Hey everyone. Life goes pretty slow when the only thing you do in 24 hours is wake up late, stare at your maths book, text a bit, forage for food, check whether your download is till on and then go sleep again. Wish i earned doing these stuff. *sigh*

The final hurdle is near the corner. I would have been pretty happy if i didn't have those blasted backlogs. Looks like i will miss the graduation day, but hey, atleast i will come out with a first class. I always knew i was not made for engineering but then its too late to change courses. I am destined to suffer so that others who read this blog DO NOT make the same mistakes i made. Oh well!

Bleh! Mridupawan Podder (engineer). Yes, that's my name! We always look at our lives and wonder if we could change it. And when we get the chance, we are too lazy to do anything about it. Its true. Maddy and me. we are still together. But we talk less. This has been a horrible month for both of  us. Chalo, i hope everything is garden-garden soon!

Not feeling like writing anymore. Just had a whole plate biryani and am feeling sleepy. 45 minutes till i text maddy again. That's when her shift gets over. Catch you later folks.

Hakuna Matata

Just when i was giving up on this blog slowly, someone told me to update. Thanks Maithili :) And it was like a wake-up call. hell, this is my baby! My life as an open blog is right here. I just don't want my parents and my future in-laws to stumble into here. Catastrophic thought!

Anyways, after about a month, visited my college again. Being in the final semester has its perks. But this is also the time when all the proffessors gather together to suck the life out of you for all the 4 years of hell i wrought upon them. Mummy! i need my degree. So like a good boy, i cut my long hair, shave, tuck my shirt in and follow the teachers like their snitch. Oh well! It could have been worse.

Today was model review. And i prepared the report without editing it. Sir read it once, then looked at me and told me to read it loud! i knew i was a goner. 
eg. "Bike engine is like a girl. You have to take care of her to reap the benefits". Those and a couple of other sentences in the report was enough to let my sweat flow into some uncomfortable parts. Somehow, with my charm, as usual, i pataofied them. 

Phew! Back home, back to twitter. Oooh am downloading 'Popeye'. yeah!!! 7 more days for the month to end and am stuck with 80 bucks in my wallet. That means i have to cut down on cigarettes!! :O

Chalo, enough for the day. Am still rusty, need to get back into my groove.
Until then, its FL signing off


Two days. And then its St. Valentine's day. All you lovely ladies who wants a family on 11/11/11, make sure you spend the night with your boyfriend/husband. hehe. I would want that with Maddy, but i still do not have a job. Mayybe by 12/12/12. hmmmm

Am back to twitter. Not full time. I still do not have a decent phone. So its tweetdeck for the time being. How is everyone lately?? I hardly get visitors here...so if anyone by any chance of luck happen to read this, lemme know how you are :D

Everyone is busy this week. My mom keeps ringing me up to keep tabs on my sister. She is growing up. Faster than i appreciate. Like bhai, like sis. What else can i do?

Chalo, see you later

Writing about oneself is a boring thing to do. I mean how long can i write about me and keep it amusing at the same time? When i first started MDR, i never thought one day i would give up doing this. But like every good thing, this comes with an expiry date too.

February - the month of the cupid. i can go on and on about love and stuff but i don't feel like. And i don't feel like reading anything that i write. life is a vicious circle, my friend. Lets spread some love this year. This month. No i don't mean get an extra boyfriend/girlfriend. You get the drift right?

My sleeping pattern has changed again. Maddy is trying to find a solution. I try to sleep early for her sake and end up waking up in the middle of the night. I am gonna be lonely when i leave this place which i have come to hate and love. Chennai. yeah, am leaving soon.

Roomie is at home. native. I wanna be there. I wanna be everywhere. Right now, i wanna be near Maddy cuddling up to her. Another 2-3 months. After that, we would be living far apart. She is the Bryan Adams of my life. 

Chalo, till another day, take care...

Hey everyone....So tomorrow is Saraswati Puja and yes this year too, i have pledged not to touch any study material. Oh i love these days. 

Life has been montonous. I get bored easily. Plus point - Maddy. She is the fire in my eye. and no, that's not painful. I hate that she is working. We hardly get time to talk. But atleast one of us is earning for the time being. Met her today again. She had to wait for bout half and hour and ready to spew magma at me.....but i diffused it :D hehe... Gave her a rose bouquet. She's all smiles now :) See, after a long string of girlfriends and crushes and having friendships with loads of girls comes handy sometimes. Experience teaches a great deal.

Model review in a fortnight. Matlab again running after proffessors. I hate this college and study life. Prospectus of different London Universities have started to arrive and i need to choose one soon for my PG. Soon, very soon.

Twitter se bhi door hu :( sob sob. All my blogger friends are gone. Dunno where. Sadness and Darkness all around. This is my boredom speaking. *sigh*
Chalo will see you later. Hopefully..

Till then, rock and roll


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