Hello everyone. Its been ages...yet again. This time blame my college for it. All i have been doing is romancing my college notes and hogging on biryani and biscuits. Ooh and yeah, the evergreen maggi. Plus there's no net at home. Pending bills for two months. Planning to leave this place in 2 weeks, so doesn't make sense reconnecting or even paying the damned bill. hehe.

The penultimate exams, coz i still have to clear a few backlogs. What's an engineer without a few backlogs? Anyways, final semester exams are finally over. Finally! Only the project work left. An engiNEAR............yet so far!

Met Maddy today. Poor gal is spending all her money on me. Feel guilty though as am penniless yet again :( Will pay her back one day. more than in cash. 

So college days are over. One more day and then they will be gone their ways. So there's a party tonight. There's Johnie Walker and there's weed. Deadly combo, awesome combo. woot woot. A fitting end to 4 years of friendhip in the gaand-maaroing college. Bloody college put an exam on Sunday. Scewed us for the last time. Not again. Love you college, but FUCK YOU TOO!!!

Chalo, the night's young tonight and it starts early for me. See you again in 2 weeks. Keeeeeeep reading dudes.....mostly dudettes :P

Its FL signing off.

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Pink Scarf said...

Maddy working there?

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