Howdy Folks...
the days are flying day ago it was 2nd of Feb, the next day...9th! Where the fuck did the entire goddamned week go??? College is going on in full swing. I even surprise myself by being present in class, much to the shocked look on the professor's faces seeing me taking notes :-)

Ragz and Afroze are the ones who makes the mornings and the petty noons bearable... we chit chat, gossip like gals, play with mobiles in class, transfer songs and porn via bluetooth, snore and sleep on desks, get kicked out of lab, talk about designer shirts in below-the-showroom-tag shops, blah blah and bleh! Had our final Industrial Visit to Wheels India Ltd. a few days back. Helluva experience. Didn't learn much was all round wheels :) But the trip was fun. Since we had just 2 gals in our entire department, they were teased the whole a good way ofcoz... :)

H.O.D's classes are fun. He himself gets stuck at the problems he's supposed to be teaching us..hehe. Silly department! Nancy made cupcakes for me! they were yummy!! nom..nom...nom...nom. She's going to be the official dessert maker on my wedding. MJ went to meet his gal...had the time of his life...god bless those fellas. Am still waiting to meet Maddy. Its been more than 3 months now :( Talking of Maddy, she er,..broke her cell...and her sim (she fought with me). Another 1000 bucks gone in repair. 

Folks, moral of the story-
'the result of anger is much worse than the reason of anger'

Oh! she's gonna kick my shiny butt for this :-P
Got money from Dad in the pretence of going to Ooty for industrial tour. Smart right? Atleast Valentine's Day's budget is secure now.... What are your plans for V-day?????
Anyways, signing off now...might be admin in TWL soon(hope so)

See you all mates,
Hakuna Matata

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Anonymous said...



LOL!! I broke a phone too..

I threw it on(at) Ziyaad's head out of anger.. but the phone's head broke (the top part) *sob sob*

Hope Maddy chills down soon!! Aah Girl, come on! you sure you don't want your valentines' day gift? :D

sulagna ™ said...

heyiii you know your comments amke me giggle..a guy who messes up with his fone and then writes on my blog abt shaadi :) cute!!

and thanks a tonne for the wishes,means a lot

Eyeshadow said...

fuck off......m gonna get ur blackberry this time honey...even m dying to meet u...haha

Sunakshi said...

I agree with the moral lol :D

i guess i've missed some posts coz of my absence,read few now.but bit lazy to type a comment on every to sum up,i would just say,i enjoyed 'em :P

have fun btw ^_^

Zabi said...

ahem ahem.. so ur dad doesn't read ur blog? Also seems like u got no blackmailing siblings.Lucky.. .

Dm said...

lol, hmm, boys gossip like boys! why do you think we girls gossip more and its our special talent only? you guys are very good at it :p give yourself some credit :D

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