Happy Republic Day people.

Now lets come to business. Life has been exciting. Am broke....which is normal at this time of the month. But my best buddy is in chennai...which means i am in pondicherry gulping tequila shots and jack daniels all day long :D life, i tell you, has its moments.

Why do i even write here?? everybody vote for this blog to be dissolved! i mean it.

My life - in installments. Looks pathetic now. Oh and another crappy news, my BlackBerry is dead....yeah...my chweetu is gone. 

chalo bye. ek formality tha...so complete kar lia...i cant let go of this blog yet.
And am definitely gonna kick Gulabo out of this place!


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Viyoma said...

Come on..cant distance yrself, from Blogosphere so soon...and NO..we aren't voting this one to be dissolved..

Hoping u bounce bk with some optimistic entry..pretty soon!! Cheers!!

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