Hello people :P
Yes , its me, the long lost co-author of this blog.

29th December 2009
I'm sitting in my bed, trying to figure out what to study for my final exam of physics. My phone blinks with a strong vibration:
Freelancer: Gulabo, I want a post for scribblings on 31st, anyhow, ok??!

31st December 2009
Here I'm, thinking and still typing non sense, because I have to write a post! :D

I'm totally afraid of this guy, I dont kow why. Just one sentence of his "Gulabo, tu rehti kaha hai? Mil tu tera gala daba dunga!"

Coming to the post finally...31st December 2009...the year was certainly very long for me. It took ages to pass, but anyways, I'm happy at the end, and all set to start the year with all smiles :D

My 2009, in my words...obviously I'm not going to hire someone to right for me!:D

January: My sis ties a knot, wth her long term boyfriend, whom of all the things I cant call jijaji...sounds absolutely...totally...wierd! Then I learn this art of living alone all the time. But yes, finally no one to share your every li'l thing with!

February: My exams, for which I took a gap year approaches..I dont remember this month very well!

March: My first booze :D

April-May: The most painful months of my life...exams, and nothing else! No wait, their results as well!

June -July: My first trip without family, or friends...out of Delhi. TO Chandigarh. And then I realize, no Delhi is not the heaven on earth! In between somewhere, I turn 19...ummm...a grown up...supposed to be :P

August: Finally I get to see a college. I go to an all girls college, hate it, and then love it. And then all my pains begin. All day light with a li'l phrase "Aj bhi exam hai kya yaar?!"
Aayush also moves to Kanpur, the worst thing that could have happened to me..:(

September- October- November: Nothing but exams! Silly MriduL calls me in between sometime... and gives me all sorts of dhamki so that I return here..all in vein I know :D:P

December: My fairytale comes to an end...very sad end indeed! I never imagined things so perfect can actually end, but then, this is life...have to accept and live on :)
I watch a 3d movie after almost a decade...I loved Avatar :D

And finally, the the year is over...not a very eventful year, but yes, I have learnt a lot of things...entering 2010 with loads of hopes and smiles, to see a new sunshine:)

Till the next time,

P.S. Wish you all a very happy new year :)
And Aayush, I miss you a lot:(

Hellos folks
Aye its me! The year is nearly over! Yep nearly! another 5 hours left.
I look back and think about the last 12 months and all i can remember is @#$%^&^*^%
Yes, i have no clue what that is! 

Yes, i returned from KNP. The trip was good! Saw rhinos, wild boars! Mmm...yummy! Herds of deer, huge wild elephants with really huge scary tusks. The elephant rides were a lot cooler. Man those things eat like hell and their shit smells real bad!!! In contrast the safari was disappointing. No wild cats :( My sis was happy not to be eaten alive.

I left for Jorhat the next day! Its dad's hometown and i have practically everyone living over there. I love my village :) This trip was supposed to lift my spirits up and get me out of the depression but sadly....that didn't work out one bit. I promised pics...i will get them here soon.

Abby came here..so i had to come home soon! Well it was worth it. Meeting old friends and hanging out. Pizza hut, CCD, snooker and beer! that's bout it. Anyways, fifteen more days till i return back to chennai! i don't know even if i am looking forward to it or not. I miss Maddy. Being away from here....during the worst depression ever to have faced really sucks. But....crap!

No plans for tonight as of yet. Just plain old night with family. Tomorrow starts a new year. That means new resolutions. yes i have a few. Watched 3 idiots with 5 idiots. don't know which idiot i am. Ok folks see you tomorrow. 

2010 will be good for me! yes it will be! i will come out of everything (no not my chaddis)

Till then, am happy being MISERABLE

Wishing you a Happy New Year 

P.S| the heading means nothing :) 

Yes, you heard it right! Am going to KNP. :)
To enjoy the wild, to watch those exotic birds, to be chased by the jungle cats and the one-horned rhinos. Yes it does sound awesome! Better than Nat Geo. But lemme get there first. I will post pics, i promise :) Yes this time i will definitely take a real camera with me after the Andaman fiasco :(

Leaving at 3 in the afternoon. So just came here for this hasty little update. Well didn't know my blog was public domain that anyone can come and write on it! AferLife! Yea yea! pathetic name! Anyways, these days have been boring without friends! ABBY, you were about to come! Maddy is in Bangalore! Enjoying like hell! Grrrrrrrr!

I got a new pair of Converse! Oh yea! Absolutely fantastic! Have ummmm...4 pairs of shoes now...lol.....an off white Giordano, a red Converse, a yellow RBK and the latest print-on-white Converse :) Oh yea, I will be off to Jorhat in another couple of days. Miss mah village :) miss romancing the cows and ducks. i know its gonna be quite chilly but noway that's going to stop me from diving into the lake....or pool....whatever you might call it!
Seema is going with me to KNP. yes, she is a gal! o_O and she also happens to be my oldest childhood friend! So dream on! The week's gonna rock. I cut mah hair...did i tell you that??? Yea i look absolutely hot! No. not like Edward Cullen or Jasper Hale. Fuck Jacob Black! I am more hot without make-up :)

Yes, i love myself...what can i do??? Oh yes!!! my pet dog ran away! He was actually a street dog before becoming a house dog! err...whatever.! Now he ran away. Eloped most probably! Good for him, Bad for me! I miss him!

Okays i gotta move now. And yes AfterLife, if you so much like to write in my blog, leave a fake id. I will invite you ofcoz. just stop writing under my name, using my id !

See you around folks, in 'bout a week
Hakuna Matata

Hello world.
No am not FL...not that Fucking Loser :)
nice anagram ain't it? Who am i?? its for him to figure out, ain't it? U folks...call me AfterLife!
Yes, that noob gives his password to everyone. :)

Cmon FL...who am i?? Your gal?? your bestest friend??? your SIS?? might be your dad?? hehe...but whoever i am, i am gonna make sure i freak you out....in a good way ofcoz! no am not your enemy. Remember you used to pain my ears 'bout the fact that you don't have any enemies. Read that you got a new cell...a Blackberry infact. So when's the treat?? Or did you do that already?

Other folks/readers....yes am going to give him a hard time...but i do like this guy. See am decent enough. So wats ye gonna do about it??? change your password??? or spam me in your comments??? hehe...its your blog innit??

Waiting for your next post...and yea, your MDR's getting pathetic... go get screwed and write 'bout it. Btw ManU lost to United :) o_O
and hey folks....you wanna know anything bout this guy....lemme know...

AfterLife a.k.a AL

Hey folks
Me back home. And as the heading says, its bloody cold here. I am yet to get a proper broadband connection at home. So till then am busy doing all the stuff that i should have taken care of long time ago. 

First on top of the list, is a complete ENT checkup. I went to see the doc regarding the breathing problem i have been having for over 4 months now. Doc says, my nose bone is twisted. o_O
i mean i don't exactly remember getting into a fist fight. But yea i do remember bleeding all of a sudden for a couple of days. Went for an x-ray, still waiting for the results. So till then am busy gobbling up the tablets and inhaling menthol as fast as humanly possible. Also i got a new bank account :) yea, its Standard Chartered this time. Mom's doing her best to keep me happy by cooking my favorite dishes. And yea i cut down on cigarettes now. Its not exactly safe smoking here. Though the cold weather makes it even more tempting, am controlling my urges :D

Met Tannu, Upala yesterday. It's fun meeting friends you have known since IIIrd standard. Abby is coming in a couple of days. Its gonna be a fun MVM reunion sorta thingy. Oh i love being home. Still working on around 5 posts continuously now... hafta publish within  a week. Till then am lazing around. Oh yea, brought a new novel "the girl who kicked the hornet's nest" by Larsson. Its the 3rd book of the famous Millenium series and boy oh boy its a total page turner. I don't remember another fantastic anti-heroine than Lisbeth Salander. Hats off to the author who unfortunately died before he could see his book's successes.

New Moon! Am yet to watch it. Half of the hall's are showing the hindi verion "amavashya"
Eww...couldn't they even find  a better name??? Anyways...off i go now. Momo's calling :)

See you around folks
Hakuna Matata

December is here. So many things to be cheerful about. First of all, this month marks the end of a pathetic year for me! A year in which i went through the most gruelling time of my love life, a year in which i got a fucking sem drop, a year in which i lost my mobile from right under my nose. A mighty fucked up year with patches of goodness in it. I started blogging. For the life of me i still can't fathom why. Then I joined TWL. That's my second family. Met friends like Aarthi, Rashmi, AD, Ste, Rashi, Pratsie, Sona, Arun, Esther and my fav, Gulabo and a whole loads of some super wonderful folks, i won my first award in my first contest in TWL, i joined MAD, turned 22 for the first time o_O, started playing Farmville, reached 3rd year and became super-seniors in college. The good, the bad and the ugly all mixed together in one eventful year. This month may well be the month with the least number of MDR's. Reason- am going home in two days :)

But hey, December is here. You folks have lotsa important things to do then read my crap! Cmon its winter... Snuggling inside blankets, drinking hot coffee, playing farmville. Plus New Moon is releasing in a couple of days. The reason for my absence for the last ten days in this blog is my Blackberry! it sure keeps me glued. Now you know why guys prefer gadgets over girls :)

So today was very very tiring. I was in Chidambaram the last couple of days, visiting my friends. Its raining in there. Breakfast was at some Pinky's cafe with Piyashi and Prastooti. Well the food was great. Chicken club sandwich with coffee. The headache that troubled me the whole of last night disappeared with the first drop of rain. Bleh!!! Thankfully Himangshu had the decency to get me a nice return ticket to Chennai. On a super-cool semi-sleeper Volvo. Lols, that must have burnt a huge hole in his pocket. Reached Chennai way late. Please pray that i get tickets for New Moon. please please pleaseeee....

Its already frigging 3a.m now. Need some sleep. First thing tomorrow morning, i have to get my tatkal tickets. Catch you later folks

Hakuna Matata


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