Oh yes. How can i forget this day? 4 years ago, i packed my bags and followed Maddy to the south. Little did i know that i would step into one of the most strict colleges in India. Little did i know, i would screw my own life.

And today, 4 years later, its a bittersweet moment. The memories sometimes are not enough to justify the moments spent. The friendships created are sometimes not just enough to justify the fun together. In a nutshell, some of the wonderful, absolutely fantastic years of my life are nearly over. Yes, its the same college, the same Chennai. But when you stay at a place for long enough and make some truly good friends, you tend to forget the cons and enjoy the pros.

Its back to books for the final semester before graduating as engineers. Yes, we still dunno kya ukhar lenge! Anyways, the last day went as it should have been. Not a single class. The only thing that dissappointed was that there was no biryani at lunch :P lol. Overall, a fine day. Afroze was the star today with his 12mp mobile and what-not. Showoff actually.

and now i do not know what am typing. So before i embarass myself further, its goodnight.

Hakuna Matata


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