Hey folks,
today is the last day of the shortest month of the year. Half of India is playing holi while people like us stuck in Chennai had to strike in college to get a holiday to celebrate holi. And here Holi's tomorrow. o_O 
I pity the south-indians of our college though. They have to attend college. hehe... So am patiently waiting for tomorrow. Brought lotsa colours today. The house will be painted in colors tomorrow folks!

Anyways my midsems are going on..hence less posts this month! Who am i kidding?? Since when did i prefer exams over my blog??? no, no i love my blog way too much! mwaaah blog...mwaah!

Joined IELTS classes. My recent marks in English aptitude test nearly gave me a heart-attack! Guess am not so familiar with english as i so proudly thought! *sigh*
Esther says i don't need classes...hmmm lets see. Bro left for home! i am gonna miss pasta big time! My roomie got an apple ipod touch 8gb last night. You should have seen me burn in jealousy! There was so much fire and smoke in me that i myself nearly choked. He went to met a gal today morning to show off his ipod! hmmmph!! Now you see am not an angel. She wanted to watch the video of Love Story (taylor swift) on his ipod. What i did was deleted that video and renamed a porn as Love Story! hehehehehe...am dying to see his face now!! Yipee!!

One more day to go before financial aid arrives! why GOD why torture such an innocent kid like me!? lols..if God reads this, he wil fall of his chair! :P

Rashi is in Chennai..infact in Pondicherry as i speak...hope to meet her tomorrow. Lets see! Till then, its FL signing off

Happy HOLI folks

Okays, this is one hastily written post. Its 5.30 a.m in the morning and i have to leave for college in about 15 minutes. Which is enough time for bro to make tea. hehe..he's a good guy...making tea for his younger bro! :) 

The last two days i missed col...Maddy woke me up everyday...only to hear my sleepy voice say, 'tomorrow baby, tomorrow i'll go'. Poor thing didn't even scold me at all. Today, its back to boring old college and life. Back to books, which i so avoided this last week! Well good times come to an end too baby! Ain't got net at my place so i don't know when i'll be able to update my pathetic blogs again! My roomie rang me up to say that the mouse we tamed ran away!! I miss my furry old friend. College i.v starts today! No, am not going. Though i already collect money from dad in the name of it. I know, am wicked :)

Rashi's coming soooooon. February has been awesome till now.
Read Ziyaad's post on Nusrath's blog last night!!! It was hilarious! one of the best posts of the year! I shudder to thing what my gal would write if i invited her here!! 

Anyways, its time to go!! Not looking forward for the fish curry at lunch! But free lunch is what makes us drag our ass to college. Also a friend of mine promised me some videos of the culturals we had in our college. It would be painful to watch the 'tamil dance'.
*no harm intended* but i had quite a lot of that dance for three years now!

Anyways, the sun ain't shining yet. And i can see dogs making out in the street! Despo Chennai dogs!! bow wow!!

Gotta go, love you all
Hakuna Matata

Alright, Valentine's Day is over. So back to work folks...stop dreaming about your loved ones and get back to blogging and commenting. Should i ask how was your v-day??? Erm...its not a private question...hehe

Alright 'My Name is Khan' rocked big time! I am still dancing to the tunes of Rizwan Khan. Those of you who still didn't watch it, just go go go. Bunk college, tutions, appointments, meetings. Hats off to SRK and KJo. And if you aren't following SRK in twitter, you are missing something worthwhile!!! 

Maddy didn't like the movie at all. Can't blame her. She didn't like Kaminey or Ishqiya either!!! She loves 'dhoom' type movies!! :P
But seriously, if you don't like MNIK...something is seriously wrong with you!

Anyways my Valentine's Day started one day before. Maddy came on 13th itself. Her roomies had to shop so we spent the morning shopping for girlie things :-) No, not those girly stuffs!!! *sigh* Watched MNIK....went to a parlour...hogged at KFC....searched for a hotel to stay... you see, 3 more friends were with her. By midnight, we were at our best party wear :-) Made our way to FLAMES at Le Royal Meridien. Thankfully, there was a decent crowd at the discotheque this time. Burned the dance floor till 2a.m. No, you don't wanna see me dance. I can't risk you guys having an inferiority complex...hehe..

Spent the whole morning of 14th sleeping. Maddy tried to wake me up for 2 continuous hours but failed...hehe...i tried my best not to react to her kisses to wake me up! Finally she gave up! :P Couldn't give her a good gift this time so she had to settle with a 'love u' teddy!

One good thing 'bout Chennai is there's no Shiv Sena or RSS rebels to fuck up V-day!! The 'annas' wil screw them up! Look at Thakeray's guts to ban MNIK in theaters. Thakeray...u need a lady to make you feel like a man! My blessing are with you, you cunt!

Hooked to 'uff teri ada' of Karthik calling Karthik. Love the song
Till later, its me signing off

And for the record, I am Freelancer and I am not a terrorist.

Hakuna Matata

Howdy Folks...
the days are flying past...one day ago it was 2nd of Feb, the next day...9th! Where the fuck did the entire goddamned week go??? College is going on in full swing. I even surprise myself by being present in class, much to the shocked look on the professor's faces seeing me taking notes :-)

Ragz and Afroze are the ones who makes the mornings and the petty noons bearable... we chit chat, gossip like gals, play with mobiles in class, transfer songs and porn via bluetooth, snore and sleep on desks, get kicked out of lab, talk about designer shirts in below-the-showroom-tag shops, blah blah and bleh! Had our final Industrial Visit to Wheels India Ltd. a few days back. Helluva experience. Didn't learn much though...it was all round wheels :) But the trip was fun. Since we had just 2 gals in our entire department, they were teased the whole day...in a good way ofcoz... :)

H.O.D's classes are fun. He himself gets stuck at the problems he's supposed to be teaching us..hehe. Silly department! Nancy made cupcakes for me! they were yummy!! nom..nom...nom...nom. She's going to be the official dessert maker on my wedding. MJ went to meet his gal...had the time of his life...god bless those fellas. Am still waiting to meet Maddy. Its been more than 3 months now :( Talking of Maddy, she er,..broke her cell...and her sim (she fought with me). Another 1000 bucks gone in repair. 

Folks, moral of the story-
'the result of anger is much worse than the reason of anger'

Oh! she's gonna kick my shiny butt for this :-P
Got money from Dad in the pretence of going to Ooty for industrial tour. Smart right? Atleast Valentine's Day's budget is secure now.... What are your plans for V-day?????
Anyways, signing off now...might be admin in TWL soon(hope so)

See you all mates,
Hakuna Matata

January is gone folks. Winter has faded away. Cheer up mates...February is here. Its spring time. Except ofcoz in Chennai...you have summer all the year round. College started and am trying my best to reach atleast 50 percent attendance. The thought of having chicken for lunch in college mess moves my ass to the bus early morning.

Net got disconnected at home. Yet again. What do i do all day then?? well i study. i know it sound absolutely ridiculous, but i have to deliver a promise i made to my gal, my sis and my closest friend. Hence, FL is with books :)

Yea, except for a couple of days when i did come down with viral. Know what??? MarryBrown opened an outlet near my place. Just opposite to the Dominos. Nom...nom...nom...nom...
Now i have extra options. Oh those sweet little fried chicken that comes in my dreams....now i can go gorge on it :)

Valentine's day is around the corner....and i have no idea what to do about it. Atleast not now. Lets see if the angels do smile upon me. Uncle's kinda alright now. Going through his chemotherapy session. damn that's gotta hurt! My cousin bro got married. I couldn't attend. It was fun as far i heard....Something to smile and laugh about in the family. A typical north indian wedding. Sis danced all the way to the bride's place. Gosh i miss family weddings :(

Anyways, yesterday was quite good. Didn't go to col. Viral fever mates....and no, am not bluffing. By noon, the darned fever fled. Dad rang up to say he deposited cash in my account which was threatening to shut itself down in shame of being at zero :P
Quite good news for me. Was it coz of the date?? You noticed didn't u??
1st Feb '10
or 01022010
Its a palindrome :)

Well, good times last just for a few fleeting moments. The darned Airtel Bill arrived showing amount payable as 300 bucks! There you go! nearly half my pocket money gone!! Dinner comprised of samosas :(
trying to save money for V-day :)

Mood ain't so good. But i am ready to chuck my sorrows and worries and face a new day. Its hard being the world's SRK. But i love being that :)

Shweta, try not to break all your bones before you get married :)
Nusrath, its time dear :P

Anyways,  not gonna write anything more today. Still a bit rusty after the gap. Catch u all tomorrow

Hakuna Matata



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