on Elementary. After about a 100 re-listens, I remembered I heard it on Barfi. Except, I thought it was body instead of Bonnie. Which doesn't quite make sense unless it was someone singing from beyond the grave.

*goes back to listening the song*

Its FL signing off...


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