Its over. Finally the sun shines back into my life. The final exams, the final project presentation. Everything aced. College life is over. Dunno if i should be glad or be sad. A bittersweet moment for all us who hated and loved the college. It wasnt until the moment we had to submit our id-cards that it finally sank on us that yes, this was the end.

No matter how many times we were screwed over, i will still miss my professors. i will miss my bench mates, my friends i have come to love and trust, the guys who made classes seem fun. Will miss the amazing college lunch (except the friday menu-bleh its veg!)...but that being said, i will be leavinng chennai soon. and i won't miss this place!

My roomie has already left for home while i shifted back to my bro's place. Atleast abhi ghar ka khana milega. My 32 waist has declined to 26 and now i have another chance to get it back. hehe. Met Maddy for lunch a week back. Apart from the occasssional fights, everthing is alright again. *touchwood*

Cheered INDIA to win at the stadium yesterday. It was an amazing experience. My first stadium match. Wanted to jump and run down the field and click a pic with the god of cricket himself :)
Chalo India won. 3 more games and the world cup's ours. After that its IPL time baby.

Catch you later folks

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Anonymous said...

manas says u never had a 32 waist.........

Freelancer said...

may i know who you are???? i had a near 32 so that i could wear 32 jeans low waist

Anonymous said...

wel mc ur chest and waist cmbind wud be 32 i supose..:-/

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