Hey folks,
today is the last day of the shortest month of the year. Half of India is playing holi while people like us stuck in Chennai had to strike in college to get a holiday to celebrate holi. And here Holi's tomorrow. o_O 
I pity the south-indians of our college though. They have to attend college. hehe... So am patiently waiting for tomorrow. Brought lotsa colours today. The house will be painted in colors tomorrow folks!

Anyways my midsems are going on..hence less posts this month! Who am i kidding?? Since when did i prefer exams over my blog??? no, no i love my blog way too much! mwaaah blog...mwaah!

Joined IELTS classes. My recent marks in English aptitude test nearly gave me a heart-attack! Guess am not so familiar with english as i so proudly thought! *sigh*
Esther says i don't need classes...hmmm lets see. Bro left for home! i am gonna miss pasta big time! My roomie got an apple ipod touch 8gb last night. You should have seen me burn in jealousy! There was so much fire and smoke in me that i myself nearly choked. He went to met a gal today morning to show off his ipod! hmmmph!! Now you see am not an angel. She wanted to watch the video of Love Story (taylor swift) on his ipod. What i did was deleted that video and renamed a porn as Love Story! hehehehehe...am dying to see his face now!! Yipee!!

One more day to go before financial aid arrives! why GOD why torture such an innocent kid like me!? lols..if God reads this, he wil fall of his chair! :P

Rashi is in Chennai..infact in Pondicherry as i speak...hope to meet her tomorrow. Lets see! Till then, its FL signing off

Happy HOLI folks

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Tweety said...

happy holi fl...god bless u wid all d colours in life...

n hahah i want to knw his reaction too...batana pls..

n all the best fr d midsems...do well n make me proud...

i am missing rash nt bein nlyn... :( tell her to come back soon...

SiLeNt WaVeS said...

happy holliiii......gud luck for u r mid-sems.. :D :D

Anonymous said...

You are such an EVIL!!


Do ur sems well :)


Nandita P. said...

hahahaha...happy holi...n btw do tell me ur frnds reaction...hehe...cant wait fr it..

Abby said...

ielts classes are crap...not much of use....my ielts exam is tomorrow :P

freelancer said...

@ tweety
belated holi dear

freelancer said...

@ silent waves
mid sems over :)

freelancer said...

@ nuchu
i am dear... that i am

freelancer said...

@ nanditha
belated happy holi gal

freelancer said...

@ abby
go die somewhere

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