You know what I just realized?? This! this writing for myself. This virtual diary of mine. Now before you get excited and jizz all over your keyboard, lets just take one day at a time okay.

This blog is almost 4 years old now? No? 3? Yeah..somewhat about that. And to think that once upon a time there was about 10-15 comments every post [okay maybe 5-6] So you're wondering what happened? Life did. 

Maintaining Abysmally Mine, The Writer's Lounge and Scribblings took a toll on my imagination and laptop. Abysmally Mine is still in that vegetative state I left more than a year ago. Methinks! Haven't written an acrostic or a cinquain in ages. About The Writer's Lounge, which was once upon a time, India's topmost group blog... *le sigh* That blog is almost dead. I'm still one of the admins, but neither me nor anyone in the virtual world ever goes there. Come to think of it, the blog which boasted of 400 reviews a month has faded away to 2 per month now. Think of decline and this might be the fastest one.

People change. And the blog suffers.

So I ain't writing no shit. No creative juices are oozing from by brain either. I don't read anyone's blogs and they don't read mine. Seems like a fair deal. There's just too much stuff. And on top of that, there's Farmville 2. 24 hours isn't just cutting it.

Anyway, moving on...was in Bangalore last week. Finally something I enjoyed. Even though waking up to my friend's morning boner poking my back was not how I envisioned my weekend trip to me. Nevertheless, the trip was fun. Sis burnt a huge hole in my wallet. Typical younger sibling. Love her to bits, hate her to the core.

Now that am back in Chennai, I need to find a way to get the shit outta here. 5 years is more than enough for a non-Madrasan to live here.

You guys living in Bom, Bang and Dilli, gimme a call if you have a job for me. Seri??

4 days till the world ends and 7 days till Christmas and Secret Santa. Dunno which to run from.

Till the next time,
Its FL signing off...

BTW, why you no tweet??? 


Ever felt like coming back to a blog out of pity? Yeah? The feeling's mutual mate. And now that I'm here, the 'me' that was brimming with ideas prior to opening this page has vanished again.

So, to the sad person who actually thought I will write something inspiring and funny, I'm actually laughing at you. C'mon this is just a dump. My daily ramblings is officially my once-in-a-while-i-remember-you ramblings.

Speaking of once in while, Maddy visited me. Oh yeah! I met her after a year. Can you believe it?? A year! I was almost a dry-sexual. Anyway, little happened to change that status. But I am not complaining. Anything is better than a year of watching porn and exercising my hand. Its 9th of the month and I'm broke. Yep, girlfriend visiting you can do that. And not to mention it was Deempi's birthday. Who on earth knew that a frigging cake would cost me 1500 bucks. Plus, a school friend's girl visited Chennai and I was asked to be her bodyguard slash guide slash unofficial date for the better of 4 days. So whatever little money I'd hoped to save, went into the pockets of numerous cab drivers with ugly hands.

And Homeshop18 has this unfortunate habit of delivering books when funds are low. So yeah, I might have to survive on someone else. Yet again. The only positive thing I can see so far is that I'm leaving Chennai in less than 30 days.

That's it. I've nothing else to talk about. Atleast for now. See you some other time.

Its FL signing off.

Hello world.

Its been a long time. I've been so busy lately that I've forgotten that I've a blog of my own where I can drop my thoughts.

These last few months have been hectic. I don't get break from work. Speaking of work, I know, most of you have no idea am working. Well, basically its not work. I'm still planning to go abroad but till the fated day arrives, am working. First, it was Amazon customer service and now am in McAfee tech support. In a way, pay in tech support is much much much better although I loved the work involved with Amazon.

Also I've been actively busy with my other blog lately, A Lot of Pages. Yeah, that's the one. And I realize that it frigging costs a lot to maintain a book review site. With events happening every month over there, am glad that I earn a bit.

Haven't met Maddy since June last year. This has been the longest and honestly, its stretching too much now. I'll probably drop a visit to Kolkata sometime this month.

What else? Yeah, still living with bro and the ladies. The dog is growing up. She is more than a year old. Everything else is still the same. I've stopped going to twitter. I went back for a while and saw that people have moved on and I felt clueless over there. Its not their fault. So, I decided not to go again. Maybe one day I'll start a new account and start afresh.

Chennai as usual has been horrible. Its people more the so. My friends in chennai, most. No calls, no messages, no pings!

#notetoself: Quit whining.

Anyways, that's all for now. Its almost 6am and I'm yet to sleep. Catch you later.


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