December is here. So many things to be cheerful about. First of all, this month marks the end of a pathetic year for me! A year in which i went through the most gruelling time of my love life, a year in which i got a fucking sem drop, a year in which i lost my mobile from right under my nose. A mighty fucked up year with patches of goodness in it. I started blogging. For the life of me i still can't fathom why. Then I joined TWL. That's my second family. Met friends like Aarthi, Rashmi, AD, Ste, Rashi, Pratsie, Sona, Arun, Esther and my fav, Gulabo and a whole loads of some super wonderful folks, i won my first award in my first contest in TWL, i joined MAD, turned 22 for the first time o_O, started playing Farmville, reached 3rd year and became super-seniors in college. The good, the bad and the ugly all mixed together in one eventful year. This month may well be the month with the least number of MDR's. Reason- am going home in two days :)

But hey, December is here. You folks have lotsa important things to do then read my crap! Cmon its winter... Snuggling inside blankets, drinking hot coffee, playing farmville. Plus New Moon is releasing in a couple of days. The reason for my absence for the last ten days in this blog is my Blackberry! it sure keeps me glued. Now you know why guys prefer gadgets over girls :)

So today was very very tiring. I was in Chidambaram the last couple of days, visiting my friends. Its raining in there. Breakfast was at some Pinky's cafe with Piyashi and Prastooti. Well the food was great. Chicken club sandwich with coffee. The headache that troubled me the whole of last night disappeared with the first drop of rain. Bleh!!! Thankfully Himangshu had the decency to get me a nice return ticket to Chennai. On a super-cool semi-sleeper Volvo. Lols, that must have burnt a huge hole in his pocket. Reached Chennai way late. Please pray that i get tickets for New Moon. please please pleaseeee....

Its already frigging 3a.m now. Need some sleep. First thing tomorrow morning, i have to get my tatkal tickets. Catch you later folks

Hakuna Matata

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Abby said... too pissed off now to say anythin FUCK OFF......aaaaaggggghhh....i cud kill someone now.......*continues to rant even after this*

Shimmer said...

happy holidays :D
it was not raining only in chengalpet, but all over chennai as well :P
hmm, im not avery big fan of blackberry, my dad has it. i dont really fancy it :P
i-phone is more catchy though :D :P

hopw u gt ur new moon tickets soon :)

SiLeNt WaVeS said...

Happy hols ...hav a great time...!!!!!

Lipi said...

turned 22 for the first time o_O, started playing Farmville
^haha, tht sure is good. :P

and waiting for New Moon, really? 0.0

Yellow Tulip said...

happy holidays:) moon's released there? man

sulagna said...

heyiii thansk for dropping by my blog :) :)

ohh we girls dont like knowing you prefer gadgets over girls(i know i know its true)

and you play farmvilee too..hey bhagwan..sab addicted hai kya????

freelancer said...

@ sulagna
haha...obviously sab addicted hai...
if u play then add me too :)

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