Hey everyone....So tomorrow is Saraswati Puja and yes this year too, i have pledged not to touch any study material. Oh i love these days. 

Life has been montonous. I get bored easily. Plus point - Maddy. She is the fire in my eye. and no, that's not painful. I hate that she is working. We hardly get time to talk. But atleast one of us is earning for the time being. Met her today again. She had to wait for bout half and hour and ready to spew magma at me.....but i diffused it :D hehe... Gave her a rose bouquet. She's all smiles now :) See, after a long string of girlfriends and crushes and having friendships with loads of girls comes handy sometimes. Experience teaches a great deal.

Model review in a fortnight. Matlab again running after proffessors. I hate this college and study life. Prospectus of different London Universities have started to arrive and i need to choose one soon for my PG. Soon, very soon.

Twitter se bhi door hu :( sob sob. All my blogger friends are gone. Dunno where. Sadness and Darkness all around. This is my boredom speaking. *sigh*
Chalo will see you later. Hopefully..

Till then, rock and roll

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