Hey everyone. Life goes pretty slow when the only thing you do in 24 hours is wake up late, stare at your maths book, text a bit, forage for food, check whether your download is till on and then go sleep again. Wish i earned doing these stuff. *sigh*

The final hurdle is near the corner. I would have been pretty happy if i didn't have those blasted backlogs. Looks like i will miss the graduation day, but hey, atleast i will come out with a first class. I always knew i was not made for engineering but then its too late to change courses. I am destined to suffer so that others who read this blog DO NOT make the same mistakes i made. Oh well!

Bleh! Mridupawan Podder (engineer). Yes, that's my name! We always look at our lives and wonder if we could change it. And when we get the chance, we are too lazy to do anything about it. Its true. Maddy and me. we are still together. But we talk less. This has been a horrible month for both of  us. Chalo, i hope everything is garden-garden soon!

Not feeling like writing anymore. Just had a whole plate biryani and am feeling sleepy. 45 minutes till i text maddy again. That's when her shift gets over. Catch you later folks.

Hakuna Matata

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