Hello world.
No am not FL...not that Fucking Loser :)
nice anagram ain't it? Who am i?? its for him to figure out, ain't it? U folks...call me AfterLife!
Yes, that noob gives his password to everyone. :)

Cmon FL...who am i?? Your gal?? your bestest friend??? your SIS?? might be your dad?? hehe...but whoever i am, i am gonna make sure i freak you out....in a good way ofcoz! no am not your enemy. Remember you used to pain my ears 'bout the fact that you don't have any enemies. Read that you got a new cell...a Blackberry infact. So when's the treat?? Or did you do that already?

Other folks/readers....yes am going to give him a hard time...but i do like this guy. See am decent enough. So wats ye gonna do about it??? change your password??? or spam me in your comments??? hehe...its your blog innit??

Waiting for your next post...and yea, your MDR's getting pathetic... go get screwed and write 'bout it. Btw ManU lost to United :) o_O
and hey folks....you wanna know anything bout this guy....lemme know...

AfterLife a.k.a AL

4 heartbeats:

Abby said...

change the pass and dun giv him access :p

Anonymous said...

HAHAH.. poor FL!

freelancer said...

wat the fucking fuck!

Eyeshadow said...

heya..whoever rote this has got my full support...i would love to see people freaking FL out...hehe...poor FL

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