Just when i was giving up on this blog slowly, someone told me to update. Thanks Maithili :) And it was like a wake-up call. hell, this is my baby! My life as an open blog is right here. I just don't want my parents and my future in-laws to stumble into here. Catastrophic thought!

Anyways, after about a month, visited my college again. Being in the final semester has its perks. But this is also the time when all the proffessors gather together to suck the life out of you for all the 4 years of hell i wrought upon them. Mummy! i need my degree. So like a good boy, i cut my long hair, shave, tuck my shirt in and follow the teachers like their snitch. Oh well! It could have been worse.

Today was model review. And i prepared the report without editing it. Sir read it once, then looked at me and told me to read it loud! i knew i was a goner. 
eg. "Bike engine is like a girl. You have to take care of her to reap the benefits". Those and a couple of other sentences in the report was enough to let my sweat flow into some uncomfortable parts. Somehow, with my charm, as usual, i pataofied them. 

Phew! Back home, back to twitter. Oooh am downloading 'Popeye'. yeah!!! 7 more days for the month to end and am stuck with 80 bucks in my wallet. That means i have to cut down on cigarettes!! :O

Chalo, enough for the day. Am still rusty, need to get back into my groove.
Until then, its FL signing off


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maithili said...

hehhe!! i will always wake u up!! and yeah girls are like bikes!! wat a thought! what are guys like?? cars?? high on maintenance and get u stuck up..:P

Freelancer said...

we do not need maintenance!!! :P

maithili said...

@FL: but it does take a lot of maintenance to keep guys interested (working that is)

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